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LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Clint says mom Alice ‘doesn’t love me’ and he’s ‘trapped in Cincinnati’ after Alice co-signs on his 1-year lease

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Clint Brady celebrated his 39th birthday by throwing himself a huge pity party on Facebook this week. Check out his posts and interactions with his followers as he lashes out at his parents for not loving him and for not traveling 1,300 miles to visit him in Ohio over the past few weeks. He also addresses a series of other topics like his alleged drug use, his recent DUI and car crash, not getting paid by WE tv after violating his NDA, and how he feels trapped in Ohio after signing a one-year lease (that his mom co-signed on).

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Cheryl Childers & kid filmed in horrible living conditions during break up with new bf

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Cheryl Childers has been boasting about her new boyfriend Christopher since earlier this month. Their happily ever after has since derailed, and the less-than-amicable split has spilled over onto social media. Cheryl posts a video kicking Christopher out of her house and accusing him of cheating. Christopher reciprocates with his own video that shows Cheryl in a trailer with living conditions that can only be described as deplorable. He claims that Cheryl’s kids sleep there on the floor, but Cheryl insists it was just a friend’s house. Keep reading for a full recap, including both videos and the couple’s comments.

LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Clint Brady update: living in Ohio near ‘friend’ Genevieve, diagnosed as bipolar, marijuana is his true Goddess, divorcing Tracie asap

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Clint Brady and his Goddess Tracie Wagaman broke up weeks ago, and the fallout from their split has played out in a vicious feud on social media. Clint, who is currently in Ohio where he was rumored to be shacking up with fan named Genevieve, recently did an interview to clarify exactly what was going on in his life. The wide range of topics covered includes Clint’s relationship with Genevieve, his recent bipolar diagnosis, his sobriety, and whether or not he plans to divorce his former Goddess Tracie Wagaman.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael’s girlfriend Maria’s arrest history; Sarah furious at Maria over deleted photo with daughter Rayne

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Michael Simmons and his girlfriend Maria have something in common that his other two ladies don’t: experience behind bars! Check out Maria’s arrest history, which includes multiple prostitution charges. Plus, read Sarah’s angry response after Maria posted (and deleted) a photo in bed with Michael and Sarah’s youngest daughter Rayne that included a caption taunting Sarah for being a bad mom!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Clint hit a utility pole in pot DUI; he & Tracie get VICIOUS on Facebook!

As we previously reported, Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Clint Brady was charged with DUI (OVI) and marijuana possession in Ohio last week. We now have some exclusive details about the charges from the police reports, including the fact that Clint was caught with marijuana twice — the second time after crashing his car into a utility pole while texting! Plus, Clint and his Goddess Tracie continue to escalate their feud on social media with some REALLY nasty accusations!

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Clint charged with drug possession & DUI in Ohio, Tracie says marriage is ‘doomed’

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup super couple Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman have had their issues since her initial prison release back in March of 2018, including numerous arrests, break ups, and reconciliations. However, the recent split between the two looks to be permanent as Clint appears to still be in Ohio chasing a fan booty call (and getting into legal trouble), while Tracie remains behind and tweets that their marriage is “doomed.”