LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Clint says he & Tracie are more like Whitney Houston & Bobby Brown than Bonnie & Clyde

Love After Lockup Tracie and Clint Bonnie and Clyde Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown

The last time we checked in on Love After Lockup star Clint Brady he was celebrating his 39th birthday alone in Cincinnati, Ohio and insisting that his parents don’t love him because they hadn’t come to visit him since he moved there seven weeks prior. It seems that Clint and his mom Alice are on slightly better terms now, but Clint is still throwing his former Goddess, Tracie Wagaman, under the bus she rode into Hobbes on.

“Tracie tried to portray us as Bonnie & Clyde, but when I was with her, it felt more like Whitney & Bobby with all the drugs (amongst other things) she would always have around me!” Clint shared in a Facebook post on Wednesday, along with the ? emoji. Tracie has mentioned the infamous outlaw couple when talking about herself and Clint, and she recently changed her profile photos on multiple social media accounts to our Photoshopped image of Tracie and Clint as Bonnie and Clyde.

After his post comparing himself and Tracie to Whitney and Bobby, Clint revealed that he has a new goal that he has set for himself. “My new life mission is to now get this dog back with me, where he belongs!” Clint’s post was accompanied by a video of his dog Blazer and this string of emoji: ?? ?? ? ❤️.

After numerous commenters expressed concern over Blazer being in Tracie’s care, Clint clarified that his parents were taking care of the dog for now. “He’s very well taken care of for now, until I make it back to NM to get him AND return to Cincy,” Clint assured his followers.

Meanwhile, Tracie shared a series of alleged texts with Clint in which he expresses heartbreak over Tracie not coming to Cincinnati to be with him. She also seemed to confirm Clint’s previous statement that marijuana is his true soulmate:

TRACIE: I also heard he was talking to a 20-year-old girl and he wanted to sleep with her.

COMMENT: Tracie Wagaman wow that is crazy. Have any of the ladys he talks to has he met up with?

TRACIE: He was supposed to meet one the other day…was gonna drive 4 hrs to get laid.. But instead he bought $60 of weed. He told me this yesterday afternoon.

In a rare instance of apparent agreement with Clint, Tracie has replaced her Bonnie & Clyde Facebook profile photo with a Denver Broncos themed selfie.

Meanwhile, Clint and his mother Alice responded to quite a few comments left on his post about being Bobby Brown to Tracie’s Whitney Houston.

Here is a VERY brief bullet point recap:

• Clint admits that he used meth before meeting Tracie, and used it as recently as November of last year.

• Alice DOES NOT like anyone suggesting that Clint had any responsibility for Tracie’s drug use while they were together.

• Alice insists that what we saw on the show was not reality, and that dealing with Tracie was much worse than it seemed on screen.

• Clint and his mom may be getting along better than they were last month, but he still likes to throw shade on her often — especially when it comes to her being a Christian.

• Alice insists that not wanting anything to do with Tracie and stating that she will never be sober is compatible with being Christian.

Here are some excerpts from the comment interactions, just in case they get deleted and producers need source material for the inevitable Goddess King Netflix documentary about Clint:

COMMENT: Are you guys together?
CLINT: No, she still loves her man more than me. The marriage (to her) was (obviously) a joke.
ALICE: Noooo they are not!! And I thank God Every day!!! He’s moving on and is working on getting a divorce!!! There you have it!!
COMMENT: I thought you guys were back together. She’s looking healthy is she clean again?
CLINT: A methhead clean? Didn’t realize that was possible? News to me!

COMMENT: Anything is possible

ALICE: Lol not with her, she’s been in and out of prison since she was 24 years old.. She’s been in re-hab at least 4 times, so no, DEFINITELY NOT POSSIBLE with her.. !!

CLINT: I’m living proof that she IS hopeless … just sayin that is all ??‍♂️
COMMENT: Prayers
CLINT: Well my mom and I are close to God so yes. . . Please pray for us? ?
CLINT: All I can say mom is what goes around comes around, and that I still miss Blazer.

