PHOTOS My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update: How is she now?

My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update 2

We’ve got a sweet My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update for you. When last we checked in with the Season 4 and Where Are They Now? star, Ashley was celebrating the loss of almost half her peak body weight. Now, Ashley has something new to celebrate — and, as she does so, she’s also looking better than viewers have ever seen her.

In fact, the last time we wrote about Ashley, it was hard to remember that she began her weight loss journey at a peak weight of 725 pounds. Ashley’s physical and emotional transformation was so complete that it likewise difficult to recall she got into a car crash and had to deal with a perforated ulcer during her 2016 My 600 Lb Life debut.

Those setbacks kept Ashley in the hospital for almost two months, and left her with precious little time to kickstart her weight loss. But Ashley was up to the challenge: in one of My 600 Lb Life‘s more remarkable short-term runs, Ashley lost 123 pounds over the final four weeks of her first year in front of the camera.

Over the course of her two Where Are They Now? follow-ups, Ashley’s weight loss has been much steadier. As of her latest episode, which debuted last year, Ashley’s weight loss now tops 350 pounds. But Ashley says the best part of her newfound health and mobility isn’t what she’s gained: it’s what she’s been able to give her ten-year-old son Patrick. Ashley felt tremendous guilt over the time and effort Patrick had been required to give his mother, when Ashley was unable to care for herself and her husband Jacob had to be at work.

Now that Patrick has his childhood back, Ashley said she’s both healthier and better able to reflect. “I’m in a much better place now,” Ashley said, in a joyous understatement. “Even though I’m not where I want to be, I remind myself of how far I’ve already come. I’ve lost 350 pounds already, and my life is completely different. I can do so much more than just sit around the house waiting to eat.”

Which brings us to the joyous statement of this My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update! This summer, Ashley and Jacob celebrated their ten-year wedding anniversary. Ashley used the opportunity to share a heartfelt message for her husband, as well as post the first new photo of herself and Jacob together in a couple of years. (For comparison’s sake, the photo at the top of the article is of Ashley and Jacob in August of 2017.)

Here’s the sweet pic of Ashley and Jacob together, followed by Ashley’s message for her husband:

My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update with Jacob June 20

I just want to say Happy Anniversary baby. ❤???❤ I love you so much. We’ve been through so much these last 10 years it’s crazy but I wouldn’t want to face it all next to anyone else. Thank you for everything you do for our family. I love you baby and I hope for many more years together. BTW I love my ring baby???. Thank you. It’s perfect.

And what would a My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update be without a pic of the ring itself? Ashley was happy to oblige:

My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update engagement ring June 20

Ashley hasn’t yet revealed whether she’s filming for a third follow-up. But TLC has made all three of her current episodes are now available for streaming: you’ll find her 2016 debut, 2017 follow-up, and 2018 episode on the network site.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Ashley D update via Facebook)

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