LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Clint says mom Alice ‘doesn’t love me’ and he’s ‘trapped in Cincinnati’ after Alice co-signs on his 1-year lease

Love After Lockup Clint Brady birthday Facebook posts

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup star Clint Brady celebrated his 39th birthday by throwing himself a huge pity party on Facebook this week. The reality star kicked off his March 18 celebration with a cartoon representation of himself looking like Kirk Cameron in 2011 as he sadly eats birthday cake by himself. The status update simply stated: “Clint Brady is feeling lonely.”

After his post was filled with “Happy birthday!” messages, Clint returned to share another post to express his gratitude for the well wishes, but not so much for his parents. “Thank u everybody for the birthday wishes!!” Clint wrote. “I just wished my parents would pay attention to me as much as my fans do!!”

For those of you who are unaware, Clint left New Mexico and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio roughly seven weeks ago. The relocation was initially believed to be because Clint had a new love interest there named Genevieve, but he would later claim that the two of them are just friends. After moving to Cincinnati, Clint has been charged twice with marijuana possession — the second time after he crashed his car into a telephone pole while texting Tracie. (He was also charged with a DUI.) Clint’s car was undrive-able after the accident, and he is still waiting to hear if it is totaled.

Clint seemed to be committed to being a buckeye as he signed a one-year lease on an apartment there, thanks in part to his mother Alice Brady co-signing the lease. Unfortunately for Clint, he will reportedly not be getting paid by WE tv for the current season of Life After Lockup due to his social media posts over the past few weeks being a violation of is non-disclosure agreement. So, in summary, Clint is currently living in Cincinnati in his own apartment with no car, no girlfriend, and no job.

Making Clint’s feelings of isolation worse is the fact that his parents have not driven across the country (just prior to, or during, a pandemic) to visit him.


OK, getting back to Clint’s Facebook tantrum. I will start with a brief recap, and then share excerpts of Clint’s interactions with his Facebook followers.

Clint confirmed earlier reports that his mom Alice, whom he refers to as “Malice Brady” at one point, kicked him and Tracie out of a home that Alice owns. Despite his mom being willing to co-sign on his new lease in Ohio, Clint insisted that she “doesn’t give a sh*t about me.” He later said of his parents: “All they have done for me is provided. Not loved.”

In addition to calling out his mother for not loving him, Clint also threw her under the bus for not having a job. One commenter pointed out that it might be difficult for his parents to make an impromptu 1,300-mile trip to see him when they have a business to run and there is a pandemic going on. Clint’s response:

u do realize that my mom does nothing but stuff at the house? She has NOTHING to do with that store. It’s ran by my dad and Berry Harrison. That’s it. Oh but she’s quick to take the money that comes from that store let me tell u!! She does nothing but read bible verses on Pinterest and plays multiple games on her multiple iPads …

Clint addresses concerns that he is currently using drugs by once again clarifying that he stopped “hardcore” drugs a few months ago. “I’ve not done meth since November 2nd, 2019!!!” he insisted. “If u don’t ‘believe’ me ask my mom!!!” He also explained why his pupils may appear dilated. “In case u didn’t know, ADHD meds make your pupils dilate,” he pointed out, adding a face palm emoji.

Unfortunately for Clint, it appears as though he may be regretting his one-year commitment to Cincy. After a commenter asked what the weather was like in Ohio, Clint responded: “46° while I am trapped in Cincinnati.” When asked why he felt trapped, Clint replied: “bc I signed a 1 year lease with my mom as the guarantor…”

On a positive note, Clint reveals that he was finally able to rent a car, despite his previous rental being stolen by Tracie and never found. His update from March 15: “Believe it or not, even though I never returned the car that Tracie stole from me 2+ years ago, somehow (by the grace of God), some way I was able to rent a car while my Camaro is being repaired in the body shop from when I was texting (her), while driving!!”

