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LINKS Norm Macdonald’s death, AOC’s dress, Jen Shah vs Meredith Marks…

THE GISTThere’s no better tribute, in the wake of Norm Macdonald’s death, than this story about the time an audience was so unprepared for his material that literally 90% of them walked out before Norm finished his set. Rest in peace you goddamn legend, and I hope that before the bitter end you were finally able to get health insurance

JEZEBELAOC’s dress at the 2021 Met Gala has gotten a ton of coverage; as with all things AOC, it’s been about half positive, half negative, and all inflammatory. Meanwhile, she’s one of the few liberal politicians who can work the media the way arch-conservatives do on the regular

GO FUG YOURSELFAnd speaking of weekend fashion gossip that’s still getting coverage: evidently “Some folks went to the VMAs and the Tom Ford show on the SAME NIGHT!” The thought of going to two regular person parties in one night sounds like too much to me; I can barely imagine handling two high-profile deals like these

REALITY TEAMeredith Marks, you know damn well that Jen Shah kept filming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City after she got arrested because that shit sells. Is Meredith just jealous that Jen is now the focal point of the next two RHOSLC seasons at least?

CELEBITCHY“The Duke & Duchess of Sussex cover Time’s ‘Most Influential People’ issue.” Kate & William still playing catch-up, I see

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPJason Alexander, who was once married to Britney Spears for almost two-and-a-half days, says he thinks Britney’s engagement to Sam Asghari is “fake.” People will do anything to stay a footnote

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPTeen Mom OG Season 9B Episode 13 Recap: Dissing People on Instagram & a Disappointing Gender Reveal”

DLISTEDAllison Mack went the Felicity Huffman route and checked into prison early for her sentence on racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges. Mack has three years to serve, compared to Huffman’s fortnight, so every second counts

THE BLAST“Country star Reba McEntire was just rescued from a building in Oklahoma after part of it collapsed leaving her trapped on the second level”

LAINEY GOSSIP“Well this feels like a throwback – this used to be a site favourite: photos of Tom Hardy with dogs. I couldn’t get enough of it and readers couldn’t get enough of it. And now it’s 2021 and Tom Hardy is starting to promote Venom: Let There Be Carnage, which sounds like a WWE event and not a comic book movie but, whatever, here we are, the movie’s coming out in less than a month and Tom and director Andy Serkis attended a fan screening last night in London and Tom’s plus one was his dog, Blue”

LINKS Met Gala 2021 looks, Sami Sheen abuse allegations, RHOSLC drama…

JEZEBELSo the Met Gala was last night. Attendees had to be vaccinated, which is good. There was also, as there always is, an annoyingly broad theme: “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion.” Some celebrities did a great job with that; most did not. Here are the Met Gala 2021 looks!

LAINEY GOSSIPAnd here’s a more specific look at the Met Gala 2021 looks of the men in attendance. Unsurprisingly, the headliner here is Lil Nas X, whose purple outfit was a lot in kind of a meh way but whose golden ensemble looked like the sexiest C-3PO you ever daydreamed about as a confused, experimental teenager

CELEBITCHYI’m not sure I agree that Hailey and Justin Bieber “actually looked pretty awesome”; his pants are for smuggling, not wearing. But they do look great together (and somehow are still making it work)

THE BLASTKim Kardashian, meanwhile, took a page from Kanye’s book and went dressed head to toe in a black cat burglar’s outfit, topped off with a mask that completely obscured her face

DLISTEDCharlie Sheen and Denise Richards’ daughter Sami Sheen has moved out of her mother’s house and claims she was living in an “abusive household”

REALITY TEARHOSLC star Whitney Rose says her castmate Jen Shah is the “fakest” member of the cast. I mean, Jen *is* headed to trial on federal fraud charges, so there’s an argument to be made?

