LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Maurice leaves Jessica for woman in California

Love After Lockup Jessica and Maurice break up

The relationship success rate for Love After Lockup couples has taken another hit as Maurice Gipson has left his wife, Jessica Gipson, for a new woman in California named Mandy.

In case you were out of the loop, Maurice has been chilling in Los Angeles County after spending some time in jail there earlier this year due to a parole violation. He remained in California as he waited to have his parole transferred to Nevada where his wife and son reside.

As Maurice hinted at in numerous Instagram posts over the past couple months, he was lonely in California. Despite the distance between them and the social media posts suggesting that the couple may be having issues, Jessica has been VERY vocal about insisting that she and Maurice’s marriage was as strong as ever — they were merely separated by a few hundred miles for the time being.

Earlier this week, the happily ever after picture that Jessica was painting came crashing down as photos and videos of Maurice and another woman surfaced on Instagram.

@money_bag_mandy posted a photo of Maurice wearing a banana pattern hat and shorts pulled down exposing his colorful “SWAG” boxers. “Missing my baby,” Mandy wrote on the image. “I can’t wait to be back in your arms tomorrow 😩.” Maurice later added: “I can’t wait either and stop asking me if I miss you on the phone girl.”

Love After Lockup Maurice and Mandy

Once the hard-to-deny evidence of Maurice moving on was posted, Jessica reacted with a series of Instagram story posts. Here’s what she wrote, including no less than three occasions in which Jessica shook her head:

Embarrassing, just embarrassing for YOURSELF 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤮🤮🤮🤮

“It’s amazing how men be having sisters or mom & be doing girls the way they do.” smh ain’t this the truth

WE NEVER WERE BROKEN UP, separated, nothing. Yeah he left me for that….

Listen, Maurice and I have not been broken up for a year, or broken up at all!!! Maurice has been in Cali due to parole yes, but we were still together. We were waiting for a transfer to Nevada. This lady is a LIAR.

Y’all are reading that post wrong, I said we never broke up, but we did when I found out about him cheating. No we are not together anymore. I’m done exposing myself smh.

Smh please please stop sending me pictures, or anything related to this, I’m done seeing it, I’ve seen everything!! I know everything going on sooo please just stop. And thanks for all the love, but honestly I just want to be left alone right now. Tia.

It can be assumed from what Jessica wrote that Mandy must have stated that Maurice and Jessica had broken up a while ago. I couldn’t find a post from Mandy saying that, but there are numerous other posts of her with Maurice — including in which she appears to be referencing Jessica when she mentions being an upgrade:

Love After Lockup Maurice Gipson girlfriend Mandy Instagram

Maurice Gipson's new girlfriend Mandy

Love After Lockup Maurice's new girlfriend Mandy

Me and mine is good over here. Keep all that negativity out of my DM and off my page. Just cuz y’all seen a TV show doesn’t mean you know anything about him and his personal life. Y’all let TV and social media think y’all know sh*t. Y’all don’t. Me and him straight, so if you come on my page with disrespectful sh*t you will get blocked.

*It should be noted that Mandy keeps changing her Instagram name.

And here’s a photo of Mandy and Maurice (#Manrice?) in which it appears as though Maurice has a handgun in his pocket:

Love After Lockup Maurice Gipson with apparent gun in his pocket while with girlfriend Mandy

Yes, Maurice is a convicted felon on parole and cannot be in possession of a firearm. Yes, he was arrested for possession of a firearm earlier this year, which triggered the parole violation. (The firearm possession charge was later dismissed.) I have also seen comments online that the gun itself is illegal in California. I assume it will only be a matter of time before Maurice’s parole officer is sent a copy of the photo.

Sarah from RealiTeaSquad spoke with a source “super super close” to Jessica to get the scoop on her side of what went down, including the apparent gun in Maurice’s pocket. (Video below.)

“Jessica claims to have texts and a ton of proof that they were never broken up,” the source reveals, adding that Jessica and Maurice were FaceTiming daily right up until very recently.

More from Sarah:

I did ask about the gun in his pocket. I was told it’s not his — he doesn’t have a gun. It’s his cousin’s gun and he just put it in his pocket to look cool. I asked, “Is this allowed on parole?” I was told it doesn’t matter, it’s not his and he only had it in his pocket for the picture.

Sarah says that conclusion doesn’t seem correct, and I concur. I’m pretty sure there isn’t an exemption in the statute preventing felons from being in possession of a firearm to allow for looking cool in photos?

The source also told Sarah that Maurice is “just using [Mandy] for money, that he’s not, like, really with her.”

Jessica and Maurice’s split means that only one of the seven couples featured on their season remain together: John and Kristianna.

I will leave you with the RealiTeaSquad recap of the break up:

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