Clint says that he will be doing a Facebook live Friday night after the Season Finale episode of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup. I’m not sure why he’s waiting if he’s already violated his NDA and isn’t getting paid anyways, but there you go. If there is any tea left to spill, you can sip it then.

OK, it’s time for me to step out of the way and let Clint speak for himself.

COMMENT: Happy birthday Clint! Your mom loves you. She is just pissed and wants you to do well.

CLINT: She doesn’t love me. Her actions have shown THAT to me!!

COMMENT: It’s called Tough Love. And I’m sure it’s just as hard on her as it is on you

COMMENT: Clint Brady, you have made some pretty dumbass decisions and you know your momma and daddy love you! Shame on you for even attempting to be ugly about your parents!

CLINT: Don’t need em to survive and be happy in life ?

COMMENT: Clint Brady, they have done any and everything for you and in over 40 years you still haven’t figured that out! They won’t be here one day and let me tell you- that’s the day you will realize just how ugly you are being towards them. They don’t owe you anything Clint- prove that you are going to do something with your life and make them proud!

CLINT: Nope they don’t owe me anything!! And Tracie is in a room with Lord knows who now

COMMENT: Tracie is the reason you think they dont love you …. she told you on the show if you chose tracie you was gonna lose her , and you chose Tracie …. stop the poor pitiful Clint sh*t and leave her ass and get your family back in your life. Why continue to loose people who love you for someone to use you? Better think about it your mom wont be here forever …. I dont have mine

CLINT: She (nor Tracie) give 2 sh*ts about me. Her actions have shown me that ever since she kicked Tracie and I out of HER house!!

COMMENT: Tracie dont but your mom does ….. go watch the show and you will see

CLINT: Again, I don’t have to watch the show to know that my mom doesn’t give a sh*t about me

COMMENT: I promise you she loves you…. she is just tired of seeing you hurt for some dopehead chick that dont give two sh*ts about you its called tough love. Well praying for you and your best bet is to leave Tracie and focus on you and then your mom will come around she is TIRED DUDE …. call her and tell her you love her we ain’t promised tomorrow

CLINT: I will believe that when I FEEL the love from my mom (which I don’t)

COMMENT: I thought you and mom were close, she sure gives all the people that she calls haters the angry face lol

CLINT: Her name is MALICE Brady, not Alice

COMMENT: ?‍♀️ hes high

CLINT: High on life!! In case u didn’t know, ADHD meds make your pupils dilate ??‍♂️

COMMENT: Now dang it Clint ur momma been giving u birthday presents all yr round ur whole life by helping out her adult son way more than is healthy….. Now with that said enjoy ur bday and don’t do meth!!! Capish?? ?

CLINT: I’ve not done meth since November 2nd, 2019 Tamara!!! If u don’t “believe” me ask my mom!!! I don’t NEED meth in my life. Just some Mary Jane is all I need

COMMENT: Clint Brady now come on, you know your parents love more than anything. If you want to get back in their good graces why not just go apologize and prove you are done with Tracie. Your parents only want what’s best for you and you have to admit Tracie in her current state is no good.

CLINT: Bc I’m 1400 miles away from them. They’ve yet to come see me in the 7 weeks that I’ve been here. Tell me how THAT proves that they love me?

COMMENT: Can you not go see them?

CLINT: Nope I’m 1400 miles away from them. Tracie Wagaman is physically closer to them than I!!!

COMMENT: Look bud they love you. Otherwise they wouldn’t have put with your this long.

CLINT: I will have to see their love to me in order to be proven to me. All they have done for me is provided. Not loved.

COMMENT: But your mom pays your rent and supports you!!! Yea ok..grow up

CLINT: U wanna ask HER if she pays my rent here in Cincinnati??

COMMENT: YOU said she was co signer on apt…

CLINT: Correct but that doesn’t mean she pays the rent!!