THE GISTThe MTV VMAs are now just like every other awards show: too long

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Street Brawls, Bottom Feeders & a Cheating Bombshell: TLC Releases Trailer for Season 3 of The Family Chantel

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPYes, Britney is getting a prenup

GO FUG YOURSELF“What Could Bump the VMAs From Our First Slot of the Day? Why, Bennifer in Venice, Of Course.”


LINKS Is Sharieff divorcing Jen Shah?, Britney engaged, Bennifer red carpet…

REALITY TEAJen Shah, whose trial on federal fraud charges is RHOSLC Season 2’s raison d’etre right now, would like to put one rumor to bed. Is Sharieff divorcing Jen Shah? That would be a huge no — she says the couple is “closer than ever” as her trial looms

THE BLASTBritney Spears got engaged to Sam Asghari over the weekend. He popped the question with a four-karat stone in a platinum band and then the two of them took to social media to share pics and vids…

JEZEBEL…but it turns out Sam might have accientally jumped the gun on the reveal. Two days before the announcement, he posted a pic of an engagement ring, then almost immediately deleted it and blamed the whole thing on “Hackers.” In any case, congratulations, hackers!

LAINEY GOSSIPJennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck walked the red carpet last night, at the Venice Film Festival. It was their first red carpet stroll since 2003. They looked…”really, really, really f-cking amazing”

THE GISTWhat We Do In The Shadows…is the comedic relief we all need right now. Pretty much everything Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi do is excellent, and Shadows is no different. This show is basically like if The Office was about vampires, and I dare you to name one thing about that premise that’s unappealing”

DLISTED“Olivia Munn” is a pretty big LOL at this point, but when you throw in all the “love and support” she says she’s received after announcing her pregnancy — this story isn’t dying down anytime soon

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPCovid suspended The Amazing Race‘s prodction for almost two years, but the show is set to begin filming again soon and “will be back this season,” per CBS execs

CELEBITCHYVirginia Roberts Giuffre’s lawyer somehow managed to get through the literal fortress that is Windsor Castle and serve papers to Prince Andrew in Giuffre’s civil suit against him (though Andrew maintains he hasn’t been “successfully served”)

GO FUG YOURSELF“Zendaya’s Run Continues With a British Vogue Cover”

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPWell, at least one Duggar is “done” with the rest of the family

LINKS Jennifer Lawrence pregnant, John Mulaney controversy, RHOSLC returns…

LAINEY GOSSIPJennifer Lawrence has a new movie coming out; it’s called Don’t Look Up and its trailer will give you anxiety. But we shouldn’t expect to see her doing much publicity for it, what with the just-confirmed Jennifer Lawrence pregnant news (!) Kind of a big day for J-Law, really

JEZEBELSpeaking of celebrity pregnancies, John Mulaney’s timeline for exactly when he got Olivia Munn pregnant doesn’t quite add up. That isn’t stopping him from going on major talk shows to push it, though

THE BLASTThe new teaser for RHOSLC Season 2 is here, and, given that it focuses on Jen Shah’s arrest on federal fraud charges, the footage is about as bananas as you’d expect. Bravo is banking hard on a courtroom drama season, and it looks like the new episodes won’t disappoint

THE GISTTed Lasso‘s second season really has some fans falling hard *out* of love with the show. Truly, this is the cultural flashpoint of our times

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Alyssa Giacone – The Real World: Skeletons Star & Fiance of The Challenge Star Tony Raines – Undergoes Surgeries After Sustaining Gruesome Injuries During Hurricane Ida”

REALITY TEAApparently Leva Bonaparte from Southern Charm is filming a Vanderpump Rules-esque spinoff at Republic Garden & Lounge, her Charleston club

DLISTEDTed Cruz shouldn’t come for anybody on Twitter, but he really shouldn’t come for professional comedians. And he *really* shouldn’t come for a professional comedian like Patton Oswalt with some weak beer about how few fans Patton has when Patton has more Twitter followers than him

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPJersey Shore‘s sinking ratings might have it on the brink of cancellation after five seasons

CELEBITCHYNo shade, but there is absolutely no way Nikki Reed is working full-time without any professional child care for her preschooler unless she also has “assistants and housekeepers” and professional helpers in other areas of her life. I just wish she had been forthcoming about that side of things, as well

GO FUG YOURSELF“Ms Katie Holmes is really making the rounds of NYFW so far…and it makes me wonder…what is she promoting? Or is this just one of those jazz hands-y rounds of PR that are designed to remind the public in general and producers/directors in particular that she is ALIVE and she is AVAILABLE?”


