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LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Britney Santiago’s halfway house partner Robert sued for $8k

On the current season of Love after Lockup: Life After Lockup, Brittany Santiago is attempting to open a substance abuse treatment center with a group of other investors. However, the project looks to be completely derailed after the group’s business partner, former drug addict Robert, allegedly took more than $80,000 of the investors’ money — including nearly $8,000 invested by Brittany and Marcelino. Keep reading to get details on the $8,000 civil suit filed against Robert in April, plus an update on Brittany’s halfway house!

WE tv announces new Love After Lockup spin-off Love During Lockup

The Love After Lockupiverse is expanding! Sharp Entertainment is following the blueprint from their successful 90 Day Fiance franchise expansion and applying it to their prison romance series on WE tv. Love After Lockup has already launched the spin-off Life After Lockup, and they have just announced Love During Lockup, which will focus on the prison romances while the inmates are still incarcerated.


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Doug is trying to have son Dougie taken from Rachel, according to his sister Ashley

Love After Lockup convict Doug is back behind bars facing multiple felony charges and decades more prison time. However, Doug isn’t about to let some steel bars prevent him from continuing to have a negative impact on his son’s life. According to his sister Ashley, Doug and others are trying to take custody of Dougie away from Rachel, who gained legal custody of him after Doug was arrested. If that happens, Ashley says the likely result is that Dougie would be placed in foster care.


LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Rachel shares 1st photos of biological son, plus Dougie update

Starcasm readers should be aware of the fact that fan favorite Love After Lockup star Rachel has a biological son that was not featured on the show as we included some information about that in our initial profile post on her and Doug. However, many of Rachel’s Instagram followers were shocked when she posted a couple photos of Dougie and her biological son on Instagram earlier today.

Which Love After Lockup Season 3 convicts were arrested again? Which ones stayed out of jail?

We’re continuing our series of articles documenting which Love After Lockup convicts have managed to stay out of jail, and which ones haven’t. In our previous post we covered the first two seasons of the show, which included a total of ten ex-con cast members. We pick up here with the third season of the show, which introduced six new convicts — eight if you count Amber’s bunkie boo Puppy and Lacey’s bad boy side piece John.

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Rachel has legal custody of Dougie, divorce from Doug finalized

Love After Lockup couple Rachel and Doug split up during the season finale, and months later Doug was arrested and charged with eight felonies. Amazingly, Rachel was able to turn all that negativity into a positive as she has reportedly gained full legal custody of Doug’s son, Dougie! And Rachel got some icing on the cake when her divorce from Doug was finalized one week after his arrest!

Which Love After Lockup convicts have been arrested again? Seasons 1 and 2

We reveal which inmates from all the seasons of WE tv’s Love After Lockup have been arrested again, which ones haven’t, and which ones are currently incarcerated. In this first installment, we tackle the ten inmates from Seasons 1 and 2. Oh, and Clint Brady too!