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Twitter dislikes likes 2

LINKS! Twitter dislikes likes, Kanye’s Blexit attempt, ‘Heathers’ canceled again…

DLISTEDIt turns out that Twitter dislikes likes on its site and would maybe prefer them to disappear forever. At least, that’s the latest gossip from co-founder Jack Dorsey himself (and that’s Dorsey in the photo above). This move seems like simple trollery from the site best known for its milions of constantly trolling users

CELEBITCHYEver one to capitalize on himself, Kanye West has launched a line of ‘Blexit’ T-shirts encouraging a mass black exit from the Democratic Party. Not that the original Brexit is going so well, but how did Kanye not call this idea ‘Blackxit’?

VOXHeathers, a TV show about a high school shooting that is a remake of a movie about a school bombing (and a bunch of other murders besides), has been pulled from the airwaves for the second time following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Given that there’s approximately one mass shooting per day in this country, it seems unlikely the 2018 version of Heathers will ever air

THE BLEMISHSince the controversy over Apu has not really died down over the past couple of years, it seems The Simpsons‘ producers are now considering simply dropping the character entirely

REALITY TEAHeathers, a TV show about a high school shooting that is a remake of a movie about a school bombing (and a bunch of other murders besides), has been pulled from the airwaves for the second time following the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting. Given that there’s approximately one mass shooting per day in this country, it seems unlikely the 2018 version of Heathers will ever air

JEZEBELYou want a scary story? Here’s a scary story. Complete with an accompanying animated video!

THE BLASTThe man who trespassed on Logan Paul’s property several times has been sentenced to 45 days in jail and two years’ probation. Logan Paul remains free and at large

LAINEY GOSSIPPrince Harry and Meghan Markle are still on their accolade-heavy tour of Australia and New Zealand; enjoy this detailed update on their glowing reception, which comes of course with plenty of photos of the pair

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPFinally, to help lift your spirits, here are ten funny things reality TV stars tweeted this week

LINKS! Trump’s violence, Ice-T arrested, P0rnstar podcast…

Trump's violence 2

CELEBITCHYAfter spending years advocating violence against the media as well as his opponents, Donald Trump would like the country to “unify” in the face of literal bombs being sent to the offices of Barack Obama, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, CNN, and around eight of Trump’s other political enemies

VOXHere’s an interview with Ralph Basham, director of the Secret Service from 2003 to 2006, on how exactly the federal officials tasked with catching the bomb maker(s) will go about doing that

DLISTEDIce-T was arrested for cruising through a George Washington Bridge toll booth in his brand-new McLaren, and though that’s a tried-and-true DGAF move it looks like his alibi is actually legit. Meaning the whole thing was just an honest mistake…but he’s still Ice-T

JEZEBELA brand new “Serial-esque” podcast will explore the death of adult actress August Ames, who killed herself last December after being bullied on social media for an allegedly homophobic tweet

THE BLEMISHFor now, Camille Kostek is probably still best-known as Rob Gronkowski’s girlfriend. That’s likely to change in early 2019 with the release of the new Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, for which Camille is the first official Rookie. (Though she’s posed for them before? Anyway she’s posing for them again and there are a bunch of bikini shots already, so go to town)

REALITY TEARHOBH star Brandi Glanville’s house was robbed in broad daylight…while Brandi and her two sons were at home. Apparently Brandi didn’t have the security system turned on. I would love to know more about exactly how large and spread-out this house-slash-estate is

LAINEY GOSSIPSandra Bullock is starring in a Netflix movie called Bird Box, which is coming out this December for your binging pleasure. Apparently the movie is more or less the exact same thing as A Quiet Place, except this time instead of not being able to talk the characters have to do everything blindfolded

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Jerry Springer Show wrapped up production earlier this year after 27 seasons, but Jerry himself isn’t going anywhere. He’s got a new daytime courtroom show called Judge Jerry in production; it’s expected to begin airing next autumn

THE BLASTSomeone stole “a bunch of expensive equipment” from the set of The Mandalorian, the super-secretive Star Wars TV series. Apparently the equipment included cameras and maybe a memory card and so now a bunch of footage and plot points might make their way online, which would be scary for executives if everyone weren’t suffering from Star Wars fatigue already

LINKS! Sarah Silverman on Louis CK, RIP Jon James, Celebrity hologram industry…

Sarah Silverman on Louis CK 2

CELEBITCHYHere’s Sarah Silverman on Louis CK, somehow making the whole thing weirder: “Sometimes I’d go, ‘F–k yeah, I want to see [you masturbate in front of me]!’…We were only just friends. Sometimes, yeah, I wanted to see it. It was amazing. Sometimes I would say, ‘F–king no, gross,’ and we got pizza.'”