LINKS Naked and Afraid of Love, Johnny Bananas drugs, He’s All That…

JEZEBELSomehow, Naked and Afraid of Love manages to be “the one dating show that works.” Maybe that’s because “when denuded and forced to fend with a partner who is a virtual stranger, there might really be a chance at an actual connection”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPRemember when Johnny Bananas “betrayed” Sarah Rice in the finale of The Challenge: Rivals 3 and kept all their money for himself? Sarah says he cheated with adderall to win the challenge in the first place

THE GISTHow is He’s All That, Netflix’s reboot of the late-90s classic She’s All That? The movie is “a temporary wonderful euphoria like those flared pants you bought at H&M to look cool for a minute but after one wash it’s come undone at the hem just like your dignity. It’s not asking to be taken seriously, so don’t”

REALITY TEATributes to Gregg Leakes are pouring in from across the Bravolebrityverse in the wake of Gregg’s death earlier this week. Cynthia Bailey, Andy Cohen, Kim Zolciak, and a whole host of other Real Housewives have taken to social media to share memories and offer tribute

GO FUG YOURSELF“Pixie Lott’s name really does sound, to me, like the plucky heroine of a series of kids’ books about a detective. But the only real mystery in Pixie Lott and the Case of the Sparkly Boobs is why she wore it in the first place”

DLISTEDABBA is reuniting and putting out a new album and playing a concert where they’ll appear as literal holograms of their younger selves? Anybody have that on their 2021 bingo card?

THE BLASTNo idea how the streaming rights to Seinfeld aren’t locked up by NBC for their own streaming services like a princess in a tower. But, somehow, they worked out a deal with Netflix, and Seinfeld will be on Netflix starting later this month

LAINEY GOSSIPThis really shouldn’t be news, because the Delta variant is raging (for reasons that beggar belief). But Paramount just pushed back a ton of major movie release dates to 2022, among them a couple of Tom Cruise joints and the newest Jackass

CELEBITCHYGreek tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas is becoming a bit of an “international story” (= joke) because he takes too long to use the bathroom between sets #Tsitsipotty

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPWas the latest Big Brother eviction “the most predictable yet” this season?

LINKS Vicki Gunvalson’s Covid, Texas abortion law, The Other Two returns…

REALITY TEAVicki Gunvalson is once again putting her ass on display. Sources close to Vicki say the (famously) unvaccinated former RHOC star has Covid — but Vicki Gunvalson’s Covid is apparently nothing more than “an unknown cold” (according to a “creaky-voiced” Vicki herself)

CELEBITCHYThe Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to Texas’ new law banning abortions after a pregnancy’s sixth week. Texan women are now forbidden to get an abortion after the time most of them would have found out they were pregnant in the first place

THE GISTI watched The Other Two‘s pilot episode and thought it was pretty good. Then Covid happened and I completely forgot about it; the show’s production was shut down, as well. So it’s been two years going on a million years since the show aired, but the second season is airing now and it’s hilarious

LAINEY GOSSIPSpeaking of interminable delays, the new James Bond movie is finally scheduled to come out on October 8th in the US. Thanks to Covid and other production issues, it’s had its release delayed — and I had to double-check this because it’s such an absurd figure — five different times. Given that + the general decaying orbit of the Bond franchise I am going to refer to this movie as Die Already

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUP“Whitney Way Thore is still keeping the identity of her French boyfriend under wraps (at his request), but she assures fans it’s not because her man is embarrassed of her”

