Daonte to confirm he’s dating Lindsey Downs on ‘Love After Lockup: How to Date an Inmate’ special?

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs to be on Life After Lockup

There have been reliable reports that Love After Lockup season 5 star Daonte Sierra is currently dating Season 4 inmate Lindsey Downs. Those reports look like they will be confirmed on New Year’s Eve during the WE tv special, Love After Lockup: How to Date an Inmate.

Both Daonte and Lindsey have been teasing the special on social media over the past week. (Lindsey is currently back in prison, so I’m assuming she has someone running her Instagram account for her.)

WE tv has just shared a preview clip for the special, and in the description for the episode they confirm that Daonte will be spilling some tea. Here’s the full synopsis for the special:

On December 31, 2021, don’t miss the Love After Lockup New Years’ special Love After Lockup: How To Date an Inmate. Watch as the Love After Lockup cast spills the shocking and hilarious secrets and tips on How to Date an Inmate.

From sexy letters to frisky prison visits, the fan favorites tell all!

Brittany and Marcelino share their success story. f

Daonte reveals his new love.

During the Life After Lockup season finale episode, Daonte revealed that he was dating another inmate. When you add that bit of info to the reliable sources saying he and Lindsey are dating, PLUS Lindsey’s social media accounts teasing the new special, it seems pretty clear that the two are an item. Also, Lindsey’s Instagram account has been posting numerous lovey-dovey, heart emoji-laden comments on Daonte’s recent posts.

Here is the actual preview clip for the new special:

You can’t tell from the clip, but the network’s announcement reveals that the special will be “hosted by fan favorites, Brittany and Daonte.” I believe Daonte was recently in Las Vegas, so the hosting pairing makes sense. Let’s hope Brittany doesn’t miss the obvious (and funny) opportunity to pitch a threesome to Daonte!

Oh, and of course Daonte and Lindsey’s rumored relationship won’t go undocumented by WE tv cameras! Reliable production sources say that the network plans to document their post-prison romance for a new season of Life After Lockup. Lindsey is currently scheduled to be released from prison in March of 2022.

Unfortunately, Lindsey still has additional pending charges that might land her right back behind bars! I suppose will will all have to (reportedly) tune in to the new season of Life After Lockup to find out!

Meanwhile, Love After Lockup: How To Date an Inmate airs Friday, December 31 at 9/8c on WE tv.

UPDATE – After our post, Lindsey and Daonte continued to tease their excitement for Friday night’s special:

Daonte and Lindsey Downs dating tease

Daonte responds to Lindsey Downs about Love After Lockup special

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