Which couples are returning for new season of Life After Lockup?

Life After Lockup new cast

WE tv is about to wrap up another season of their Love After Lockup follow up series Life After Lockup. That means fans are already wondering which couples (or singles) will be back for the new season of Life After Lockup. We’ve got some answers for you!

As we previously reported, the most shocking couple reportedly returning to Life After Lockup is comprised of cast members from different seasons of Love After Lockup. Click here to find out about Daonte Sierra returning to WE tv (and returning to prison Tinder) to pursue a relationship with Scott’s ex, the currently re-incarcerated Lindsey Downs!

So, who will be joining #Daonséy when Life After Lockup returns? We have reliable sources revealing three couples that are (or will be) filming again.

Sarah with RealiTeaSquad has a proven track record with her behind-the-scenes reporting on production, and she broke the casting news in a YouTube video posted late last month. (Full video included below.)

Life After Lockup Returning Couples

Life After Lockup Britney and Ray
I COMPLETELY agree with Sarah’s take on Britney and Ray returning. The actual story line of Ray holding down a solid job and continuing to work towards bettering himself is compelling enough for me. Just like Sarah, I’m worried that Life After Lockup producers are going to try to keep pushing the in-law tension story line as well as the high-pressure Britney story line. (Continually pressing Ray to get married and have kids.)

Britney and Ray are so much more enjoyable and fun to watch on social media, which I believe is a more accurate representation of them. I hope that WE tv loosens the reins on scripting and focuses on documenting a convicted felon’s attempt to get his life on track with the help of his significant other.

The Britney and Ray story line they should keep is the $140,000+ Ray owes in restitution. That is 100% real and such a huge part of Britney and Ray’s struggle to make it.

This one probably won’t come as a major surprise to Love After Lockup fans. Sara is currently pregnant with her second child, and Shawn’s seventh child (that we know if). It makes perfect sense that WE tv would want to continue to film their story.

As stated previously, Life After Lockup can be very heavily scripted at times. Normally I’m not a big fan of that, but I have to concede that the inevitable scenes where Shawn’s ex, Destinie, shows up out of the blue and confronts him and Sara will be golden!

In case you missed it, Destinie was released from prison back in August. I’m sure show producers are doing everything in their power to get permission from her parole officer to make the trip to Ohio! She would be getting paid, so it would legitimately be for work, right?

Love After Lockup Anissa and Jeffrey
In what promises to be the most over-the-top, crazy, and completely authentic story line in recent Life After Lockup history, Anissa and her Gucci pants-lovin’ prison bae Jeff Wombles are reportedly filming for another season.

The only potential thing standing in between viewers and more on-screen drama between Anissa and Jeff are… Anissa and Jeff. The two have split up, and the break up has been anything but amicable.

Jeff is actually in jail right now, and his new girlfriend strongly hinted on Facebook that it was because Anissa turned him in.

Prior to his arrest, Jeff claimed on Facebook that he caught Anissa cheating on him with his brother… and his sister-in-law! (Did I mention that their relationship is over-the-top and crazy?)

Unfortunately, Jeff has hinted that he quit the show just prior to finding out about the treacherous menage a trois. “I gave the show up and moved from my house to a room cause they didn’t want them there,” he explained on Facebook, “and after I moved three days after they tell me lol.”

In summary, Jeff and Anissa were reportedly filming for another season of Life After Lockup, but it’s unknown if they continued filming long enough to actually make it back on the show. Producers certainly know that #Jeffisa are ratings gold, and I’m imagining they are offering Jeff numerous drones and pairs of Gucci pants to come back. I also suspect that there is no way Jeff will turn them down!

Stay tuned!

Here’s the full video from RealiTeaSquad:

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