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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Andrea mug shot photos & criminal history, including $6,695 Sunglass Hut theft

On the new season of Love After Lockup, 37-year-old Andrea reveals to her sisters that she is dating a rather notorious local incarcerated criminal criminal named Lamondre. Andrea’s sisters and her mother all clutch their pearls and shake their damn heads, but it turns out that Andrea has almost as many arrests as Lamondre!

Love After Lockup Lacey spoilers – Did she choose John or Shane?

Love After Lockup fans are no stranger to love triangles, as evidenced by the memorable triad of Sarah, Michael, and Megan. The new season features another three-sided relationship, but this time only one of the three isn’t incarcerated! Keep reading for details on Lacey, John, and Shane — including spoilers as to which (if either) that Lacey ends up choosing!