LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Lisa moves on from Stan with ex-con named Todd

Love After Lockup Lisa leaves Stan, has a new man named Todd

It appears that the relationship between Love After Lockup multi-millionaire Stan Smith and his sex fetish prison bae Lisa has ended. Either that, or they have welcomed a male convict to participate in their risque basement games.

Lisa broke the news herself with a series of photos with her tatted feller posted on Facebook on Friday. In the photos, Lisa can be seen sporting her signature weave as she poses with her shirtless dude.

“Todd Michael…a good time😉,” Lisa captioned the photo gallery. Could it be that Lisa has found her billionaire?

I did some research and it doesn’t appear that Todd will be buying Lisa too many cars or laptops in the near future. Although he may be willing to loan Lisa his truck and motorcycle due to issues with his license. More on that below.

Todd has a rather extensive criminal history, including criminal convictions as well as civil lawsuits. The most serious convictions were in January of 2015 when Todd pleaded guilty to multiple drug charges. There were three felonies that all looked to be tied to methamphetamine. He was also found guilty of a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Life After Lockup Lisa's new boyfriend Todd 2015 mug shot arrest

Todd was given a five-year suspended prison sentence, but he only had to serve 120 days.

Todd’s recent legal troubles included a DWI charge in December of 2019. He was eventually found guilty and was given a suspended sentence with 730 days of probation starting on July 14. I do not know if not hanging out with convicted felons (like Lisa) is prohibited by Todd’s probation.

Todd’s next court date is a probation status hearing scheduled for June 28, 2022.

If you’re curious about Todd from a non-legal standpoint, I can provide a little background there as well. Todd is 50 years old, and judging from his social media posts, he has a young son that he looks to have a good relationship with. It doesn’t appear that he owns the property he lives in.

Love After Lockup Lisa's new man Todd

Love After Lockup Lisa and Stan update spoiler - Lisa has a new boyfriend named Todd who is a convicted felon

Todd has three pit bulls that he sleeps with and he likes sharing anti-vax and anti-mask posts online. He drives a truck that has “TRUMP 2020 F**K YOUR FEELINGS” in large letters on the rear window.

As you can tell from the photos above, Todd has A LOT of tattoos, including a Kimberley Vlaminck-inspired star cluster around his right eye and a naval shooting star. Above Todd’s left eye is a tattoo that reads “Soldier of God.” Below his eye is a large 314, the area code for St. Louis. I’ll let you have fun figuring out some of the rest.

It’s unclear when Lisa and Todd began dating, although there doesn’t appear to be any evidence of the two together prior to this week. To find out why Lisa didn’t stand by her Stan, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv.

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