Love After Lockup Nicolle and boyfriend Zakk relationship timeline, photos, more

Love After Lockup Nicolle and boyfriend Zakk

On tonight’s episode of Love After Lockup, viewers (and Daonte) get to meet Nicolle’s ex boyfriend Zakk for the first time. Something tells me Zakk is going to be the talk of the Love After Lockupiverse this weekend, so I thought I would put together a little profile post on him for those wanting to get to know Zakk a little better.

Zakk is a 27-year-old Army vet originally from Virginia Beach. In August of 2016, he posted on Facebook that he was officially released from Army active duty via honorable discharge. When asked why he left, Zakk wrote: “Matter of time before I got in trouble, wasn’t on the same page as what the Army wanted me to be.”

Zakk was in Alaska when he was discharged, and he road tripped across country to get back to Virginia Beach. It didn’t take him long to “get into trouble” as he posted that he was officially in a relationship with Nicolle in November of 2016. In late November, Zakk posted a photo of Nicolle with an over-sized stuffed teddy bear and captioned it with: “She’s something else, something I can’t explain😍.”

Nicolle and Zakk had a joint Facebook page for about three months, from December of 2016 until March of 2017. This was after Nicolle’s arrest, but prior to her sentencing on March 22, 2017.

Here’s the last photo posted of Nicolle and Zakk together from three days before her sentencing:

Love After Lockup Nicolle and Zakk Facebook

It seems Nicolle has the tendency to attract men who like to give over-sized teddy bears as gifts and spread rose petals on the floor.

Nicolle and Zakk’s relationship was at the same time that Nicolle was making adult videos with future Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup star Lacey Whitlow. It’s unknown if Zakk knew about Nicolle’s occupation. Lacey (aka Kaci Kash) and Nicolle (aka Molly) had sex with multiple men (including at the same time), but none of them have tattoos that match Zakk’s.

Speaking of Zakk’s tattoos — we’ve got you covered (and Zakk uncovered) in that regard! Here are a couple of shirtless photos of Zakk in which you can clearly see his tattoo collection. Yes, that is a tattooed necktie on fire for some reason.

Love After Lockup Nicolle's boyfriend Zakk's tattoos

Zakk Love After Lockup

Zakk kinda dropped off of Facebook in early 2019, and his Instagram account is set to private. I was able to find his LinkedIn account, which looks like it was last updated in 2019. Here’s how Zakk sells himself:

I am finishing up my Associates degree in Business Administration at Tidewater Community College. I plan to further my educational goals by pursuing my Bachelors in Marketing over at Old Dominion University. Being an analytical thinker, I find great interest in hard data with little to no room for confusion and the ability to find answers. With the opportunity to prove my work and the process to find solutions, I normally excel to find the information needed but also do not mind putting in the work to find the answers as well.

I was also a soldier in the United States Army. Being a prior service-member its allowed me to utilize soft skills that I’ve honed even further to set the example for my peers and subordinates alike to follow. I also adapted the ability to lead, help and teach large amounts of individuals or one-on-one to accomplish the tasks that I took the initiative to complete or that were delegated to me.

Does Nicolle end up with Zakk?

We’ve got a definitive answer to this question! Just click here to see our very first Daonte and Nicolle spoiler post that reveals who she winds up with — as in married!

I will wrap up with a clip of Zakk’ first appearance on Love After Lockup. Be sure to catch new episodes airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv to find out how much more of Zakk we will be seeing!

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