LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Clint cheats on Tracie then she wins a huge casino jackpot; plus LOTS more drama!

Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Tracie and Clint Bonnie and Clyde

Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup couple Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman have one of the craziest roller coaster relationships in the history of reality television, and somehow the freefalls and loop de loops just keep coming! In an attempt to preserve this modern-day Bonnie and Clyde story for posterity, we’ve put together a recap of the couple’s drama over the past few days, which includes multiple allegations of drug use, infidelity, a huge casino jackpot, sleeping in a car, and food stamps.

The recent drama has been playing out on social media, and started with a series of tweets by Tracie in which she argued against the notion of Clint being a good boy that was ruined by his relationship with her. From there things escalated VERY quickly.

I will start with a relatively brief TLDR; recap, and then we will move on the the relatively unabridged version.

After someone tweeted that WE tv needs to remove Clint and Tracie from Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup because of Tracie’s crack problem, she replied in true Goddess fashion. “I don’t have a serious crack problem honey. I HAD a serious meth problem,” she tweeted. She then revealed that “Clint had already been using before I met him.”

Clint shared a lengthy Facebook post in which he admitted to meth use, although he says he hasn’t done meth in more than three months. He also admits that he continues to use marijuana legally, but that is the extent of his drug use for now.

Tracie then revealed on Facebook that Clint has been talking (and hooking up?) with a female Love After Lockup fan from Ohio that slid into his DMs. Tracie shared the identity of the woman and said that the alleged mistress had Clint’s phone at one point.

While all of this was going on, Tracie was at a casino in Albuquerque and she won two different slot machine jackpots for a total prize of more than $15,000 in cash. When a commenter brought up the question of whether or not Clint had any rights to Tracie’s winnings, she said that “he will have to get a lawyer.” She also revealed that she is trying to find an apartment for just herself in Albuquerque. Oh, and she hinted at a possible move to Las Vegas. (Perhaps she is considering following in her Life After Lockup gambling co-star Marcelino Santiago’s footsteps by becoming a professional slot machine player?)

Clint says that after Tracie won the money, she ghosted him and wouldn’t reply to any of his messages. He says that he is currently living in his car and Tracie “kept the food stamp card.”

Clint’s mom Alice Brady chimes in numerous times in the Facebook comments in support of Clint staying away from Tracie. And she gets vicious with those comments condemning Clint as she peppers all of them with a machine gun burst of angry face emoji reactions.

In summary, Clint and Tracie are currently split and Tracie has about $15,000 in cash that she won playing slot machines. Clint is apparently still cut off financially from his parents and has been living in his car.

That concludes our coverage for the casual fans of Clint and his Goddess. Here is a little music to listen to as you click your way to the exit:

For the full recap, the only way I could see to approach it was to break it down by social media platform. I will start with The Big Bang tweets by Tracie that started everything, and then hop back and forth between the several posts on Tracie and Clint’s Facebook pages.


TWEET: @WEtv need to get Clint and @TracieWagaman off the show.. the girl has a serious CRACK problem.
TRACIE: Please quit posting stuff that you ‘think’ you know but yet are totally clueless about. I don’t have a serious crack problem honey. I HAD a serious meth problem. So yeah get my DOC right next time! lol

TWEET: I’m sorry Meth, well Meth Head it makes everyone sick how you drag Clint down the one man who cares about you and gave you a second chance and life who has a good family that you have zero respect for – he should have left you in Jail, it’s where you belong.
TRACIE: Sorry to burst your bubble and all but I don’t I don’t have a charge anymore. it was dropped when I was in rehab. So no, there is no more talk of jail bc it’s off the table. And please realize one thing, You only watch our lives for a Short time and only see what the TV puts on

TRACIE: So don’t go starting that Clint’s parents are perfect and that I brought Clint Down w me. Bcyou’re totally wrong…. Clint had already been using before I met him. So yeah, you think you know it all but you have no idea. Have a blessed week & plz don’t wish ANYONE To be in jail.