GO FUG YOURSELF“There have been a lot of deliberately misleading headlines screeching that Nicole Ari Parker is “replacing” Samantha or Kim Cattrall, which isn’t fair to her because a) it immediately forces a comparison between her and an iconic TV character with years of history, and b) she isn’t a recast, and c) it’s uncool to frame her as any kind of replacement or player coming up off the bench, as if she would not deserve to be there in her own right”

DLISTEDApparently Zoë Kravitz and Channing Tatum are now an official couple, and the anonymous sources describing their feelings for each other are pretty giggle-worthy

JEZEBELAward-winning and really good writer Lauren Groff has a basketful of story recommendations for wiling away the last days of summer. (Pretty sure they’ll also help distract you from the endless garbage cookout that is the world in 2021, should you need such a distraction)

THE BLASTI’m shocked, shocked to discover that Kanye may have cheated on Kim at any point in their marriage

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPThough in Kanye’s defense, maybe he thought he was with Kim but was actually with Jersey Shore star and increasingly likely Kim Kardashian stand-in Angelina Pivarnick


LINKS Mike Richards fired, Ted Lasso dating intrigue, Reservation Dogs…

DLISTEDNews of Mike Richards fired as the executive producer of Jeopardy! spread like beautiful wildfire yesterday. Richards, seen above surrounded by his supporters and allies, had already been fired as host for rigging the audition process, selecting himself as host regardless, sabotaging LeVar Burton, and being a pretty open sexist and misogynist. Ted Lasso should audition

THE GISTOn that note, should Coach Beard and Jamie Tartt start dating? I mean, probably not. But should they at least make out first, so we can get a sense of whether they’d be a good couple? I doubt it. Now, that said — is this article, hoping for both of those things, a delightful exercise in wishful thinking, and worth your clicks & eyeballs? Yes. Yes it is

LAINEY GOSSIPI, too, am struggling with writing a Reservation Dogs article, because the show keeps getting better and better and defying my attempts to say something about it

CELEBITCHYDon’t be like the unvaccinated and unmasked teacher who went to school regardless of having contracted Covid, got kids in her class sick, and is responsible for 27 total infections and counting. Be like the vaccinated and masked people who aren’t spreading Covid. Get vaccinated and wear a mask, people. It’s not hard

REALITY TEAWould you be down for Denise Richards coming back to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Because Denise herself might be down for it

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPCameran Eubanks is going to guest co-host The View while the show tries to sort out its latest hosting departure. It’s mostly due to Thomas Ravenel, but I shudder every time I hear about Southern Charm cast members doing anything, so I can’t see this guest spot becoming permanent

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPKim Kardashian is helping Kanye push his latest album, because while they’re nowhere near romantic love they are entwined business partners till death do them part. And part of Kim’s promotional deal is she’ll pose naked to help drive sales

THE BLASTSarah Paulson has some regrets over wearing a fat suit to play Linda Tripp on American Horror Story

GO FUG YOURSELFReally not sure what look Megan Fox is going for here. But maybe she nailed it?

JEZEBEL“Elizabeth Holmes, founder of the failed blood testing startup Theranos, will reportedly accuse her ex-boyfriend and business partner of abuse during her upcoming criminal trial”

LINKS Gregg Leakes dying, Kim Kardashian dating Van Jones, Meghan Markle forgotten?…

REALITY TEANeNe Leakes told a group of people at her Atlanta lounge about her husband Gregg Leakes dying at the couple’s Atlanta home. NeNe added that Gregg is “transitioning to the other side” and chided several customers who called NeNe “rude” when she didn’t come over to wish one of them a happy birthday

THE BLASTThose rumors about Kim Kardashian dating Van Jones appear to have been put to rest by Van himself. The CNN anchor went on record calling the notion “absurd” — and, as a true good sport, Jones added that the story “was flattering for me, but it probably wasn’t flattering for her”

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIPSomeone billing himself as a “royal expert” believes that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be “forgotten” within a decade

THE GISTNetflix’s new original series The Chair is “a marvel” that manages to engage with “a number of charged, highly polarizing topics without aligning with any of them or ascribing ‘rightness’ to any particular side.” (Three hours is a pretty steep price to pay for academic drama, but the cast is great, as well)

DLISTEDKevin Spacey? got cast in a new movie?? and that movie is currently filming him playing a part in scenes and stuff???