COMMENT: Anything is possible I have met plenty of people who have got clean. Granted some take longer then others.
ALICE: Lolol longer than others?? Ohhh if you YOU KNEW the truth!! You don’t have a clue so please don’t even go there!! It’s funny how you “think” you know and in reality you saw 5 minutes of her life each week on tv!! I lived it for 2.5 years full of lies, manipulation, drugs!! So please I would give you credit if you had an inkling of what she put me through !!

COMMENT: So harsh Alice and to think I stood up for you about disrespecting someone’s Mother! Not a nice Christian ✝️ not my type anyways God Bless

CLINT: Please disregard my mother. “At times” she is not very Christ like ? thankfully I (feel) more Christian than her (or closer to God) bc I know I am NOT perfect THAT is for certain!

COMMENT: She was very harsh and I stuck up for her when Tracy badmouthed her.
CLINT: My deepest & sincerest apologies on behalf of her ??

ALICE: You truly don’t know me lol … all you saw on tv was a glimpse of how she was!! So you’re judging me and you sure don’t have the right!! God bless you.

COMMENT: Peace ✌?
ALICE: Yesss peace now that she is out of my life.. You are unbelievable, I wish you could meet me in person and see what my life is truly like!! You watch too much tv and certainly BELIEVE too much tv… When I first met the executive producer, the first thing he said to me is “tv is not real.” And how I believe him now!! Bc he is sooooo right!! You certainly need to understand what you see on TV is not real… the reality shows.. but then again, you’ve never been on a reality show, so you wouldn’t have a clue.. ??♥️

CLINT’S CINCY FRIEND GENEVIEVE: Don’t you ever talk to Alice like that. There are addicts that choose and do get better and there are others that choose to not get better and go to rehab for pay offs from certain shows. Alice and Kendall and Clint for that matter have gone above and beyond for her. Alice ecspecially. You act like she judged her day 1 and that wasnt the case. That wonderfuk [sic] woman lived a nightmare for almost 3 years and has managed to keep her class and dignity. Not to mention worrying about Clint and his well being. she is a devout christian woman and dont ever talk poorly or judge her ever again or I will personally judge you mam. Dont disrespect Alice again!

COMMENT: Like a week ago you were on here talking sh*t about your mom, how she doesn’t even care about you and all kinds of sh*t. Guess y’all made up ?

COMMENT: That’s not true Alice. I know it seems like it. Truth is if she would identify and work to heal her original traumas she could recover. I’m very clear I watch edited versions of Tracy on television and close to the same with Facebook posts, but I know complex trauma when I see it. She certainly is suffering from complex trauma. A commitment to a long term trauma resolution program along with addiction treatment could very well be her miracle. Don’t ever give up hope, but for sure set and respect your personal boundaries.
And blessings to your boy. It seems he’s love addicted, which is a real diagnosis. With love/relationship addiction, neurochemicals responds VERY similar to cocaine addiction.
Interested in learning more about what your son is experiencing? Read this: Is It Love or Is It Addiction: The book that changed the way we think about romance and intimacy.
CLINT: It’s neither, THAT I can assure u!!!

COMMENT: And this book. [Codependent No More]
ALICE: You are a counselor?
ALICE: If you’re a counselor/therapist, I would love to talk to you!!
COMMENT: No, but I am a healed complex trauma survivor, seasoned mentor and advocate to those who have been sexually exploited and addicted.

COMMENT: I’d be happy to talk with you and point you to where to look for to find knowledge and help.

COMMENT: I just sent you a private message on Messenger.

COMMENT: Lmao what god is your mom close to because the God I know certainly wouldn’t approve of 99% of her comments and what she’s said an done to Tracy. Remember “calling oneself a Christian doesn’t make them one.”
GENEVIEVE: Tracie’s lil buddy. I see you on every post knocking on anyone. If you wanna be a self promoter of drug users you have at it but dont dont you dare be disrespectful to Alice again!