TWEET: We will see, you already exposed yourself how many times with your addiction? Seems to me that only time will tell how clean you are which I’m sure your not #lifeafterlockup and if you don’t want it on tv don’t be on tv bc let me tell you it’s not a good look
TRACIE: Wow! U are so negative! But it’s cool bc I been dealing w negativity for the past 2 yrs. It dsnt even phase me anymore. It’s crazy bc the more I’m talked about the more exposure I get. whether it be good or bad… it doesn’t matter cause it’s exposure. Just keep on watching.


CLINT: I hardly ever come on here, but it is being thrown out there wayyyy too often or too many times that I myself have been using methamphetamine (or pills or any other hardcore drugs) I’ve heard a phrase like “clint is enabling Tracie” ….for the record, I’ve not used methamphetamine in well over 3 months now and do not plan to ever use again. I have used many times in the past as I am human. But as of now (with God’s help) I have no desire or craving to do any meth (or any other drugs or alcohol) so I will not even allow myself to be around that drug bc I’ve never known anybody in life to be happy AND successful while also using hardcore drugs. So let it be known that if anybody is accusing Clint Brady of using any hardcore drugs, then whomever is accusing me, I will be more than happy or willing or able to provide a urinalysis or blood draw to prove otherwise. Do I smoke pot? Yes. Do I do it responsibly and LEGALLY? Damn straight I do!! Sorry for the long msg. It’s just that if one is accused of doing something when they’re not, then the only natural thing for them to do is to try & clear their name and that’s simply what this is all about. And thank u to my loyal and dedicated fans who have stuck with and by me through thick & thin!! And there will be more of me to come…as they say on television, “just stay tuned.” ? ??????✌?

COMMENT: Perhaps you should have thought about any of this before you cheated on your wife? Or perhaps maybe before you started doing meth? Up on public social media where you blast this out to the entire internet, complaining you’re a man but your mom won’t help you for the 9 millionth time? YOU need to HELP YOU. you’re what 40? Telling the world about living in your car and how tracie took off with the food stamp Card? Why can’t you get a JOB? Stop begging your mom to fix your horrific choices repeatedly when you keep making the same decision over and over again and somehow expecting a different outcome?!? Get it together Clint.

CLINT’S MOM ALICE: you don’t have a clue ? but okay, put you NEGATIVE 2 cents in bc in my books, that’s all it’s worth!!

COMMENT: huh? The fact he cheated doesn’t have crap to do with him staying clean for months
COMMENT: she’s probably so out of it all the time on her drugs and out buying it he got tired of it. Sorry I don’t fault him for it
ALICE: Thank you hon for speaking the truth! ❤️


[Tracie posts a photo of an unknown woman with a single finger raised.]
TRACIE: Poops that was an accident I didn’t mean to post that ugly picture
TRACIE: Just some crazed fan That is obsessed with him and has his phone and Is trying to control him

TRACIE: Port Clint! I think he got cat fished… If he didn’t then she sent him a VERY old pic to entice him!

COMMENT: arent yall together why tf he talking to other women…
TRACIE: long story ..:: He’s always talk to other women

TRACIE: But the one he’s talking to now is just so ick! And he fell asleep and she took his phone and was messaging me I have all the screenshots girl
TRACIE: And I don’t want any drama right now

COMMENT: put him on blast!! Destroy his good boy image
TRACIE: Gosh I want to so bad but that’s my husband

TRACIE: We both have done dirty to each other but damn he had to do it When I was in rehab but it was intentional yeah I guess you can’t help your heart sometimes

COMMENT: who is this hideous woman?
TRACIE: The fan that stole his heart (or won his heart) According to her

COMMENT: omg. F**k her she’s nasty.
TRACIE: Gosh I’m so embarrassed that he went for me to her. Not saying I’m a prize or anything but damn! I know he has better taste than that

COMMENT: What’s her name? Girl needs to wax those brows. And what’s up with the finger? She’s legit tore the f**k up I am trying to understand is she pointing at herself? B*tch get the f**k outta here.

