LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Tracie Wagaman leaves rehab early, Clint bails on picking her up, his mom Alice reacts

Love After Lockup Tracie Wagaman, Clint Brady and Clint's mom Alice

It’s been less than two weeks since Love After Lockup couple Clint Brady and Tracie Wagaman reconciled after hurling accusations at each other on Twitter, and they are once again on the outs. The latest drama played out on Facebook, seemingly starting after Tracie left rehab early in Texas and Clint was a no show after promising to pick her up.

The public drama began when Clint shared a post openly wondering where Tracie was while he was at home being the dutiful husband. “While I’m at the house doing laundry, keeping it clean, washing dishes, keeping the pets fed, doing what a husband normally does, etc. these past 3 days, where have u been Tracie Wagaman?” he asked, adding a couple pondering emoji.

“Where have I been?” Tracie asked in response. “Hell I’ve been waiting on you to come pick me up two days ago.” She followed that up with “Guess you blocked me.” Then the following:

And Don’t start with the laundry feeding the dogs because A .. your mom was feeding the dogs and B I’ve always took care of the house maybe you should answer your phone and you would know where I was trying to get back home

Clint’s mother Alice would eventually chime in, and accusations were hurled back and forth — mostly between Tracie, Alice and commenters.

Here is a bullet point recap of some of the things that were brought up:

• Tracie informed Clint that she was leaving a rehabilitation facility near Dallas early, and he agreed to come pick her up two days ago. He never showed up and blocked Tracie. (Tracie is originally from Texas and is often there to visit her infant son. That is why she was arrested there in August of this year.)

• Tracie says Clint needs to go to rehab as well and that he has only been sober for ten days.

• Tracie’s mom reportedly sent her some money. Tracie denies it, then disputes someone’s claim that it was for bus fare by saying it was for a hotel room.

• Alice tells Tracie: “You’ve been living this way since you were 24 years old, in and out of prison and in rehab 3 times.”

• Tracie makes multiple references to the ladies who have been sliding into Clint’s DMs since he appeared on the show. “They just want a little for 10 minutes of fame.” She also claims that he was talking with one of these women about how hard it was going to be to break up with Tracie before she left rehab. “He had all this planned,” she says.

• Tracie suggests that she recently got pregnant and had an abortion. After someone accused Alice of having something to do with that decision, she replied: “For your information she wanted her drugs more than MY grand baby ????? … I cried my heart out when I found out!! ???”

That pretty much does it for our casual readers.

For those of you wanting a full recap of ALL of the Facebook back-and-forth, I’ve put together most everything that was written and not deleted. These are all from the past 18 hours at the time of this post. They pick up right after the initial comment by Clint and Tracie’s responses that were included above.

NOTE: For comments made by anyone other than Clint, Tracie or Alice I have changed the names.

TRACIE: @Clint… Well I will tell you Where I haven’t been…. And that’s the club for damn sure. That’s awesome that you went out and had so much fun but again thanks for calling and checking up on me… I really appreciate that. And I hope my Chime card came in.

JILL: Leave her were she is @Clint she’s not ready to get help.
TRACIE: Don’t give him no advice he don’t need no advice from you …. He left me fu**ing stranded when he said he was on the way.

TRACIE: @Jill God you’re so worried about Clint why don’t U get w him! Oh… probably already talking to him on messenger along with the other 20 girl he’s talking too… lmfao

JILL: @Tracie he isn’t my flavor. But I grew up going to the locker plant & know he comes from a good family. You on the other hand I know nothing about other than what you blast on Facebook. You need help & not willing to get it. I personally have nothing against you. But I think he did right by leaving you. You left yourself stranded when you left rehab. No one feels sorry for someone refusing help. Just because he decided his sobriety was more important than saving you doesn’t leave you stranded.

TRACIE: Well first of all @Clint I have been trying to call you but you have me blocked and you don’t answer any of my calls
TRACIE: @Clint I’ve also asked you to come get me
JOE: must of fu**ed him over for the last time!
TRACIE: @Joe No.. he just fu**ed me over.
BRYSON: [Animated gif of Clint saying “Be there for me.”]
TRACIE: Hell he needs to be there for me.

