LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Stan moves on from Lisa with new girlfriend Peggy

Love After Lockup Stan's new girlfriend Peggy

If you’re curious whether or not Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple Stan and Lisa are still together, the answer is no. As we reported in September, Lisa moved on from Stan with a man named Todd. Now it appears that Stan the Man has also moved on with someone else, and it’s not Jasmine Portella!

Stanley Smith’s new girlfriend is named Peggy, and she posted a large gallery of photos with Stan on Facebook earlier today. “These pictures are meant for a reason,” Peggy captioned the gallery. “Lots of fun.”

Here are a few more examples in which it seems VERY clear that Stan and Peggy enjoy each other’s company immensely:

Life After Lockup Stan Smith with new girlfriend Peggy

Stan from Love After Lockup new girlfriend Peggy

Commenters were quick to point out that Peggy seemed a bit closer in age to Stan than Lisa. Peggy replied by revealing that she is actually seven days older than Stan. Their birthdays were apparently quite recent because one of the photos features the couple in front of a birthday cake with both of their names.

Here are some more interactions with Peggy from the comments:
COMMENT: You guys look awesome together!!! You look so happy!!!!!
PEGGY: Thank u!!

COMMENT: Looks like a great time!
PEGGY: Always is with Stan.

COMMENT: Much better, y’all look so happy together. No more drama
PEGGY: Thx. Hopefully not

COMMENT: Love Lisa, but u seem 2 be more suited for each other.😍
PEGGY: I pray for Lisa. I hope she finds peace

COMMENT: This looks right! Much more fitting…. And your hair is REAL!
PEGGY: Lol yes my hair is real. So is Stan’s.

COMMENT: I’m just glad Stan’s not getting milked in the basement anymore to be honest 😂 😂😂
PEGGY: Never happened

Peggy has multiple children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. One of her daughter’s commented on the gallery of photos, and she had nothing but positive things to say about Stan.

PEGGY’S DAUGHTER: I’m happy for you mom, you deserve all the happiness in the world.
COMMENT: Are you the daughter?? Not sure how they came together but I felt bad for him upset over the death of his first wife and trying to replace that by looking for love in all the wrong places. I wish nothing but the best.

PEGGY’S DAUGHTER: Yes I’m her daughter. I’ve never seen the show but I’ve met Stan and been around him many times and he’s a really great guy. I’m happy for the both of them.
PEGGY: Thx baby girl.

Unfortunately, not all of the comments received by Peggy after making her relationship with Stan public were positive. She followed up her gallery with another photo of herself and Stan and captioned it by writing: “For all u haters out there this is a Christian FB page so plz talk ur smack talk in one of the groups. Thx.”

There certainly won’t be any smack talk from this blogger! Stan had more than his fair share of cringe moments on Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, but I wound up liking him regardless. It was clear within hours of Lisa’s prison release that their relationship was toxic, so I’m happy for both of them that they have moved on. Getting back to Stan — congratulations to him and Peggy! I look forward to more positive updates!

If you’re curious how long Peggy and Stan have been dating, it looks to be a little more than two months. Peggy shared a gallery of photos on August 28th that only featured herself. “Thx for a wonderful day babe,” she captioned the gallery. A commenter asked who the “babe” was and Peggy replied: “I met a guy, it’s all new. Going slow.”
Peggy re-posted one of the images on September 7 and Stan wrote “Super smile!” in the comments.

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