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CELEBITCHYThe 2019 Emmy nominations are out; predictably, Game of Thrones did extremely well, setting a new record for most nominations in a single season with 32. But the big story isn’t that — it’s Gwendoline Christie submitting herself for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series after she found out HBO wasn’t planning to do it, and getting the nomination anyway. Plus, it gives me another excuse to use this photo of Christie’s amazing dress at the GoT Season 8 premiere

JEZEBELNBC just released some footage of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein together at Mar-a-Lago back in 1992. The video, shot shortly after Trump’s divorce from Ivana, features Trump and Epstein standing in a corner judging the relative hotness of women dancing on the other side of the room

REALITY TEALindsay Lohan’s Beach Club may have been a flop, but apparently Lohan herself isn’t ready to give up on reality TV. She’s signed on to become a judge on the Australian version of The Masked Singer, likely because she “will also be dropping new music” soon

THE ASHLEY’S REALITY ROUNDUPSouthern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis Denies Thomas Ravenel’s Latest Accusations Regarding Drug Use & Sex Addiction”

VOXEvidently the newest royal baby is going to give the British economy a pretty significant bump: the UK is expected to spend well over a billion pounds over the next couple of years trying to match his outfits and other associated baby items

THE BLEMISH“Iowa’s Department of Human Services Fired for His Love of Tupac” is not a headline I ever expected to see, but it’s 2019 and the world’s implosion presents many starbursts

GO FUG YOURSELFAwkwafina’s publicity tour for The Farewell has basically turned into an all-out charm offensive, and also these shoes are fantastic

LAINEY GOSSIPTom Holland is maybe possibly probably no longer dating Zendaya, choosing instead an unidentified blonde woman who will be the focus of intense “Becky with the good hair” scrutiny by the end of the day if she isn’t already

THE BLAST“‘Weedmayhem’ Launch Party Featured an 8-ft Ice Bong” — yep, there’s a headline you can set your watch to

DLISTED“According to a Scientologist” is never a great way to begin a contention

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