ALICE: @Tracie is it always about YOU????? You say “me, me, me” all the time… do know what a narcissist is, don’t you…please don’t go there…YOU KNOW YOU need the help, I have pleaded with you, cried for you, begged you, tried tough love, to get you the help you sooooo desperately need! You’ve been going around this mountain since you were 24 years old, you are 39 now, aren’t you tired of doing the SAME thing over and over and over and getting the same results!!?? Since I’ve met you for 2 years, you have NOT PROVEN one thing to me….except you WANT the drug!! I know things about you and you KNOW I know things about you, but I’m not saying a word to anyone about them…You KNOW I HAVEN’T!! All I want is for you to get the help, that’s what Clint wants too for you!! Can’t you realize that YOU NEED the help…? You want to be 50 years old and STILL be doing drugs??? You’re almost 40 now and it’s wayyyyy past time to own up, get clean and live a NORMAL life….How do you think your mother feels? You have hurt her too way bad….Think about your family for a change not just yourself….Look what you’ve put them through….You NEED to STOP this pattern and get humble and GET HELP!

TRACIE: well I’m glad that u think that this is all so funny.
TRACIE: @Alice I saw ur laughing emojis.

TRACIE: @Alice And I don’t care that you know things about me. I’m not ashamed nor embarrassed of anything I’ve done I really not so you can’t threaten me with I know stuff about you because I don’t care. It’s Clint that I know stuff about but I would never do that because I’m not like that. I’ll never say anything about anything but if you would like to tell my business out there that’s fine go ahead tell the world something they already don’t know.

TRACIE: Yeah maybe I do need to turn around and go back to rehab….. It would be nice too for Clint to go.
TRACIE: He said he would go because He needs it too.
TRACIE: And I thought deleting my Facebook would be a great start but do you think it’s all funny?

BRYSON: Tracie you need to quit saying everyone else and get your life together… So what if Clint said he was going to rehab or if he does or does not.. You need to get help for YOU.. Do YOU understand the WHOLE COUNTRY IS LAUGHING AT YOU.. every thing you have been doing is making you look like a JOKE.. Quit worrying about Clint cuz evidently he isn’t worried about you… Get your self cleaned up and maybe life will work out but all you are doing us EMBARRASSING YOURSELF.. #GOTOSLEEP

Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady's's mom Alice feud on Facebook

ALEX: Giving your wife silent treatment Clint? It doesn’t fix anything.
CLINT: @Alex no, I’m giving her the “I don’t wanna argue with u when u try to justify your actions for constantly hurting me” treatment.

ALEX: @Clint did you tell her that?
CLINT: @Alex no bc she just wants to argue and put all the blame on me, as u can see which is what she been doing the whole night. Doesn’t wanna take ANY responsibility for her actions. I’ll gladly take responsibility for mine tho.

ALEX: I think eventually you will have to face the music.

MACKENZIE: @Clint stand your ground Clint. Don’t cosign her bullsh*t. Focus on you. She had money to get home and according to her she still has at least the 300 but also more cuz cameos and gambling. This is a guilt trip and she’s mad ur not doing what she wants when she wants. Tough love is all that will save her.

TRACIE: @Clint OK do we have to go there Clint…. I don’t put all the blame on you but honey you are not perfect you always want people to think you’re so perfect.
TRACIE: @Clint Love how you responsibly called me to let me know you are no longer coming to pick me up glad to know you were responsibility checking up on me. And I am shocked that you’re responsible for cleaning the house wow what is that your second time in a year?

DARLENE: @Clint you did the right thing not answering her calls she needs to get back into rehab and get help!
CLINT: @Darlene thank u sooo much for seeing this Darlene!! I would just be enabling her if I went to go get her. I can’t do that anymore.

TRACIE: @Clint Yeah It was pretty crazy that you told one of those hoes that you were talking to on Messenger that u was gonna leave me it was gonna be so hard and sh*t he had all this planned.

SOPHIA: @Clint your mom is one strong lady. She is an example of unconditional love. I hope you tell her everyday how much you appreciate her. She is my kind of mama bear. That is how I am.
ALICE: @Sophia thank you dear… it’s hard, no doubt and I having been going through this ever since he met her… almost 2 years now… Never once has she admitted to me OR Clint she has a problem… it’s sooo sad bc I truly wanted a good, Christian daughter-in-law… ?? I’ve tried and tried AND tried… I’m through now…?

SHANNON: Clint WTF is wrong with you. That’s your WIFE!!? She’s lost & need YOUR help/support to find her way..quit listening to all these nay sayers & do what you wanna do? Doesn’t it say in the Bible the husband protects the wife and is there through SICKNESS & in health??? Wow. Just wow Clint. I honestly can’t believe your not picking your WIFE up!