THE BLEMISHRapper Jon James is dead after falling off the wing of an airplane mid-flight while filming a music video

VOXThe celebrity hologram industry is very much a thing, and the hologram of Amy Winehouse that’s going on tour next year is only the blurry, intangible tip of the iceberg

LAINEY GOSSIPHere’s Meghan Markle standing on a balcony in Fiji and cupping her pregnant belly for the first time

THE BLASTRHOC Star Gretchen Rossi’s Fiancé Slade Smiley Served with Legal Papers Over Her Alleged Unpaid Credit Card Bill

DLISTEDHafþór Júlíus Björnsson — better known as The Mountain on Game of Thrones — just got married. Lots of outlets are reporting that his wife is “petite” or “tiny,” but honestly, at 5’2″ she’s way closer to a normal-sized woman than he is to a normal-sized man

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPUnexpected Star Max Schenzel Ordered By Judge To Only Contact Baby Mama Chloe Mendoza To Discuss Their Child

JEZEBELJada Pinkett Smith revealed she was not at all happy on her wedding day, felt pressured into marrying Will Smith because she was pregnant with Jaden at the time, and cried as she walked down the aisle

REALITY TEAJeff Lewis from Flipping Out was denied a sealed case in his surrogate’s lawsuit, and the case is now going before a jury

LINKS! OITNB ending, Manly Daniel Craig, Goodman on Roseanne…

OITNB ending

JEZEBELNot to toot our own horn or anything, but several months ago we called yesterday’s news of OITNB ending after Season 7. We can pass the time until the summer 2019 premiere by comparing stories of when we first realized the show was going downhill

THE BLEMISHPiers Morgan, who is a man the way yogurt is a satisfying breakfast, called Daniel Craig unmanly because Craig carried he and his wife Rachel Weisz’s infant child around in a baby carrier. Piers later tried to support his argument by carrying a baby doll around on his arm at a red carpet event, which was not at all weird and unsettling

THE BLASTJohn Goodman is “sure [Roseanne] is hurt” after the premiere of The Conners explained her absense away on an off-screen opiate overdose

LAINEY GOSSIPHere’s Natalie Portman (and Lainey herself) delivering what amounts to a mission statement on how to gossip properly. Lainey is basically a tenured professor in gossip, and her takes on the subject are to be studied and treasured

VOXMaking A Murderer Season 2 drops tomorrow, and kind of a lot has happened between Season 1 and now. So dive into this rundown of the legal doins before you tune in for the new episodes

DLISTEDEmma Watson’s new boyfriend is a venture capitalist and the two of them were photographed making out in Mexico

CELEBITCHYGwyneth Paltrow fully admits that her own father told her she was “acting like a dick” when she started to believe her own hype in her mid-20s. What Gwyneth never reveals is whether he ever stopped telling her this

REALITY TEA“Stephanie Hollman Opens Up About Life Before The Real Housewives Of Dallas”

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKendra Wilkinson of Kendra On Top is now officially divorced from Hank Baskett Jr., warning fans that her “ho side” is “about to come out and play so hard,” and wants to hook up with Elon Musk

Kanye and Trump summit

LINKS! Kanye and Trump summit, Taylor Swift’s politics, The Good Place grows…

JEZEBELYesterday, Kanye West met with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. As you may have predicted, the Kanye and Trump summit was a masterpiece of baffling statements, including Kanye claiming he supported Trump in 2016 because the red hat made him feel like Superman

THE BLEMISHAt roughly the same time, Taylor Swift broke her long-standing silence on politics, encouraging her fellow Tennesseans to register to vote and endorsing two of the state’s mostly-Democratic candidates for office

VOXThe Good Place is somehow a quarter of the way through its third season already! It might be both unsustainably brilliant and completely lost, but to be honest I would be very happy with thirteen episodes of nothing more than D’Arcy Carden auditioning for the role of Janet

CELEBITCHYIn other First Family news, Melania Trump is trying to both have her cake and throw it on #MeToo

THE BLASTAnd in somehow even more hopeless news, here’s the disgusting story of a scammer who got caught posing as a fake p0rn recruiter so he could trick women into having sex with him

LAINEY GOSSIPChanning Tatum is reportedly dating Jessie J, who just won the Chinese X-Factor; the two of them were spotted on a date at a mini golf course and were reportedly very nice to the spotter. So, good for them

DLISTEDA day after reports that Ben Affleck had broken up with Shauna Sexton, his 22-year-old Playboy model girlfriend-slash-sex partner, Shauna countered by claiming that none of those reports are true and the two of them are still banging away

REALITY TEARHONJ star Melissa Gorga revealed she used to have a superfan / stalker who once stole Melissa’s phone so she could get Melissa’s house number off of it and start calling her in the middle of the night

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPKristin Cavallari is trying to drum up interest in a crossover between her new show Very Cavallari and her old show The Hills, which probably has nothing to do with The Hills‘ recent Kristin-free reunion

LINKS! Selena Gomez seeking treatment, Thomas Ravenel back with Ashley?, Cardi B wins the AMAs…

Selena Gomez seeking treatment 2

CELEBITCHYSelena Gomez is seeking treatment “after suffering an emotional breakdown” while hospitalized for possible side effects of her kidney transplant. Gomez has reportedly been in a low place for months, and is said to be undergoing “dialectical behavior therapy”