COMMENT: Yea ok..sok..shea responsible if you don’t

CLINT: U do realize that my mom does nothing but stuff at the house? She has NOTHING to do with that store. It’s ran by my dad and Berry Harrison. That’s it. Oh but she’s quick to take the money that comes from that store let me tell u!! She does nothing but read bible verses on Pinterest and plays multiple games on her multiple iPads … taking it easy while basically living off of what my dad provides for her

COMMENT: Your parents love you. They are amazing people. And you know this is true.

CLINT: I’ll “believe” THAT when I see it. I’ve been here in Cincinnati for almost 7 weeks now and they’ve yet to come see me. Yeah that’s love right there ???

COMMENT: Clint, love ya, but you took off. It’s not your parents responsibility to leave their business and home to come see you. You might want to go see them. They are showing tough love. Give you your space as you figure out life without the prison wh*re. Your mother is doing the right thing. As a mother……I’d do the same.

COMMENT: I agree. Grown children are just that GROWN! It is time for him to act grown. Why would a parent drop everything to go check on a grown man? SMH

CLINT: Why wouldn’t they come see me in person in 7 weeks?

COMMENT: I will just share my experience and that is all I can do. I have 2 sons. They both went down a similar path as you. I prayed for those 2 boys of mine. I cried a million tears. I would buy them cars, I bought them land and put both a mobile home on it. And I continued to pray. The youngest did leave the life behind and is now a great husband and father to 4, has his own business and he also loves the Lord and preaches His word. The oldest continues to make the wrong choices to this day. He has 3 kids and now 1 grandchild. The daughters havent spoken to him in over a year. Since I cut the money off and told him he was on his own until he grows up he has been homeless and wont speak to me. This has been well over a year. It kills me for my son not to speak to me! But, he has to fail in order to succeed. Someday he will get tired of picking up odd jobs and sleeping wherever he can and accept that he is a grown man who must make it in this world on his own merit. He has it in him, just like you. He is about 4 hours from me, but I refuse to go see him or rescue him. A parent cannot save their grown child. That is totally up to them. I was crippling him just like your parents were doing to you. We get tired Clint and reach a point Clint where we just cant do it anymore. You have a rental car now. Save money and go see them and just hug them and tell them thank you for letting you figure out life. I hope this helps you understand why I said what I said. I wish you nothing but the best Clint. If you would like to talk, I will be happy to DM you y number…Bless you now and always…

CLINT: It sounds like your black sheep son…like he does hardcore drugs…sure glad I don’t! And I will ALSO have to fail in order to succeed. I don’t need my parents permission or thoughts on what I wanna do with my life. I just know that if I continue to NOT do any hardcore drugs nor drink any alcohol, then I will be successful in life. My parents sheltered me my whole life without ever knowing the meaning of the word. Sad isn’t it?

COMMENT: He smokes weed and thats it. But it is his whole life, to stay stoned. He spends every penny on it. You said if you continue to not do any hardcore drugs or drink any alcohol right? I watched your live video a few days ago and you were chugging the beer down. So you have to at least admit that youre drinking right? But I digress. You missed my point entirely from my previous post. That tells me a lot. Your parents do love you Clint, but they parent you from guilt. Why? I have no idea. Maybe because you are how you are I dont know. But yes I agree with you, it is sad. It was sad when I did it too. We give our kids things they ask for to make ourselves feel better. But we wake up one day and are done. Sounds like your parents got to that point. And its our own fault really. Like I said, if youd like to chat, let me know. I really can listen good and I be a friend. I have nothing against you and youre really one of my favorites on that messed up show. Take care and keep in touch if youd like.

CLINT: Well considering that was the VERY FIRST TIME that I drank alcohol since being in Cincinnati…I seriously need rehab for THAT don’t I? And apparently I need to stop smoking weed to or else I won’t have had anything done with my life (much like…)

COMMENT: I didnt say you needed rehab Clint. I just pointed out an irregularity in your own words. Take care

COMMENT: Only 7 weeks and youre mad your parents havent been there to see you yet? Are you still breast feeding? Jesus Clint. Grow up

CLINT: U have NO IDEA about my situation. Breast feeding???? GTFO

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