TRACIE: She flipped me off on the phone bc I thought I was texting him & I mentioned something about the sex we had before he left & she got all booty hurt. God for bid a husband have sex with his wife! Her name is ***

COMMENT: Does she have FB? No sh*t huh! B*tch calm down you the side chick Tracy girl let her have him! He thinks he’s hot sh*t and all these ladies just after the “fame” ask her how your pu**y taste you know she sucking that.
TRACIE: frfr…. I told Him these girls only want him because he was famous. He swears up and down they want him but where were they before he was famous he don’t listen
TRACIE: Oh yeah she has a Facebook… But she blocked me
TRACIE: I tried to tell her not to f**k with me because I have a lot of fans and friends out there but she don’t listen either. I told her y’all would tear her ass up on Facebook

TRACIE: Her reply was ‘f**k your fans’

COMMENT: I c*nt [sic] find her fb
TRACIE: I think she blocked her self
TRACIE: Or I mean she took herself off
TRACIE: She knew this day was coming when I was putting her on blast

TRACIE: TBH we used to be friends

COMMENT: that’s some grimey sh*t. I hate females like that. Sl*t bag wh*res…

TRACIE: And then she put the moves on my husband
COMMENT: She is so UGLY i wouldn’t worry about her for many reasons i know Clint loves you very much.
TRACIE: It’s pretty sad she couldn’t get a man of her own in her town. She had a stalk a vulnerable reality star who is married. I dont know … I’m getting several messages that they’ve been talking for a while. Clint is not innocent either. But he’s not going to have his cake & eat it too! He thinks the grass is greener on the other side. I wish him well I just wish he could find a girl that likes him for him and not because he’s on TV.


[Tracie posts a cleavage-centric selfie.]

Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman Facebook

TRACIE: Thank you all ladies for your fabulous comments. I gained about 15 pounds. I had a lapse but I did not relapse! And now I’m trying to get my own apartment here in Albuquerque, NM
TRACIE: So much happened the week Before I got out of Rehab I mean everything changed and it’s instant. I don’t want to talk about it now but you you guys know I don’t lie to you. I’m just hurting right now and it sucks to be sober right now

COMMENT: Wait are u and clint still together?

COMMENT: please stay strong! Once you get past the milestones it only gets easier. I promise. Being in your feelings and working them out the right way is so much better in the long run!! We love you.
TRACIE: I did have a slip up….But that was about a week ago and I haven’t done any since.

COMMENT: great to see you back on fb!! glad you are doing better… an apartment by yourself? hope all works out well with you!!!!
TRACIE: I mean… The plan was to get an apartment with Clint but ppl change. And lie!

COMMENT: You need your show
TRACIE: tell my producer that!


[I’ve included Tracie’s photo gallery of winnings correcting Clint’s dollar amount, but I am unsure where it belongs in the timeline because it was deleted. I assume the gallery was deleted because the images included some of Tracie’s personal information, including her driver’s license number, phone number, and possibly even her Social Security number. I inserted the gallery with Tracie’s caption where it seemed to fit the best.]

CLINT: So apparently my wife just hit a $14,000 jackpot and is ghosting me and won’t answer my calls or texts. Gee, I wonder if she “met somebody else” ??
COMMENT: Weren’t you just in bed with another women
CLINT: Another womAn yes, not women.

COMMENT: You’re with another woman too though and she been answering your phone messing with tracie
CLINT: and I’m not with another woman now as that “other woman” is talking to or “seeing” another married man.

COMMENT: You need to respect your marriage and stop throwing her under the bus.
CLINT: no, she needs to stop using methamphetamine, first off….

