LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lizzie dating new man Dru, says it was ‘love at first sight’

Love After Lockup Lizzie new boyfriend Dru

It looks like love after Love After Lockup for Elizabeth Kommes! The 42-year-old reality star broke the news moments ago that she has a brand new boyfriend — her first since breaking things off with Scott Davey.

“I am officially in a relationship,” Lizzie captioned the Instagram photo with her new man above. “Here is my man Dru. I’m very happy! He is 35… don’t worry!” Lizzie concluded her caption with a string of hash tags and an emoji: #35 #relationship #newbf #happiness #enjoyment ? #bliss


We reached out to Lizzie to get little more info, and she was kind enough to spill the tea!

Of course we wanted to now how the two first met, and Lizzie’s response will almost certainly inspire a few jokes. “We met at Hooker’s Resort in Poynette, Wisconsin,” she reveals. “I was going to eat dinner with my friend and he came in the door. I believe it was love at first sight.”

In addition to the butterflies that go along with falling for someone, Lizzie is also a bit fearful of making the leap. “I’m very scared because I think he is my soulmate,” she says. “This is my first sober relationship. With Scott, I met him when I was on drugs while Scott was using drugs…I’m so glad Dru doesn’t do drugs. ??”

Lizzie also sent us a few additional photos with Dru in which the couple look pretty smitten with each other:

Lizzie Love After Lockup update - new boyfriend Dru Pagel

Love After lockup Lizzie Kommes update: She has a new man named Dru

As usual, it was in the Instagram comments section where folks were willing to ask the really tough questions. Lizzie was a good enough sport to play along and answer most all of them — including whether or not she is still a “born again virgin!”

COMMENT: So did you give him a some or going to do the 90 day wait?

LIZZIE: Really? You’re going to ask me that question? I’m having fun to the fullest ??❤️❤️???

COMMENT: No more born again virgin status?! ?

LIZZIE: Nope, not a virgin anymore. ??

COMMENT: Hope he treats you as the QUEEN you are. Does Jazmine approve?

LIZZIE: Of course.

COMMENT: He don’t look rich either. Congrats.

LIZZIE: He ain’t. He works in a factory. Money is not an issue thank God. Money destroys our relationships. We make the same amount.

COMMENT: Hopefully he has a full grill. ??

LIZZIE: He does lol ??

COMMENT: That hickey thoooo! Lizzie is naughty! ??? I’m happy to see you’re happy.

LIZZIE: I am being very naughty. I have a lot of sexual frustration I have not leashed out on anyone. Poor Dru! ??

COMMENT: Also, thank you for sharing with us that you’re happy and in a relationship! I guess most people forgot you don’t have to share anything with us…… I’m sorry people can be so hateful!

LIZZIE: It’s OK.. I’m happy and this is big news. People will hate and it’s okay, I don’t care. All I know is I’m happy and I found an amazing guy who doesn’t do drugs.

Congratulations to Lizzie! Neither the show nor the U.S. prison system churn out a lot of post-incarceration happy endings, so it’s great to see Lizzie seemingly turning her life around and making that a real possibility! Plus, who doesn’t want the #Drizzie hash tag to be a thing? 😉

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