COMMENT: Lmao excuse me? I will say what I want it’s a free country with freedom of speech and no you don’t see me on every post knocking so don’t make up bs to make yourself look like the post patrol chick! Self promoter of drug users lmfao ya mean like you?? Sorry my bad! As far as Alice pfft respect is earned not given freely maybe once she learns to respect others opinions instead of blocking everyone that slaps her in the face with reality she will then get respect so I will be disrespectful to her all I want. An no I’m not Tracy’s lil buddy however I call it like I see it an Clint was using dope long before he even met her. Go ahead an block me if you don’t like what I post I have several names I can and I post under so deal with it.
An by the way Genevieve kissing mommy’s tush won’t get ya far..

COMMENT: How you doing through this pandemic?
CLINT: Just keeping calm and remaining healthy…staying clean…nothing too outta the ordinary for me.
COMMENT: Are you and Genevieve still together?
GENEVIEVE: Gosh. You would have to ask him I guess. Taking one day at a time.

CLINT: ? ? ?

COMMENT: Damn girl why is he doing you like that?! Clint Brady this woman went above and beyond for you!! Make up your mind, if you don’t want her then tell her that so she isn’t waiting for you!!
CLINT: Idk what I want anymore in life tbh.

COMMENT: Oh I soooo hear you on that one!! I hope you can figure out what you want in life, so that you can move on and be happy.
GENEVIEVE: I just hope he figures it out before too late. I know where my heart is.

COMMENT: I was with a drug addict for years and tried to help him. It didnt work. They will always love the drug more.
ALICE: Exactly dear, I had to learn the hard way too… I believed her, trusted her and supported her… But she NEVER WANTED it for herself… it’s a sad sad thing… She gave up her own child bc of the meth!! ?? Unbelievable.

COMMENT: You guys need to just move on from one another you guys are toxic together divorce and let her go
CLINT: I have “let her go” since I started living in my car when she went to rehab and left there 12 hours after entering the facility on 11/11/19

COMMENT: But you admitted on LIVE that you did meth with her ??? Confused??
COMMENT: Not only that he did it with her but he introduced it to her…. hes always the victim.
CLINT: Well I’m still not doing meth if that helps any?

COMMENT: My question was …you were doing it too right ??
CLINT: Yes….WAS dabbling in it when I was with her.

COMMENT: OK!!! So you were doing drugs to. So you don’t have clean hands here. SHE DIFFERENTLY NEEDS TO STOP!!! NO ONE SHOULD BE ON DRUGS !! YOU INCLUDED !! You also said on live YOU DID METH FROM 2003 TO 2006. Tracie Wagaman WAS NO WHERE AROUND ???
CLINT: Correct I was apparently my own man from 03-06.

COMMENT: Right!! But you were doing meth….so you have been “dabbling” for awhile now!
CLINT: Mom, what was the date that I last used meth? ?

COMMENT: Don’t make her out to be the only culprit Clint. You were just as guilty. I see you say your clean now, and I really hope that’s true…. take care of yourself.
ALICE: Please you do not know the WHOLE story… you saw 5 minutes each week of her!! Clint lived it, I lived it, my husband lived it!! Please don’t judge and assume things you truly don’t know!! It’s tv … NOT REALITY!!

COMMENT: Obviously I know that Alice.. I’m just saying he wasn’t an innocent bystander, he had his part, didn’t say it was completely his fault. I hope they both get help. I know what it’s like to have addiction close, so don’t judge and assume (as you said to me) that I’m clueless.
ALICE: Well see, I didn’t get to watch you on tv, like you did me so I didn’t have a clue about YOUR relationship with whoever had an addiction… You got to see a glimpse of it, I never saw a glimpse of YOUR life… But, you have an opinion and I don’t…

COMMENT: ??‍♀️ When you put yourself on tv you open yourself for people to have opinions. I didn’t judge you. Relax Alice, I want Clint to succeed, not fail. You’re mad I said Tracie wasn’t the only culprit, that’s it. Nothing bad ??‍♀️
ALICE: Oh I’m relaxed NOW believe me bc she’s not in the picture any longer and thank you… You are right, I was the one on tv, not you… So yeah, like you said, you can have an opinion like everyone else, but it’s not the right opinion, bc AGAIN, you don’t know EVERYTHING! So I have my opinion and KNOW THE FACTS, and you don’t… there you have it, #Truth…

COMMENT [TO ALICE]: I know the words you speak. All so well. I was in a relationship with an addict for 5 years. I LIVED THE NIGHTMARE EVERY SINGLE DAY. It was awful. I had no clue he was using the first whole year then the downward spiral started. Oh my goodness, I felt I was living in the Twilight zone. So these words you speak, I KNOW. Your family is in my prayers ❤?