COMMENT: You need to cut her off.shes destroying you.go to counseling
CLINT: yes I will cut her off when she has $14k no doubt. ThAt should work out for me well

COMMENT: I used to have faith in her but I see its destroying you. your mom is so hurt too
CLINT: shes addicted to methamphetamine and all I did was remove myself from the situation of her constantly lying to and using methamphetamine

COMMENT: You need to ditch your wife I do t think she will ever be anything but heartache and trouble , I think you have given as many chances as any person could possible expect !!
CLINT: agree wholeheartedly and I leave her…and not even 2 days later, she hits a jackpot without me. ??‍♂️

COMMENT: who cares.shes gonna blow it on drugs anyway. You are a nice person and I promise your gonna find love again.what you have with tracie is not real
ALICE: thank you… and you are exactly right!

COMMENT: Your life and sobriety is worth it Clint stay strong and move on from Traci. You should spend more time with your parents life is short
ALICE: thank you dear ❤️

COMMENT: Is this for clout Clint? Cuz you been mia on social media, make a long post earlier, now this. ??‍♀️
CLINT: I mean it is for clout a little bit…but none of what I say on here or Twitter are even remotely close to lies.

COMMENT: Did you verify the win or just taking her word because if she did win, the majority of it’s gone by now. Regambling it, snorting it, or by the grace of God she actually got her own place and paid for things.
Love After Lockup Life After Lockup Tracie Wagaman casino jackpot money

COMMENT: So now that she has money you want her back?????
CLINT: no I would just like a little help in life is all. I mean, I only put up with her calling me names, physically abusing me, yelling at me, cheating on me, etc for 2 1/2 years so I guess I don’t deserve anything, right?

COMMENT: So ur only trying to reach out cause of money. I don’t even think this is Clint tbh
CLINT: well I mean, when I am remaining sober and my wife is lying (saying she’s not using when she clearly is), I remain living in my car until I get on my feet. Oh and btw, she kept the food stamp card. I hope I don’t starve bc food sure is expensive these days

COMMENT: you can’t go back to your mom?
CLINT: yes I could but what good would that do me? I am a man, after all…

COMMENT: How the hell did you get food stamps???
ALICE: her not him!!

COMMENT: From someone who never posted and all the sudden you’re all over the book I would say go live to prove it to you
COMMENT: You cheated on her she don’t owe you sh*t. Tbh
CLINT: yes and she “never cheated on me” ?

COMMENT: I don’t believe none of this I don’t think she won the jackpot I don’t think he’s living in his car because if he’s not with Tracy there’s no reason why his parents would let him live in his car I think it’s all for attention in Media

ALICE: lol, you truly don’t have a clue dear, but that’s okay, you can say whatever you want and believe whatever you want too… We KNOW the truth, you just believe everything you see on TV and what you see on TV is sometimes all not real… But, you will never know that or believe anyone who is on TV.. I could tell you the truth and you STILL wouldn’t believe me.. lol… You’d believe what you see on TV.. ?

Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman wins big on the slots at a casino and posts on Clint Brady's Facebook page

COMMENT: You and tracie both need to just move on and go back to what you were doing before.
CLINT: correct, I need to go back to working in a hotel

COMMENT: Please call your beautiful mom, she will lead you responsibly! Don’t mess up, we proud of you!
CLINT: all she can do is tell me “honey, there’s nothing I can do for u now” much like she’s been doing to me the past 2-3 months

COMMENT: hopefully she isnt blowing that money on something she shouldnt be
CLINT: ?????

COMMENT: Clint I like you and all but haven’t you been ghosting her several times
CLINT: contrary to real life, she has ghosted way many more times during our relationshit ?

COMMENT: well I understand that because I do remember the honeymoon.
COMMENT: regardless Clint I really like you and Tracy y’all are my favorite I hope you all can work things out
CLINT: with all due respect, Idk what to hope for anymore these days ? thank u for your well wishes.

