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Former LHHH cast member Roccstar reveals which stars change the most on camera

It’s no secret that reality TV is only loosely based in reality. But is Love & Hip Hop Hollywood scripted completely? Former LHHH cast member Roccstar recently dished on which of the show’s stars are the least like their on-screen personas — and his claims might not be what you’d expect.

PHOTOS Is Brooke Valentine pregnant? LHHH star stokes speculation as new single drops

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 5 just ended, but it looks like at least one cast member may be trying to get a head start on her storyline for next year. Is Brooke Valentine pregnant? Gossip is swirling about the LHHH star, who's said to be carrying boo Marcus Black's child. But Brooke also has a new single out, so this could be mere promotional tea and nothing more.