LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Rachel shares 1st photos of biological son, plus Dougie update

Love After Lockup Rachel's biological son with stepson Dougie

Rachel from Love After Lockup won over viewers this season after she not only broke things off with her two-timing prison beau Doug, but she also became the legal guardian of Doug’s son after Doug was arrested yet again and charged with numerous felonies.

Starcasm readers should be aware of the fact that Rachel has a biological son that was not featured on the show as we included some information about that in our initial profile post on her and Doug. However, many of Rachel’s Instagram followers were shocked when she posted a couple photos of Dougie and her biological son on Instagram earlier today.

“#tbt to when Dougie was a foot taller than my son. Now he’s a foot taller than me 😅,” Rachel began the caption for the two-pic gallery (included below). “Peg loved to come to his games and show support,” she added, in reference to her fan favorite bulldog. Rachel revealed in the comments that the pictures were taken two years prior.

Rachel’s caption also addressed Dougie’s step-brother:

YES… I AM A MOM, I DID PROCREATE 😳🙋🏻‍♀️ I’ve made NUMEROUS statements I have a 10 year old son. His father and I chose to keep him off the show to respect his privacy since mom was a burning trash bag on TV. Co parenting is a TEAM effort so I respect his dad’s concerns.

Here’s the gallery:

UPDATE – Rachel has since deleted the gallery. 🙁

Rachel continued to be fan-friendly as she responded to questions and comments on her post — including information on how her two sons get along. I will start with an interaction Rachel had after one commenter got called out by another for not knowing about Rachel’s biological son and asking about it.

COMMENT: Some people don’t follow EVERYTHING someone does. That’s why it’s a valid question.
RACHEL: It’s valid for sure. I had soo much content outted on me I assumed ppl knew 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m learning now that many did not. It’s best for me not to “assume.”

COMMENT: You have a kid😯 does he live with you??
RACHEL: Yes.. his father and I agreed to not have him on the show. I will do a YouTube on this to clear the air on this subject.

COMMENT: How do the boys get along? Are they close in age? It’s great they have one another to go through life with!! 💙
RACHEL: They are pretty much inseparable 😅😂♥️♥️.. they asked me if they can just share the room … I have 4 bedrooms 🤦🏻‍♀️ so that is my next project.

COMMENT: Does Dougie still live with you? I hope so

COMMENT: I commend you for keeping your son’s identity private but honestly it makes me wonder why you and particularly your ex would allow an ex con into your lives.
RACHEL: My ex is super supportive and hopes I find happiness and knows that I walk out of any situation when it’s not right / safe. We communicate openly when it comes to our son. Ppl [make] mistakes. Live and learn .. I had some crappy, sick non cons in my life. Garbage ppl come in many forms 😅… they wear a suit and tie, the have jobs, they may not always have a criminal record. I can promise you that.

Rachel mentions that she will be sharing updates via YouTube soon. For those of you wanting to subscribe to her channel, here is the link!

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