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LOVE AFTER LOCKUP John and Kristianna spoilers, plus Kristianna’s criminal record

The new season of Love After Lockup looks like it will have numerous roller coaster story lines, and I say that in the context of a franchise that is an absolute theme park when it comes to drama! In our latest deep dive into the new cast we dug up a pretty major spoiler for John and Kristianna. (John is the one building a wedding chapel and honeymoon suite in the bed of his pickup truck in hopes of marrying Kristianna on the day she gets out of prison.) Plus, we did some looking into Kristianna’s criminal history, and it is quite extensive!


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lindsey Downs 140mph police chase & meth arrest details

On the new season of Love After Lockup, 51-year-old New England businessman Scott has fallen head over wallet for easy-on-the-eyes 27-year-old inmate Lindsey from Mississippi. Prior to her arrest and convictions, Lindsey was a single mother who apparently liked to live fast — as in REALLY fast. Keep reading for details on Lindsey’s high-speed police chase and meth arrest, plus her other meth arrest less than three weeks later!


VIDEO New season of Love After Lockup premieres July 17

It’s been more than three months since the most recent season of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup aired on WE tv. As a result, quarantined fans wanting their dose of post-prison romance and drama have been getting quite impatient! The network released a very brief preview clip for the new season of the original Love After Lockup in late March teasing a summer return, but it was mostly audio. Now we have a real deal preview trailer, as well as an actual premiere date!