LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Brittany’s book ‘One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets’ currently available on Amazon

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Brittany Dodd-Santiago book cover One Woman's Journey: Surviving the Streets

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Marcelino and Brittany Santiago may finally have some additional income to supplement Marcelino’s irregular earnings as a professional poker player. Brittany has been talking about working on a book about her life for months, and now it is done and available to purchase!

One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets is currently available as a digital download on Amazon for $9.99.

UPDATE – The paperback is now available! The price is $24.99 on April 10. (The description says the book has 329 pages!)

“Proud to celebrate baby finishing her book AND publishing it…?,” Marcelino captioned an Instagram photo of a bottle of Dom Perignon posted late Tuesday night. “Love you baby and am very proud of your transformation ????,” he concluded his caption.

Fast forward half a day and Marcelino shared a gallery of images with a caption announcing that the book is now available:




Marcelino added another message of support for Brittany in the comments:

I got my copy coming fresh off the press!!! Proud of you @brittany.loveafterlockup for having the courage to be so selflessly transparent knowing that the ridicule only comes from fools because your story transcends and mends ??? love you mucho mamas!!!

Brittany has yet to post about the publication of her book on social media.

Only the digital version of One Woman’s Journey: Surviving the Streets is currently available, but Marcelino says in another comment that the paperback edition should be available soon.

The book is Brittany’s “personal memoir” and looks to be broken down into mostly single-page reflections by Brittany on different parts of her troubled life. Here is the official excerpt provided to Amazon, and also shared by Marcelino in his Instagram gallery post:

I was vaguely aware of all the meth heads and dealers in the room watching me fall apart. “Give her a shot,” I heard Chulengo say to someone. I didn’t know whom he was talking to or what he was talking about, and before I even tried to figure it out, a strange man kneeled on the ground next to me. He grabbed my arm and told me to try to relax. I lay there lifeless, watching him and not knowing my life was getting ready to take a turn for the worst. He tightened a belt around my upper arm and closed my fist. I felt his fingers sliding up and down my arm. He pierced my skin with a sharp needle, and I saw my blood squirt back into the tube, mixing with whatever was in there. Slowly, he pushed the contents into my arm. My body became hot and the blood rushed to my head. I coughed so hard and felt my eyes widen and my heart beat faster. I had never felt a rush quite like this one. I had never been this high before. Every ounce of sadness and pain left my body and every tear I had left dried up. My whole world as I knew it had just changed in an instant.

If you’re curious to know a little more before committing to buy, Amazon currently has seven single-page chapters available to read as a preview.

Congratulations to Brittany on the publication of her book! The fact that she was able to dedicate the time and effort to write it seems to be a clear indication that she is having success getting her life on track post-incarceration.

Brittany joins Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup co-star Josh Hyatt as a self-published author, although Josh’s book Message in Blood is a work of fiction based on his experiences that he published while still in prison. Love After Lockup inmate Lamondre Fluker (aka Daytona Scarface) is also reportedly working on a non-fiction book about his life titled Let Me Be Guilty.

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