LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Douglas Howard torture charge details EXCLUSIVE

Doug Love After Lockup arrest update on torture charge

As we previously reported, Love After Lockup star Douglas Howard recently picked up three additional felony charges after being arrested back in August, including torture, unlawful imprisonment and assault with a dangerous weapon. We now have exclusive details on the allegations against Doug that resulted in the new charges, and they are horrendous!

According to the affidavit of probable causes filed for the initial case, and then the same case that was re-filed a few weeks later, the whole thing started after Doug suspected the alleged victim had stolen a truck from him.

Doug arranged for the man to enter a local hotel room “where he beats victim with metal flashlight and pours hot coffee on him.” Doug and an accomplice then blindfolded the man and drove him around to various locations in multiple counties where they believed the truck might be hidden. In between stops, Doug and his accomplice(s) were allegedly “assaulting [the victim] and burning him with torches.”

At one point, the man tried to flee while still blindfolded. He was caught and forced back into the vehicle.

The man “was then driven back to an unknown residence in Kalamazoo where he was then pushed down a flight of stairs into a basement wherein he stated the floor was covered with dog feces and where he was again held against his will for several more hours.”

While being held, Doug and his accomplice allegedly continued to torture the man. The victim says they poured gasoline on him and threatened to set him on fire. Doug and his accomplice also “continuously beat/kick/punch/strike victim as well as threaten to anally penetrate him with an object.” (The other affidavit reveals that the object was a broom handle.)

The initial affidavit filed in October says that the basement torture session lasted “several hours,” but the more recent affidavit filed earlier this week describes the victim’s captivity and torture as a “multi-day event.” The more recent document adds that the victim “suffered multiple visible and serious injuries from what he endured during this time frame.”

Eventually, “a subject known to [the victim] assisted him out of the basement and took him home.”

The victim went on to say that the event left him traumatized. “He was in fear for his life the entire time he was held captive and feared that at any minute, the defendants were going to kill him,” the officer states. “Further, on each of the two occasions I interviewed [the victim] regarding this incident, he emotionally broke down, reiterating he was very terrified of these individuals and explained on one occasion since the incident, he drove through a yard to prevent [Doug] from seeing him.”

Doug looks to be facing a total of 11 felony charges. The other 8 charges have already been bound over to Circuit Court, which I assume will happen with these three charges that are currently still in District Court. Doug is listed as being in custody with his bail set at $300,000. (Given the severity and quantity of the charges against Doug, I’m surprised there is a bail set at all!) I will continue to monitor the case and share any major updates.

In August of 2022 Doug was sentenced to 40 years in prison for torture. The Michigan Department of Corrections website lists Doug’s earliest release date as March 16, 2035. His maximum discharge date is February 15, 2082.

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