TRACIE: @Shannon Ik right! It’s like he’d rather me stay here & hitchhike then to go and actually pick me up. Had he been truthful in the first place I would’ve never discharged out of the rehab. I mean sh*t that would be fu**ed up if I got killed or something but oh well who cares he’s enabling me so you know I guess that’s worth my life.

CLINT: @Shannon I took her to rehab…she left rehab. She’s had PLENTY of opportunities to come back. Idk what it says in the Bible. I just know that if I go to pick her up, I’m enabling her and things at home won’t change.

MACKENZIE: @Shannon her mom sent her 300 for a bus ticket home. Tracie sd she also has money from cameos n gambling since she left rehab. She could have went home. She doesn’t wanna go home cuz @Clint is not enabling her anymore n even Tracie agree he has been clean for 3 wks n trying to do rite. She is panicking cuz of that classic addict behavior when the families enact tough love. It scares them and she’s lookin to guilt trip him or Alice into giving in… They r doin exactly what is needed to save her and trust me I’m sure its killing Clint to do it but that’s what is needed to save her life.

EMILY: @Shannon until you have been an addict or loved an addict yourself, you will NEVER understand why @Clint is doing what he is doing. Get off of your high horse and keep the judgement to yourself. You don’t understand, which is fine, so educate yourself. He isn’t doing this to hurt her.

TRACIE: @Emily Nah she can judge whoever the fu** she wants to judge because you’re fu**ing judge me and yeah U don’t know every little detail that I know.

TRACIE: @Emily I mean did you sit there overnight and get high with me and @Clint…. I mean I’m not gonna sit there and put all of our life on blast but don’t go there with people like that because I know more And I know the truth. Yeah I was getting high daily but that’s me but I am not gonna put Clint’s sh*t out there. It’s just the doubt that he’s not asking me or telling me to go back to rehab he just talking about how he clean in the house and I’m not there… Maybe he should be trying to get a hold of me and tell me to go back to rehab but I don’t care I’m over it.

TRACIE: @Mackenzie Excuse me my mom sent me what? I don’t know why you think my mom sent me $300 I don’t be fu**ing saying sh*t unless you know facts. You didn’t talk to my mom so don’t be sitting here telling people how much she sent me because that is so false and FYI that was for a room anyways, I just hope my mom doesn’t see this because then she’s gonna go off on you!

MAGGIE: @Shannon she did the same to him took his rental car an left his ass… Stop pitting her..
TRACIE: No you stop right there…. me and Clint no longer talk about the past. That’s another step That we learned is to Not bring up the past.

CAMILLE: @Clint I sent her a text msg earlier and told her I would be willing to look for a rehab here in Vegas if she would be willing to come here ok.. I realize you don’t want to enable her by picking her up, but at least call her and offer her a few options for her to get clean..

TRACIE: @Camille Yeah Camille I think the same thing too…. Responsibility and communication but you know he’s to worry about all these girls on messenger that message him that would’ve never messaged him had he not been famous… They just want a little for 10 minutes of fame
TRACIE: @Camille But yeah Camille I will text you later.

LACY: It’s comical all the responses here as if ANY of y’all have BOTH sides of the story. Clint needs rehab too, 3 weeks isn’t sobriety, Clint also needs to stop messaging an talking to other women and remember he’s a MARRIED man! Clint also TOLD her to leave rehab an he would come get her but as usual Mommy stepped in.. keep your mom out of your marriage, your a grown ass adult, be a man and demand she respect YOUR WIFE! She don’t have to like her but she does have to show her respect! Admit your wrongs too Clint not just blasting hers while you soak up all the “I’m the good guy” awards from people you too have manipulated into thinkin you have done no wrong. Grow up an either file for divorce an walk away OR honor the vows you took stating “in sickness an health” but you can’t have it both ways. You like every other addict go on a binge then when it’s over ya run scared for a few weeks till the smoke settles then your right back on another binge, so either file for divorce an move on or stand by your wife’s side, standing by her side an getting her help isn’t enabling her it’s called doing the right thing! Stop telling only half truths and for the love of God, find mommy a hobby and keep her out of your marriage, your a grown ass adult act like one. Your welcome to remove me if this pisses ya off but that just shows I’m right. And @Tracie STOP putting your personal sh*t on social media. Send it in private message, if your able to post on his page then your able to send him a private message.

TRACIE: @Lacy Girl you just summed it up… You Get an award for ‘The best comment of the day!’
TRACIE: @Lacy Thank you for telling it like it is and yeah I’m gonna stop putting our sh*t on social media and he needs to stop putting sh*t on Twitter but yeah we both are at fault and he knows it and I definitely know it and I really do you wanna work on my marriage but if he would communicate with me he could kind of sway me into going back To rehab I’m so glad I don’t need anybody to stick up for me.

