LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Michael Simmons arrested after live stream antics VIDEO

Love After Lockup Michael Simmons arrested again 2021

Love After Lockup Lothario Michael Simmons is back behind bars in Florida. The 30-year-old was arrested Wednesday morning after reportedly live streaming a series of antics, including running across a divided highway and dancing under a traffic light.

According to jail records, Michael was booked in Florida as a fugitive from justice. There are reports that he has an outstanding warrant from another state, so I’m guessing he is currently being held on that warrant.

Michael and a woman (assumed to be his Miami boo Maria) were live streaming this week while driving around. A video of a live stream (included below) shows Michael engaged in a series of antics that would easily draw the attention of any police officers in the area. The person who posted the clip says it was just prior to his arrest.

Here’s the video:

In the beginning of the clip, Michael gets out of the driver’s seat of a car parked on the shoulder. As the woman laughs loudly, he runs across multiple lanes of a divided highway. He pauses for a moment in the median before turning around and running back.

At roughly the one-minute mark, Michael is seen outside the parked car once again. This time the vehicle appears to be stopped at a traffic light as Michael dances under a green light that turns yellow then red. The woman cackles abrasively.

After the woman screams out a series of profanities, Michael can be seen sharing the stream with another woman as he talks about his relationship with his ex, Sarah.

During the shared stream, Michael reveals that the cops have arrived. “Oh my gosh, I got police coming for me on live right now,” he says. He continues to talk calmly before eventually cutting the stream.

It’s unclear what the specific reason was for the police to approach Michael.

We will continue to monitor the story and update with any pertinent information.

In case you missed it, Michael was found guilty of felony child neglect back in July. The conviction stemmed from an incident in November of 2020. Here’s an excerpt from our post with details from the actual police report:

The very brief summary is that Michael was responsible for watching a young male child (the child’s age was redacted from the report) at a Daytona Beach hotel. Michael left for more than five hours, during which time a witness saw the unsupervised child “rotate from the beach to the pool deck, go into the ocean, pool and Jacuzzi alone, and play with another hotel guests’ child on the beach.”

The young boy eventually approached hotel staff and asked for food. When the hotel manager ascertained that the child was unsupervised, a call to 911 was placed. Michael later told police that he went to get the child “gummy snacks” and his car broke down. As a result, the child was left unsupervised at the hotel from roughly 2PM until roughly 7:15PM.

It’s still unclear who the child was and what the child’s relation is to Michael. All of that information is redacted from the court documents. Michael’s estranged wife, Sarah Simmons, did confirm that the child was not one of hers. “My kids were NOT involved!!!” she wrote on Instagram soon after news broke about Michael’s arrest.

We have updated our Love After Lockup Season 2 inmate recidivism chart to reflect Michael’s current incarceration.

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