Jill Dillard is repping a sex tips company now

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Here’s a sentence no one has ever written before: Every month this summer has brought us a new story about Jill Dillard selling sex. Back in June, Jill raised eyebrows with a blog post on the family site entitled “More Than Sex: How To Love Your Husband,” which was generally about great ways for women to subjugate themselves but got attention for its anti-masturbation, pro-whenever-Derick-wants-it message. Then, in July, Jill’s update on her and Derick’s anniversary included a photo of an open (and heavily bowdlerized) Kama Sutra on the table in front of them. Jill’s followers got so hot and bothered that she had to go back and include a disclaimer-cum-disavowal in the post.

Well, August’s contribution to what is now the unlikeliest of hot streaks is a business partnership between Jill Dillard and a sex tips site for couples looking to re-spice their amorous ways. This week, Jill shared her first partnered post with the site — it’s called Dating Divas — via her Instagram stories. The first two panels were just text atop a colored background: “Ok, couples…If you haven’t heard of @datingdivas you’re missing out!” Jill wrote. “What is it? 12 different bedroom games and sexy activities, one for each month of the year! Printed in a tear out book and sent to your door!”

With the third and fourth panels, Jill added art. Judging by both Jill’s description and the accompanying photos, “A Year of Sexy Dates” looks like some mild fun that for some married couples could easily become just another obligation and that could just as easily turn into an unexpected and fun party game. I also appreciate Dating Divas going after the small but powerful niche demographic of people who’ll do anything for a waffle:

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One of the through-lines of Jill and Derick’s summer of love is Jill seemingly always taking the reins when it comes to sex. Given the world the Duggars live in, that is to be applauded, even if it is sex with the man who we once called a walking prophylactic. More than anything, though, I’m confused about why exactly Dating Divas wanted Jill Dillard selling sex games. Again: she had to essentially disown an Instagram post with a picture of a version of the Kama Sutra in it. Jill’s ardent followers aren’t ordering overnight shipping for a year of sexy dates. Maybe Dating Divas is hoping to catch a lot of business from the people who hate-follow Jill?

(Photo credits: Jill Dillard selling sex via Instagram)

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