ALICE: @Tracie why can’t you go back? I supported you a 100000% that morning, you were bawling your eyes out when Clint was driving you to rehab! You were crying and crying and crying and I was there for you AGAIN!!!!!!! What is is going to take Tracie for YOU to understand YOU NEED help!!!! You’ve been going around this same mountain since you were 24 years old and you’re 38 now….Don’t you WANT a NORMAL life??? The problem is, you need God…You’ve never been in Church or weren’t raised in Church…You NEED a relationship with God…You have never given Him a chance! You’ve tried it your way all these years, why don’t you try it His way this time….

AMANDA: U dont need to go to church to get it together lol. I’m 38 never went to church and I’m not a druggie. She has to want it herself.. not for anyone else. She has to be at rock bottom n ready to make that change for her not for Clint. Not for you not for God for herself. Cause in order for her to stay clean it has to be for herself n no one else. She has to really want it

ALICE: @Amanda she needs GOD is who she needs….She doesn’t even know who He is BECAUSE she’s never been in Church…I go to Church so I can be around OTHER Christians who have the same belief and ideas as me…Besides, it’s for sinners and we ALL have sinned…I HAVE a personal relationship with God and I’m proud to say that and I encourage others all the time, you can ask my son…She NEEDS God…she’s been living this drug life since she was 24 years old and it’s wayyyyyy past time now….

MACKENZIE: @Tracie you enjoyed the casinos uve been gambling at tho right? I really hope Clint and @Alice stand their ground and dont fall for your manipulation. Its the only thing that will save you. Im praying for you and i hope you surrender before its too late but this is a spiral and ive seen it so much im worried for you but ultimately your life has to mean something to you. Nobody can save you but you Tracie.

TRACIE: @Mackenzie Why are you also worried about me why don’t you tell Clint to get help to OK he’s been clean for 10 days got it but he still needs help too.

TRACIE: I’m not blaming anyone for my sh*t all I’m saying is that Clint didn’t show up when he said he was gonna come get me had I known that I would’ve took another route home that’s all I’m good girl I don’t blame anybody.

TRACIE: it seems everyone is fu**ing fake! Clint, in laws, the show production, & ALOT of ppl on my page. They can keep laughing all they want. I will be strong & fight this. I’m gonna delete my Facebook now bc it’s not worth all the tics for tats …. It’s just so immature for all of us to be acting like this so I’m done.

TRACIE: I Just pray that my mom doesn’t get on here because if she does she’s gonna tell it all and I mean all of it …. ( Including secrets that could ruin people) … Yeah there’s quite a bit that she knows but I’m she already made the post but I told her not to send it because that’s not fair we don’t go out like that we will never tell what we know all right you’ll have a great day.

TRACIE: @Alice… Oh yeah and she knows about the abortion so yeah you got what you wanted…. That secret is out but we don’t wanna start with the other secrets we don’t go out like that.
WINTER: @Tracie what kind of Christian woman wants you to get an abortion? That’s sick
ALICE: @Winter that was Tracie who said that and wanted!! For your information she wanted her drugs more than MY grand baby ?????
ALICE: @Winter I cried my heart out when I found out!! ???

TRACIE: @Alice now You’re out of line! Me and Clint decided on that together. And I’m sick of you always saying I chose drugs I chose drugs because you never ever say when Clinton chose drugs…

SOPHIA: What do you mean where @Tracie been? She was trying to get home to you but you blocked her. She needed you Clint! Go get your wifey!

ALICE: @Sophia why so she can do the same stuff?!?! That’s what he DOESN’T want!! There has been no change in 2 years… I’ve begged, cried, shamed, tough loved, bought her things, took up for her, I’ve done EVERYTHING in MY power to try to help!! She’s an addict and needs Professional help!! She needs a dual diagnosis treatment program!

SHANNON: Why can’t Alice snap back to reality!?!
ALICE: @Shannon Lol you are funny lol.. I live in this reality, maybe it’s you who is watching too much tv and believing everything you see on tv lol!

DIRK: Just leave her, I am sure this little bit of fame has gotten you enough clout to find another girl that doesn’t smoke meth. Junkies never change. I see them sh*tting in the streets and living in tents where I live. All they care about is that H.I.T.
ALICE: @Dirk Thank you Sir!! This little bit of fame has been a Blessing and a curse sometimes lol… I appreciate your kind comment too.. ❤️

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