ALICE: Thank you so much dear… you DO UNDERSTAND and you DO KNOW what it’s like… it is truly a nightmare!! It’s horrible, sad, heartbreaking… I went through every emotion there was with her… I tried using tough love, didn’t work, I tried begging, didn’t work, I cried, didn’t work, got mad, didn’t work, I TRIED EVERY single thing with her! I bought her clothes, jewelry, perfume, gave her money… NOTHING worked!! She DIDN’T want the help!! I finally realized that, took me a bit… I HATE hard drugs and wish they had never come into existence!! I wish hard drugs on no one! It ruins people absolutely!! I prayed for her every single day… what more could I have done? Truly sad, sad, and if no one has ever been around addiction, it’s definitely a wake up call for those who don’t know… God bless you dear, and I’m so glad to hear you are out of the relationship, bc eventually the addict brings you down.. As you probably know.. That is exactly what happened with Clint and Tracie!! She took him down and he’s desperately trying to get back up now… Thank you again for your supporting and kind words of encouragement.. ????♥️♥️

COMMENT: But what we saw on tv was the two of you trying to help tracie and get her into rehab. Not one mention of Clint being on drugs as well (which we didn’t need to be told it was so abundantly clear)
ALICE: Bc guess what, Tracie influenced him…have you ever done ANYTHING bc someone you loved, wanted you to??

COMMENT: No one could ever convince me to do meth Alice. You sound like a classic enabler. Did she hold a gun to his head? Come on.

COMMENT: Clint was not innocent in this nobody put a gun to his head to make him try it! I did have an aunt with an addiction and my grandmother always made excuses for her same with me my daughter was an addict I never made excuses for her I made her see nobody makes you do anything all this is by choice… YES I AGREE WITH YOU.

COMMENT: Exactly. It’s so interesting they only talked about getting help for Tracie, never mentioned once that he was on meth the whole time too but anyone with eyes could tell he was high in every scene. When he wasn’t on meth he was smoking his weed pen. And he’s even asking mommy, “mommy when did I last do meth ?” Like really ? He’s a grown man who clearly has never had to take responsibility for his actions because mommy will wipe his tears with her apron and make it all better.

COMMENT: Anyone can tell he was high some people can turn a blind eye and the one with addict within the family know all the signs!
CLINT: I AM CLEAN…that’s ALL I’m trying to say in this post. That and my apartment & soul are now clean apparently.

COMMENT: It takes 2. You need to take responsibility for your part in the relationship.
ALICE: He has and that’s why he’s moved on…

COMMENT: He shouldn’t be moving on by sleeping with other women until he’s divorced legally & in the eyes of God.
ALICE: And Tracie shouldn’t be doing drugs and encouraging others to do drugs either in the eyes of God, and btw, how do YOU KNOW he is??

COMMENT: Why do you guys constantly bash either other? If yall aint together then so be it but bashing each other is dumb.. Gotta grow up at some point?
CLINT: Oh but I AM grown up…it is HER that is not, THAT I can assure u! Want proof? Well idk check out my life, Bc I have one maybe? ?

COMMENT: Alice R Miller Brady and Clint Brady it seems like you guys are playing out a difficult time in your relationship right out in the open on social media. I’m NOT attacking you. Just making an observation. Have you considered doing some work privately on your relationship? Clint you are in Ohio right now? When can you go home and kind of sort things out with your mom?
PS stay away from Texas.

CLINT: TexASS lol. No I’m great. I just miss my dog more than anything. And I love and always will love my mom with all my ❤️
ALICE: Lolol … it’s fine, we are good bc you truly don’t know! Just like everyone else that doesn’t know… Lolol

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