Brown family barred from Bobbi Kristina hospice after deathbed photo uproar

Bobbi Kristina Brown Feature

According to reports, the Bobbi Kristina hospice has gone into “lockdown mode” following last week’s deathbed photo uproar. A family member took a picture of Bobbi Kristina on her deathbed and shopped it to tabloids, outraging the Browns and Houstons alike.

UPDATE: The Brown family has been completely banned from seeing Bobbi Kristina, and, apparently, the Houstons know who took the controversial photo. Read on…


Nikkole Paulun welcomes baby girl, posts stunning birth photo

Former 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun welcomed her daughter Ellie Jade earlier today, and, soon after, she posted this STUNNING photo of Ellie: just as she was born, crying, with her umbilical cord still attached! Keep reading to see Jade entering the world and to check out another shot of she, Nikkole, and Ellie’s dad Ryan together.

Kim Kardashian wins red white and bluest 4th of July celebrity award, edging Miley Cyrus


Yesterday was Independence Day here in the US of A, and numerous celebrities paid tribute by cooking out, watching fireworks, dressing up in various combinations of red, white, and blue stars and stripes–and, of course, sharing photos on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. But no one, and I mean NO ONE, could hang with Kim Kardashian as far as Old Glory fashion statements go! (Well, maybe Miley Cyrus…)