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAnna Cardwell, Mama June’s estranged daughter, says she’s “worried” that her mom’s relationship with a 24-year-old TikTok star might be motivated by that 24-year-old just wanting money. He grew up in a world obsessed with Mama June’s mistakes, many of them financial — of course this guy is in it for the money

LAINEY GOSSIP“What a time to be Simu Liu,” star of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. The Chinese-Canadian actor is popping up everywhere, and somehow “maintaining a level of enthusiasm you’d expect from someone who is taking on this kind of spotlight as his life, literally, is changing in real time, no exaggeration.”

GO FUG YOURSELFRachel Zegler, star of the upcoming West Side Story remake, is enjoying the three months until the movie’s release and inevitable whitewashing / colorism backlash. She’s in an amazing red dress on the cover of this month’s Town & Country

CELEBITCHYChristy Carlson Romano made millions as a child star on Kim Possible and Even Stevens. Now she’s sharing the story of how she lost almost all of it — and almost lost her family to boot — as a cautionary tale for other child actors

JEZEBELAfter reading this article on the “weird underbelly of amusement parks” I’m pretty sure I’m never riding another roller coaster as long as I live

LINKS Simone Biles withdraws, Tamar Braxton returns, Dorit & PK Kemsley’s taxes…

CELEBITCHYSimone Biles has been so thoroughly dominant a gymnast for so long that the Simone Biles withdraws news is the most shocking sports story of the year. The 24-year-old GOAT announced her withdrawal from the team event due to a “mental health issue” that left her “freaking out” during the final. No word on whether Simone will withdraw from the rest of the Olympics; hopefully, she and the rest of the team can step back and take a breath

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPDespite swearing off reality TV just last month, Tamar Braxton is coming back for some of those sweet docuseries dollars. This time, the 44-year-old will star VH1’s reboot of The Surreal Life, debuting this autumn. Tamar’s co-stars include Dennis Rodman, Stormy Daniels, and Frankie “Malcolm in the Middle” Muniz

REALITY TEAIt seems Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dorit Hemsley and her husband PK owe the IRS a combined $1.3 million in unpaid taxes. The “unpaid” part allegedly goes back as far as 2015. I thought it these two had worked out some kind of a deal with the IRS a year or two ago?

VOXToday, in Earth-saving Olympic news: “Our bodies can adapt to hotter conditions — but there’s a limit: Here’s what Olympic athletes can teach us about coping with heat waves”

JEZEBELIt’s been a foregone conclusion for months now, but Britney Spears has finally made her conservatorship requests official. On Monday, Spears’ lawyer filed a formal request for the removal of Jamie Spears from Britney’s conservatorship

DLISTEDPink has offered to pay the fines of the Norwegian womens handball team. The team was docked $1,700 for a violation of European Handball Federation (EHF) rules by refusing to play in bikini bottoms. Not really clear why the men are allowed to play in shorts and the women aren’t; hopefully the Norwegian men will play their next match in Speedos to show solidarity

THE BLASTBreaking: Scott Disick dates younger women

LAINEY GOSSIP“Bennifer gave gossip exactly the kind of glow we needed this weekend with JLo’s birthday in St Tropez where they ostensibly recreated the “Jenny From The Block” video and loved themselves up on a yacht. By now, I’m sure, everyone has seen those photos…and now here are some new ones…”

GO FUG YOURSELFI completely missed the Olympics’ Opening Ceremony this year, mostly because of the Ted Lasso premiere, but also because of the extreme time difference. If you’re like me, GFY’s “Better Late Than Never” Opening Ceremony photo gallery is a welcome way to play catch-up

THE HOLLYWOOD GOSSIP“Shanna Moakler’s Revenge: I’m Gonna Pawn All the Crap Travis Barker Bought Me!”

