LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Doug is trying to have son Dougie taken from Rachel, according to his sister Ashley

Love After Lockup Doug's sister Ashley updates on Rachel and Dougie custody situation

Love After Lockup convict Doug is back behind bars facing multiple felony charges and decades more prison time. However, Doug isn’t about to let some steel bars prevent him from continuing to have a negative impact on his son’s life. According to his sister Ashley, Doug and others are trying to take custody of Dougie away from Rachel, who gained legal custody of him after Doug was arrested.

Ashley shared the update with a very frustrated Facebook post on Tuesday. In addition to the news about trying to take Dougie from Rachel, Ashley also says that Doug’s release from prison “f***ed up” their “WHOLE FAMILY.”

Ashley was clearly angry when she made her post, so it’s a little difficult to read. I will include her original post followed by an edited version with punctuation, etc.

Love After Lockup Doug's sister Ashley shares update on Rachel's custody of Dougie

It’s f***ed up how family can be. I haven’t talked or spent time with my dad, even though he’s not doing well at all. [Doug revealed on the show that their dad is sick.] I was daddy’s girl all the way, there for him for everything, even to talk to.

Ever since Doug, Jr. got out of prison, sh*t went sideways. They took his side on everything and didn’t care about me or my family any more. We didn’t do sh*t to anyone — he was always in the wrong. So I lost everyone but the ones that live in my household.

Doug, Jr. getting out of prison f***ed this WHOLE FAMILY UP. On top of that, I had custody of Douglas for 10 years before I terminated my rights through the courts in favor of Rachel.

Now look — Dougie’s dad’s going back to prison probably for 25 years or life. That’s the only lifestyle he knows and he will ever live. No one can blame anybody but Doug. He did this. He knew what he was getting into.

Now that Doug’s ex wife Rachel has Dougie where he wants to be — the best life he could have: a person to love him, be there for him, and do a lot more than what I could have done caring for a child when I could barely take care of myself and had no one and not much support — I’m still the bad one.

Now, Doug’s dope fiend girl [Brittany] (who’s no better, who doesn’t care for her kids much, and who has a ex that she still lives with because she f***ed up her marriage to be with a felon), now they want to cause more problems with Dougie. They would rather see him in the system, in and out of foster homes, than be where he is at and happy.

No one gives a f*** about anything but themselves. Just leave the f***ing boy alone. He’s been through enough his whole life — both parents are f***ing dead beats and always will be, and he knows that. Just leave the kid alone. He’s happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. This whole situation is just bull sh*t……..

Ashley revealed more information in the comments, including allegations that Doug pointed guns at a family member(s) and that Doug’s dad is helping to try to take Rachel’s custody of Dougie away. Once again I will post a screen cap then revisions for readability:

Love After Lockup Rachel and Dougie custody update

COMMENT: Ohhhh I’m so sad to read all this 😔

ASHLEY: It’s just crazy how sh*t is when someone that doesn’t even care about his family gets out of prison after 10 years. He gets all the attention and love when he didn’t even care about anyone. All he cared about was making his next dollar. He f***ed up this family so bad. It’s crazy. And everyone still bows down to him. When he points guns at you and threatens you, that’s when you draw the line. He’s not FAMILY any more. And on top of it, I found out he was going to have one of his Kayla [Kalamazoo maybe?] b*tches he was f***ing with shoot up my house because he was mad at my kids who lived there, including his own son. Doug doesn’t care about anyone but himself, and I lost a lot of family over him. But guess what? I really don’t care because I’m not kissing anyone’s ass to get them back into my or my kids’ lives. I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG, but everyone says I’m in the wrong for giving up on Dougie. I raised him for 10 years. My time was up. I have to focus on me and my family and kids. I did my part, and no one even cared until now that Dougie’s not with me and with Rachel.

COMMENT: What’s going on with Dougie?
ASHLEY: Everyone’s trying to get him taken from Rachel when that’s where he wants to be. And the f***ed up thing about it is that no one else could get custody Dougie, but his dad and Brittany would rather see him in foster care than with Rachel. Dougie has had a rough enough life as it is. Why even f***ing act like that? Because they’re not getting their way. Doug isn’t anything but a piece of sh*t.

Court records state that Ashley was Dougie’s legal guardian for most of the time that Doug was in prison. (It appears that it became official in 2014. There was a review of guardianship that resulted in the termination of Ashley’s guardianship on August 2 of this year. Dougie’s guardianship case was then closed.) It is our understanding that Ashley did officially support Rachel getting custody of Dougie, and that undoubtedly helped Rachel’s case.

Rachel hasn’t said much publicly about a challenge to her custody of Dougie. I assume that her attorney has informed her to keep quiet until the matter is resolved, but that is purely speculation.

On a side note, I am a bit disappointed as a Love After Lockup fan that Rachel was not included on Life After Lockup. Doug’s arrest and Rachel’s custody battle for Dougie seem like a story line that would have been very compelling for viewers to be able to see. I know that I would greatly prefer watching that as opposed to some of the story lines currently on the spin-off.

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