DJ Jon Gosselin hasn’t seen his son Collin in a year and a half

In June of 2009, Jon Gosselin walked away from both Jon & Kate Plus 8 and his unhappy marriage to Kate Gosselin, and ended up getting sued by TLC in the process. Now that Jon, who currently makes a living as a DJ, is out from under the settlement, he’s speaking his mind about his difficult co-parenting relationship with Kate. Find out why he hasn’t seen one of his kids in a year and a half and why he hasn’t gone back to court over the custody agreement.

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HBO Vinyl canceled

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90 DAY FIANCE Danielle and Mohamed Jbali police reports since January 2015

90 Day Fiance Danielle and Mohamed police reports

90 Day Fiance ‘s most infamous couple Danielle and Mohamed Jbali are not only having their tumultuous relationship documented by TLC, but also the Sandusky, Ohio Police Department! Keep reading for details from eight separate police reports involving the couple over the last 18 months, including several rather dramatic domestic disputes.

Zachary Gardner found not guilty of murder in Nettie Stanley’s stepson Huey ‘Rocky’ Stanley stabbing

Rocky Stanley killer Zachary Gardner found not guilty of first degree murder

A little more than a year after Huey “Rocky” Stanley, the stepson of Gypsy Sisters star Nettie Stanley, was stabbed to death outside a YMCA in Kingsport, Tennessee, a jury has determined that the man who killed Rocky was not guilty of first degree murder and acted in self defense.

Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna 1

Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna allegedly team up to keep Kylie from running back to Tyga

Apparently, it takes the combined powers of Kim Kardashian and Blac Chyna to keep the irresistable Tyga and the insatiable Kylie Jenner apart. Just a few weeks after their third–and, presumably, final–breakup, Kylie Jenner and Tyga have allegedly been flirting with both each other and the possibility of getting back together. Of course, this possibility is said to have Kylie all a-twitter. Big half-sister Kim and big soon-to-be-sister-in-law Blac Chyna, though, sat Kylie down and tried to set the 18-year-old straight with regard to Tyga’s devious ways.

Stevie J’s new baby: Mother of 2-year-old in photos issues threat over LHHATL storyline

Stevie J's new baby 1

Stevie J’s new baby might have turned out to be a hoax on the most recent episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta–but that doesn’t mean the storyline is over for the show’s. It seems that Promise B Mae’s attempt to extort Stevie with photos of his alleged illegitimate daughter blew up in Promise’s face, once it was revealed that she had actually stolen the photos from an unsuspecting mother! And, because VH1 allowed the story to progress on air, it’s alleged that the network could be dragged into a lawsuit, as well. Read on for the latest!

Jinger Duggar’s boyfriend Jeremy Vuolo arrested in college after night of partying

Jeremy Vuolo arrested in college

It was announced this week that 22-year-old Jinger Duggar is officially courting Jeremy Vuolo — a tall, dark, and handsome 28-year-old former professional soccer player born and raised just outside of Philadelphia. Jeremy is now an ordained pastor who is very open about his sinful past during his sermons. He talks about drinking, partying, and lusting during his high school and college years, including one regretful incident that landed him in jail!