LINKS Sonja Morgan wine magic, Nicole & Azan split, Subway Tunagate, RHOA casting tea…

DLISTEDReal Housewives of New York star Sonja Morgan is many things: former Hot Slut of the Day, socialite, philanthropist, entrepreneur, international lifestyle brand, homeowner, toaster oven peddler, historian, intern-mentor, “caburlesque” performer, and, of course, the straw that stirs the drink. Now you can add “magician” to Ms. Morgan’s list of descriptors, cuz last night on RHONY Sonja achieved the impossible. She downed a glass of red wine through her face mask without spilling a drop.

THE GRACE REPORT – VIDEO Disgraced Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry is suing her co-star Briana Dejesus and roping The Grace Report into her “Karen-ass lawsuit!” Grace breaks down the lawsuit and shakes her damn head at being included in the pettiness.

CELEBITCHYThere’s currently a controversy over whether Subway’s tuna has actual tuna in it. Earlier this year they were sued in California because their tuna subs allegedly don’t contain real tuna or even fish. Then the NY Times ran an investigation in which they sent Subway’s tuna to a lab which found “no amplifiable tuna DNA” in the samples they were sent. Now Inside Edition has “hired their own lab which is experienced in testing fish DNA.” So what was their findings? Do Subway tuna sandwiches have any actual tuna in them?

TAMRA TATTLESThe Real Housewives of Atlanta casting tea factory continues to flow! In her latest installment of who’s in and who’s out (and who’s working on a spin-off), Tamara Tattles shares the latest casting updates — including one cast member reportedly on the outs after some comments made in response to Lil Nas X and his performance on the BET Awards!

THE BLEMISHAre you still baffled as to how in the world Bill Cosby was able to get out of prison and have his rape conviction overturned? It’s not because there was evidence that he was innocent. It was quite the opposite. It was because there was evidence from Bill Cosby’s own mouth that he was guilty, which was used in court but shouldn’t have been. The Blemish has a full breakdown for you — including an unpopular argument that tossing the conviction was the right thing for the court to do.

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIt’s the news everyone (except perhaps Nicole Nafziger) saw coming… The 90 Day Fiance star announced on Monday that she has split with her longtime Moroccan fiancé, Azan Tefou after five years (sort of) together. For years, Nicole’s followers and fans of the show have questioned Nicole’s claims that she and Azan were still together; however this marks the first time Nicole has confirmed the split.

REALITY TEAThe Real Housewives of Orange County‘s Braunwyn Windham-Burke was almost certainly guaranteed another season to test the boundaries of traditional marriage and fight with everyone. In her quest to have 19 storylines at once, the facade cracked and Bravo pulled the plug because, liability. It’s one thing to have someone going to AA meetings on the show, but it’s quite another to have them detox on camera. So Braunwyn was let go and the facade went ahead and fell apart. If cameras aren’t following you, are you really married? For Braunwyn and Sean, the answer appears to be no.

TV SHOWS ACEMatt Roloff is turning Amy’s wedding venue into a construction zone! When Amy Roloff couldn’t find a wedding venue, her ex-husband offered up the family farm. The LPBW matriarch grudgingly accepted Matt’s offer, but is he secretly trying to ruin her wedding? Will Matt Roloff’s new construction project be done in time for Amy and Chris Marek to tie the knot at the wedding?

REALITEASQUADVIDEO Love After Lockup‘s Shane Whitlow was arrested in May for animal cruelty, and his wife Lacey hasn’t offered up much publicly in his defense. The same can’t said for Shane’s cousin, who recently spoke out in defense of Shane while also making claims about Lacey.

LINKS Josh Duggar trial update, RHOA casting spoilers, Don vs. SNL, Teen Mom 2 recap…

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFederal prosecutors respond to Josh Duggar’s defense attorney’s request that his child p0rnography trial be delayed until 2022 or later so that a computer forensic expert can further examine his devices.

