Daonte dating Lindsey Downs, will be on new season of Life After Lockup REPORT

Love After Lockup Daonte Sierra and Lindsey Downs to be on Life After Lockup

Just as the current season of WE tv’s Love After Lockup follow up series Life After Lockup is wrapping up, we’re getting reports on which couples (and singles) are filming again. According to reliable sources, the new season of Life After Lockup will feature a first for the show — a couple comprised of two people from different seasons of Love After Lockup!

According to Amber broke the news on YouTube that Daonte Sierra finally moved on from Nicolle, and he is currently pitching prison woo at Love After Lockup Season 4 felon Lindsey Downs! And the two will be back on WE tv together!

In case you need a refresher, Lindsey is the felon from Mississippi who dated Scott. She moved into the house that he bought rented for her, and things fell apart pretty quickly. Lindsey was arrested multiple times after her release on the show, and she is currently back in federal prison.

Amber says in a video posted on November 20 that Daonte had been talking to Lindsey for six months at the time. She followed up with more details in another video on November 24. (Video embedded below.)

“I was thinking we would probably see Daonte and Lindsey on Love During Lockup that comes out in January,” Amber said. “That would make sense to get people hyped up for the show. But, they aren’t going to be on Love During Lockup or Love After Lockup, they will be on the next season of Life After Lockup.”

Daonte and Lindsey’s return hinges on their ability to keep the relationship going as WE tv cameras are reportedly not yet rolling on the duo. “They have not begun filming yet,” Amber says, “but they’ll start filming when Lindsey is released in March.”

I assume that they will start filming a little bit before Lindsey’s release so viewers will get to see some of their pre-release interactions. That could just be recorded conversations between the two as well as some interview clips, which would still allow for WE tv to wait to roll their cameras until just before Lindsey’s release.

Before you go shaking your damn head at Daonte for heading back to the United States prison system looking for love, Amber’s sources say that it was Lindsey that reached out to Daonte.

“[Lindsey] had a friend get on her Instagram account to message Daonte, and she said she thought he looked sexy, and they hit things off from there.” The two reportedly tell each other “I love you” already. “Lindsey’s friend said that Lindsey’s super in love with Daonte, and she’s even kind of possessive when it comes to him,” Amber adds.

Despite being possessive of Daonte, Lindsey is reportedly “fine with Daonte seeing other people while she’s in prison.”

In a bit of an unexpected twist, Amber’s source says that Daonte hasn’t been sending Lindsey any money. In fact, it’s been the other way around! Due to the fact that the cast members don’t get paid until the show airs, Lindsey reportedly still has some WE tv money set aside. She has allegedly sent Daonte money “a few times” since they started talking.

I checked Lindsey’s WriteAPrisoner.com dating profile, and it is still active. Daonte may want to ask about that. Oh, and it’s unknown if Daonte has purchased himself a Lindsey, Jr. to help pass the time until March.

So what do you think about the possibility of Daonte returning for another season of Life After Lockup with Lindsey? As a fan of the show I’m a bit torn. I like watching Lindsey and Daonte, but I just don’t know if this relationship is going to come off as sincere. They both seem like people that would jump at the chance of being on another season, especially if it just meant playing along with a script — which is something that Life After Lockup producers are notorious for.

We already know that Lindsey is open to dating women, so I can easily imagine producers brainstorming yet another love triangle scenario for Daonte. That being said, I would greatly enjoy a confrontation between Daonte and Lindsey’s ex Scott, even if it was set up by producers!

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Here’s one of Amber’s videos about #Daonséy, which includes video of Daonte defending Lindsey:

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