REALITY TEASouthern Charm‘s Thomas Ravenel, who was recently arrested for assault and battery stemming from an alleged sexual attack, was more recently seen having dinner with his former partner and co-star Ashley Jacobs. So they might be back together

LAINEY GOSSIP“There wasn’t a single other artist on Cardi B’s level” at the AMAs, fashion-wise, and if you’re a skeptic this photo gallery of her outrageous and wonderful floral print gown and hat ought to convince you

JEZEBELOn that note, Tracee Ellis Ross, the host of the AMAs, changed outfits a grand total of ten times during the show. Her @LaviebyCK gown was an absolute stunner, though the red skirt and white “I am a voter” T-shirt probably won the night

DLISTEDJennifer Garner’s reps would like you to know that she is waiting until her divorce is 100% finalized before stepping out in pubic with a new sexual partner, unlike some other people she could name

THE BLASTDakota Johnson, who may be pregnant, stepped out in yoga pants and a cutoff tank top to send the message that, nope, she is definitely not pregnant. But also the initial reports on her pregnancy claimed she wasn’t far along, so who knows?

THE BLEMISHGuardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, who just under three months ago was fired by Disney for old joke tweets, has been hired by Warner Brothers to write and possibly direct Suicide Squad 2

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPThe Challenge star Vinny Voti is still in the ICU a week after being hospitalized for heart failure; Vinny is now dealing with a “severe case” of double pneumonia. (ICYDK, because I didn’t until right now, “Double pneumonia” is pneumonia that’s in both a person’s lungs)

VOXWhy are CVS receipts so long? Thanks to an intrepid journalist who also had a cold, we now know

LINKS! Navy Mom goes viral, Game of Thrones bathtub bonding, Affleck single again…

Navy Mom goes viral 2

CELEBITCHYA Navy vet’s mom went viral on Twitter after she claimed her son would never date the “radical feminists” who support the #MeToo movement. Then her son went viral-er after he joined Twitter specifically to contradict his mother, say he in fact supports #MeToo, and also has a bunch of cats

THE BLEMISHSophie Turner and Masie Williams from Game of Thrones grew close filming the show over the years in part by smoking up and taking baths together. Honestly, I wish I had more friendships that worked like this

DLISTEDIt seems Ben Affleck really is feeling a lot better post-rehab (or a lot worse?). Shauna Sexton, the 22-year-old Playboy model with whom Affleck jetted off to Montana after he completed his stint, is no longer Affleck’s official bounce-back sexy friend

THE BLASTKevin Hart’s former business partner is suing him for $1.8 million, claiming that Hart never followed through on their fee for an endorsement deal they got Hart back in 2015

REALITY TEAAccording to RHONJ star Danielle Staub, she and her almost-ex husband Marty Caffrey are still living together partially because “it seems like he enjoys [drama] in his life”

VOXIf you’re one of the millions of Americans who takes vitamin D supplaments, you’re probably not getting out of it what you expected to. Here’s why you should maybe stop taking it altogether

LAINEY GOSSIPDid Timothee Chalamet just appear out of nowhere to become everybody’s hot new it-boy, or do I spend too much time on reality TV gossip and not enough time on movie star gossip? Regardless, here he is in a red Louis Vuitton suit, talking about Greta Gerwig’s Little Women remake

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPChristmas Abbott of Big Brother 19 just gave birth to her first child, congrats! Also, she gave her son a rather unusual name — probably good unusual and not bad unusual

JEZEBEL“Woman Stabs Friend Outside Tennessee Haunted House After Given Real Knife She Mistook for a Prop”

LINKS! Kavanaugh confirmed, Kanye’s craziness continues, RHOC tea…

Kavanaugh confirmed

CELEBITCHYAfter weeks of controversy, hearings, and testimony from an alleged sexual assault victim, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court by one of the closest votes in Senate history

JEZEBELSNL’s take on the Kavanaugh confirmation was a swing and a miss, though Pete Davidson’s take on Kanye’s latest round of whatever it is he’s doing was well-done

THE BLEMISHSpeaking of Kanye: After having bugs for dinner with his father last week, he climbed up on a table at an art school in Detroit and shouted at the students to “Leave [Elon Musk] the f*ck alone”

REALITY TEAAccording to former main RHOC cast member Lizzie Rovsek, an “older Housewife” on the show kind of tried to push her out the door and the fight with Tamra Judge was actually “so much uglier” than what viewers got to see

VOXSuperstore is the next Great American Sitcom”

DLISTEDA two-year-old in Utah put the $1,060 in cash that his parents had been saving for football tickets through a paper shredder, and it turns out he really did learn from watching his father (shred junk mail with glee)

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPAudrina Patridge of The Hills: New Beginnings has begun filming for the show even as her ex Corey Bohan has filed for a restraining order to keep he and Audrina’s daughter Kirra from appearing on the show

LAINEY GOSSIPThe Aquaman extended trailer debuted at New York Comic Con this weekend. It looks…familiar? I am honestly not the best judge here, as all comic book movies have looked and felt identical to me since about 2013. But apparently this one has battle lobsters in it, so maybe I’m way off?

THE BLASTYeah, but Fred Durst still has to be Fred Durst