LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Spoilers: Did Britney and Ray get married? Did they break up this weekend?

Life After Lockup Britney and Ray are married

We have a HUGE spoiler for Life After Lockup fans! Britney and Ray are married!
Britney herself spilled the beans in a series of, um, impassioned Instagram posts over the weekend. Britney posted two photos in her wedding dress, including this shared image from a family member:

Love After Lockup Britney Reed wedding photo

Britney also posted a photo in which she looks to be getting ready for the ceremony, and it was accompanied by a rather frustrated caption:

Life After Lockup Britney and Ray wedding photo

In case you can’t read the small text, it says: “I’m gonna create my own show Bc I’m mf tired of the narrative and tired of people.”

The images got viewers curious, and it was discovered that Britney and Ray had their own website for their wedding! reveals that the couple’s nuptials were scheduled for November 14. The ceremony was going to be at Margaritaville Lake Resort in Montgomery, Texas.

Here is how Britney and Ray summed up their relationship story on the site:

Raymond and Britney met by chance in 2019 and as soon as they set eyes on one another they knew immediately that THIS IS IT! While there were obstacles to overcome, Raymond and Britney did just and did it together. Raymond and Britney feel blessed about this beautiful union between the two of them, and look forward to merging their families, and creating a family of their own.

Did Britney and Ray get married?

Despite having a wedding date, a wedding website, and apparent photos of Britney in her wedding dress, any reality TV viewer knows that a wedding can fall apart at any time! So, did they actually get married?

We can exclusively confirm that Britney and Ray did get married on November 14, 2021! We obtained a copy of the couple’s marriage license, which shows that they were officially married by Dr. Anita Wright at 5:30 PM. The document was officially filed on November 19.

Click to enlarge:
Love After Lockup Britney and Ray's marriage license

Congratulations Britney and Ray!

Did Britney and Ray break up this weekend?

Britney’s flurry of Instagram posts over the weekend included a series of stories seemingly hinting that she and Ray are having issues.
“Enabling sh*t,” one of her since deleted posts begins. “If he’s my husband and we beefing and i don’t want his dumb ass having a phone that doesn’t mean add a line. Chile.”

That was followed by this photo and commentary:

Love After Lockup Did Ray cheat on Britne? Does he have a baby mama?

There is also a screen shot of alleged text messages between Ray and another woman making the rounds online that supposedly included a photo of his junk. (The image in the link has been edited to make it SFW.)

If you click the reddit link above and read the comments, you will find that a lot of Life After Lockup viewers are happy to hear that Ray might have cheated and may be moving on from Britney. I believe it is exactly this kind of viewpoint, which is based on what we saw on screen, that had Britney frustrated with producers as well.

Actually, Britney must have been frustrated with herself. She proudly boasted that she scripted her and Ray’s story line — so much so that she says she should get an executive producer credit. Britney also thought it was important to let everyone know that the show didn’t make her cool. She was cool before the show!

Once again, I will let Britney speak for herself by quoting several of her posts:

Being on this show didn’t make me “cool” to people. I been cool to people! People that matter people with money and people who can make things happen in the city. People who knew years ago that I should’ve been on somebody’s tv screen. It’s a shame what “fame” and attention can do to a person. Make you feel like you don’t even know them.

Fake has become so acceptable that people get offended when you keep it real.

Fun fact!

I should be an executive producer! I created and wrote every scene that has people mad 🤣 i have receipts!

From where the hoes at to Miami and the promise ring! I feel like Soulja Boy!!! Don’t play with me!

Earlier today, Britney shared a selfie on Instagram and wrote: “Still standing…” She followed that up with a meme of DJ Khaled smoking a cigar that includes the message: “MY PRICE WENT UP.”

Meanwhile, it appears that Ray (or Britney) has deleted his Instagram account.

If Britney and Ray actually broke up, or if they are just acting out a break up script written by Britney, it’s unclear how it will impact their return for another season of Life After Lockup. As we previously reported, Britney and Ray are one of four couples reportedly filming for a new season.

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