TAMARA TATTLESThe internet’s go-to source for piping hot Real Housewives of Atlanta tea has come through again! Get the latest casting scoops on Porsha, Kenya, Drew, Marlo, Kandi, and Shamea. Oh, and Sheree and Phaedra?!

DLISTED“For five seasons, Alec Baldwin covered his face in the most uneven application of MAC NC45, stuck a dry piece of fiberglass insulation to his head, and squeezed his mouth into an FCC-approved butt hole to play former President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live.” Multiple inside sources recently alleged that Donald was so upset about the mocking skits that he asked if the Department of Justice could do something about them, but Donlad denies the allegations. (He can’t deny his tweet about having the “Federal Election Commission and/or FCC look into” the satirical skits.)

REALITY TEAThe Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Erika Jayne was married to one of the biggest snakes in the history of the U.S. legal system, but she wants us to take a look at the other little snakes who are allegedly “feeding bad info” to the media about her.

CELEBITCHYKhloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson continue their on-again, off-again, on-again, off-again, on-again relationship with yet another compound adjective addition. The latest update on the couple has them in off-again status.

THE BLEMISHIf you’re curious why Kylie Jenner (and as a result, hundreds of thousands of other women) got lip fillers, she says it was because of some douche she kissed in high school who told her she had “such small lips.”

xoNECOLEOWN’s popular relationship coaching reality series Put A Ring On It returns for a second season on Friday, June 25, and xoNecole has everything you need to know about the three couples featured this season!

THE GRACE REPORTIn Grace’s latest Teen Mom 2 recap, she covers Briana Dejesus begging Jade Cline not to fly home after plastic surgery, Leah Messer getting excited about Addie going back to school, Kailyn Lowry revealing her PCOS diagnosis, Ashley Jones going to Napa with Bar, and Jade’s lack of clean towels.

REALITEASQUAD“For a lot of viewers, myself included, Angela [Deem] crossed a line in this past episode of 90 Day fiancé. The way she treats Michael is unacceptable. In my opinion, TLC should completely cut ties with her for her escalating problematic behavior.”

LINKS HBO’s Friends Reunion trailer, Jim Bob the fence builder, Kanye 2024…

DLISTED“When it hasn’t been your day, your week, your month, or even your year…” HBO’ll be there for you! With a Friends Reunion special!! The Friends Reunion premieres next week and HBO has released the emotional preview trailer!

REALITY TEALuann de Lesseps has moved past the Countess phase in her life, and now she hopes to move on to the Playboy bunny phase. Apparently unaware that OnlyFans has cut out the middle man when it comes to publishing softcore photographs, Luann recently revealed that she would love to pose for the bunny zine.

CELEBITCHYDuchess Meghan Markle is all about stealing Princess Eugenie’s thunder with birth announcements, but now Eugenia’s sister, Princess Beatrice, has returned the favor by announcing her pregnancy on Meghan and Prince Harry’s third wedding anniversary! So much blueblood shade!

THE BLEMISHThere’s no doubt that America Republicans were severely disappointed that their favorite candidate lost the 2020 Presidential election. But there’s still reason for hope because Kaye West hasn’t ruled out running again in 2024!

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPIt seems the wall between the Unitd States and Mexico isn’t the only wall the Duggars support! Jim Bob is reportedly worried about Josh Duggar’s safety, and he plans to build a fence around the house where he is staying until his child pornography trial is over.

THE GRACE REPORTVideo recap of this week’s Teen Mom 2 episode. Includes Florida deadbeat Louis ghosting his daughter Stella for the millionth time, $500k + per year Leah Messer confessing to not having health insurance, Ashley Jones toying with the idea of not having a wedding, Jade Cline moving out of her house like a thief in the night, and Kailyn Lowry continuing to pretend Nathalie isn’t her live-in nanny.

REALITEASQUADIs Anna Duggar a fit parent? “By now news of Josh’s arrest has been circulating the interwebs. Given the IBLP doctrine and Anna’s track record of standing by her man, many are concerned of her ability to supervise Josh.”