PHOTOS VIDEO Here’s what went down at Lexy Panterra’s twerk camp 2019

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Social media queen and lifestyle influencer Lexy Panterra just wrapped up hosting what we’re pretty sure is the first twerk camp anyone has ever put on. She’s long been committed to the power of the twerk, and is the self-proclaimed inventor of the “twerkout,” so it should come as no surprise that Lexy Panterra’s twerk camp 2019 was a testament to that power in action.

In addition to Lexy, the two-day event featured noted influencers JaNina, Katja Glieson, and Claudia Alvarado as instructors. It looks like the general idea was to increase the intensity of every twerk-based workout as the weekend went on: per the camp’s official page, every attendee started off with the Beginner Class and “the fundamentals of twerking”; then leveled up to the Intermediate Class, which included “twerk combinations and advanced twerk moves.”

After that, it was on to not the Expert Class, but the Trick Class, which involves attention-grabbing stuff like “the Twerking Head stand, butt isolation, [and] Twerk-ups.” I’m pretty sure that a Twerking Head stand is exactly what it sounds like, in which case it looks like this:

Lexy Panterra's twerk camp 6

Lexy Panterra's twerk camp 4

Lest you think the whole thing was just an opportunity to see and be seen, it sounds like Lexy Panterra’s twerk camp was instead a legit (t)werkout. Here’s a bit more info from the press release:

Attendees accomplished five hours of cardio workout and burned an average of three thousand calories, all while having the time of their lives in a fun and empowering atmosphere….Additional events were a “twerk-off” where each team showed off their synchronized twerk dance routines and a “trick class” where attendees leaned advanced moves like the twerking head stand, butt isolation, and twerk-ups. There were also open discussions and twerking games.

This may be more beginner stuff, but it still looks like hard work:

Lexy Panterra's twerk camp 3

Lexy Panterra's twerk camp 7

And in the end, it sounds like the event was most of all the empowering, positive experience Lexy and her instructors intended:

Lexy Panterra's twerk camp 5

Finally, here’s a montage of highlights from day two of the camp — the one that involved a huge group routine and a class-wide Twerk Off — to pique your interest:

No word yet on details for Lexy Panterra’s twerk camp 2020, but they’ll doubtless be announced on her LTO Fitness page as soon as they become available.

(Photo credits: Lexy Panterra’s twerk camp via Nati Celebrity Services)

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