LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Jeff Wombles back in jail after Anissa cheating allegation

Love After Lockup Anissa's boyfriend Jeff Wombles arrested again

Love After Lockup star Jeffrey Wombles will have to take a break from Gucci pants, motorsickles and drones as he is currently back behind bars in Tennessee.

According to jail records, Jeff was booked into the Rhea County Jail on Tuesday. He is listed as still being in custody at the time of this post, but I couldn’t find any charges listed. That is likely an indication that he was brought in on a parole violation, but I have not been able to confirm that yet.
Jeff’s most recent mug shot photo is included at the top of this post.

Meanwhile, Jeff’s Facebook page has remained active, including an update from someone claiming to be relaying a message from Jeff in jail. “Hey Everyone! I am messaging for Jeff,” the post begins. “Apparently jealous people like to be snitches, so Jeff has been incarcerated. No new charges but things have to be worked out.”

The message continues by encouraging Jeff’s millions of fans to contact him while incarcerated. “He is in the Rhea County TN Jail in case you want to reach out.”

So why was Jeff locked up? “Don’t know much info yet but will keep you guys updated,” the post reads.

In addition to the post, Jeffrey’s relationship status on his Facebook page changed to “in a relationship” on Thursday. “And yes he is in a domestic partnership,” the post continues, seemingly in response to the relationship status change. “I am not NEW, I have known him for 13 years. We were together for 5 years in our younger years. He sends his love to all!”

UPDATE – Here’s another message from whomever is posting on Jeff’s Facebook page:

First off I am going to try to be as Humble and Polite as I can. I am Female (Alpha) for sure. I don’t care about what he did before, all I care about is what he is going to do forward. Second, he has already told me everything that he has done. I know everything and I can see everything since I have his FB info. One thing, I am not is a jealous female. You will find out who I am in time. For all you negative Nancy’s, please keep your comments to yourself. Its’ not needed.

Jeff’s current incarceration comes a little more than a week after he posted some rather startling allegations about his on-screen boo Anissa. “WHILE I WAS [AT] WORK ANISSA HAS BEEN HAVING A THREESOME WITH [MY] BROTHER ED AND HIS WIFE,” Jeff wrote. Visit the link for the rest of what Jeff had to say, including his interactions with commenters and his woo pitching attempt towards his Love After Lockup co-star Rachel.

It’s unclear if Jeff and Anissa’s split (and Jeff’s re-incarceration) will be featured on an upcoming season of Life after Lockup. Reliable behind-the-scenes YouTuber Sarah Howes from RealiTeaSquad has a source that says Jeff and Anissa are filming, but Jeff recently suggested that he quit the show.

“I gave the show up and moved from my house to a room cause they didn’t want them there and after I moved three days after they tell me,” Jeff wrote on Facebook on November 9.


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