LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Jeff Wombles starts GoFundMe for his teeth

Love After Lockup Jeff Wombles teeth motorsickle Gucci pants

On the most recent episode of Love After Lockup, recently released felon Jeff Wombles reveals to the WE tv cameras what his post-incarceration goals are. “My plan is to get my job,” he begins. “I’m gonna save every penny and I’m gonna go get my teeth done. I want to get a motorsickle. And I want to get me some Gucci pants.”

When attempting to achieve multiple goals, it’s often best to approach them one at a time — and that exactly what Jeff appears to be doing. As evidenced from his posts on social media, he has himself a job. That’s Step One. Step Two? His teeth!

The 40-year-old reality star has launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of raising $20,000 to fix his choppers. Here’s the full description from the campaign, which was started last week:

Love After Lockup Jeff Wombles teeth GoFundMe

Hi, this is Jeff. I have been incarcerated for most of my adult life. I lost most of my teeth due to drug use and a few to altercations while being arrested. I have recently been released and have currently gone on a reality show called Love After Lockup. The focus of the show has not been about finding the love of my life but I have been the topic of memes on the internet about my appearance and as you can see it has affected my self confidence as if I had any to start with.

I lost both of my parents at a young age and I have lived on the streets since losing them. I am trying to live a sober life and learn to adjust to a clean and drug free environment. It’s hard to do so with low self esteem and my teeth actually hurt.

I don’t have the money it would take to fix them nor does my fiancé. I have reached out to many dental schools with no call backs as well as my hometown dentist in Manchester, Ky. with no pro Bono help from them which I’ve done nothing for society to owe me anything so I didn’t expect that anyway. My cousin reached out on a FB savage group and was directed to start a gofundme.

I would love to be able to smile and not be made fun of. If you have it in your heart to donate to my dental fund, I would graciously accept and forever be grateful. I have never been anywhere nor traveled outside my hometown till I got on this reality show and I would love to make my State of Kentucky proud. I truly want to turn my life around. I feel like I can beat my drug addiction this time, with the help of God and my beautiful fiancé Anissa, my family, friends and my fans. I have for once in my life something to look forward to instead of chasing a drug to get high. Please think about donating to help me get my teeth fixed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I’d like to add this was not an easy thing to do, as it a very embarrassing thing to put out there but like I said I’ve already been put out there by people that have criticized my appearance so maybe this can turn into a blessing.


At the time of writing this post, the campaign has raised $575. I should add that I cannot attest to the authenticity of the campaign. Jeff and Anissa have Instagram and Facebook accounts, and neither of them have posted anything about the GoFundMe. Of course, neither of those accounts have posted anything publicly since July 10.

UPDATE – Jeff shared the following message on Facebook along with a link to the GoFundMe: “Thank you everyone that’s shared this .. if you haven’t plz share it for me thank you very much.”

There does appear to be a factual error in the campaign description. Jeff states that he lost both of his parents “at a young age,” but court documents indicate that his mother passed away in 2017. Just prior to his sentencing in 2019, Jeff’s attorney filed a motion asking that the judge give him a sentence below the minimum due to his difficult past and desire to change. The filing goes into detail about Jeff’s past, including his mother:

Jeffrey’s mother passed away in April of 2017, some twenty (20) years after his father’s passing in 1997.

Although Mr. Wombles was fortunate enough to avoid abuse as a child, his early years were difficult, in that his mother was involved in selling drugs during his youth.

As the Court is aware, Clay County is an economically depressed area of the state and aside from the poverty Mr. Wombles likely experienced, having his mother involved in crime would only have made the situation more difficult.

In fact, it would appear that he was kind to his mother in recounting his childhood, as his brother related that their mother abused and sold cocaine and that their father drank alcohol excessively.

Following the death of his father, Jeffrey moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, with his paternal uncle and lived between Indianapolis and Manchester until 2001, where he lived with his mother until her death. Jeffrey noted that for one (1) year prior to his [her?] death, he was homeless.

We wish Jeff luck in his bid to get the much needed dental work so he can move on to getting that motorsickle and some Gucci pants!

Speaking of Gucci pants, Jeff’s affinity for fashion statements looks to be legit. I’ve been writing about celebrity arrests for 13 years and I can honestly say that I cannot recall ever seeing someone pose for a mug shot photo wearing a backwards baseball cap!

Love After Lockup Jeff Wombles arrest mug shot

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