COMMENT: Honestly Clint this is the way that I see it it was a dumpster fire from the start it’s really hard to stay clean yourself when you have an addict around you that’s active I support you and hope you stay on the correct path of sobriety and I really hope you get on your feet soon as for Tracy I really hope she sees the error of her ways I’m not saying two wrongs make a right however her wrong seem to be a bit more apparent to me not saying you’re an angel here but you know we all f**k up sometime it’s just a matter of what you do with that the important thing is to stay focused on yourself and who cares if she does have that money it just shows what kind of person she is and shows her character you do you take care of you yes you are a man howeverEveryone needs help sometimes I know for a fact your mom wouldn’t turn you away especially if you said you wanted help getting your life together again focus on yourself Clint trust me you are your own best friend in life

CLINT: no i am not an angel. I sure do wish I were one tho ? thank u for also realizing that I am indeed a man & I know that with God’s help, I can get thru this!

COMMENT: Good,,, she can pay you back that 5 grand.
ALICE: thank you dear! Well said ????❤️
TRACIE: umm…. He didn’t pay the whole 5K I paid half

COMMENT: She’s probably out using it buying up meth. Clint you guys are better off alone. It’s clear she’s not gonna change for you and you can’t get betterbeing around her while she’s using
ALICE: nooo she’s not!! And she’s been going around this drug mountain since she was 24 years old…..she’s 39 now…In and out of prison, and has been to rehab at least 4 times….NO ONE IS GOING to change her!!

COMMENT: I dont even think this is actually Clint posting….its prob that wacky b*tch he cheated with….. now with that being said if Tracy really did hit a jackpot, while you where layed up with another woman u best beleive I wouldnt share sh*t with u, I dont care what happens you dont go cheat…. leave, get a divorce, but cheating is the lowest thing you can do….js

TRACIE: Wow he called me crying and sh*t saying that he loves me & that it was a waste of gas for him to meet that girl bc she was seeing Another married man. Isn’t that ironic my husband is sleeping with a woman who sleeping with another married man. And Clint got mad about it. Anyways he said that he didn’t want to be with her no more and he wanted to come back so I told him come back. I had no clue he was only coming back for the money. Well I’m glad thanks for Clint now I know the truth.

COMMENT: if u really love him you will take him back right now. I know the haters will say otherwise but just think of when he took you back or held u down. That was the real clint and his feelings for you.

COMMENT: yall should just blow the cash n get litty titties together.
TRACIE: I tried to take him back…. I told him to come back … but he wants to stay w that girl. Funny thing is is that he went down on her KNOWING she’s f**king another married man! He’s the one that said it in his comment

COMMENT: That $$ is prob gone already.
ALICE: yessss definitely right up her nose

COMMENT: [To Alice] you and your husband are one of my favorites in the show, next to Megan’s dad. Y’all are classy, responsible, great people and we know your kids were raised better than this. Much love and prayers to you. ❤️

ALICE: awww Thank you dear… it’s refreshing to hear something good for a change… So much hate and negativity out in the world today… It’s hard on kids nowadays, with all the drugs and violence… With so much hatred, it leads to violence and it’s truly sad… I try to keep my chin up and bc I am a Christian woman I KNOW God is there for me…I couldn’t live in this ole world without Him… Thank you dear for your prayers, that means a lot to me… ❤️❤️

COMMENT: Not for nothing but don’t you think your being a bad role model for your son?? Don’t you think it’s about time to knock all this crap off and be the man/father your supposed to be? Nothing matters more than your child!! None of this drugs,cheating, ghosting etc. you should not be in your car, you should not be involved with all this mess. Just knock it off already, my gosh!!

COMMENT: [To Alice] why the angry face?

COMMENT: because she refuses to face the truth. That woman is 99.9 percent of the problem an Clint needs to stop running to mommy everytime theirs an issue


COMMENT: [To Clint] your married half of that is yours. Your a nice guy and don’t deserve her bullsh*t. Praying God gives you the strength to do what you feel you need to. I’m praying for you.
TRACIE: I guess he will have to get a lawyer then
COMMENT: She’s moving to Vegas ??
TRACIE: I’m serious

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