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Love After Lockup star Courtney went above and beyond for her incarcerated bae Josh. In addition to risking (and losing) her job as a corrections officer and marrying Josh via double proxy, Courtney also wrote a very lengthy letter to a judge as part of an attempt to get his release date moved up.

Courtney’s letter was part of two separate motions for judicial release, one filed in July of 2018, and another filed in December of 2018. The second attempt was after Courtney and Josh got married in August, so I am assuming that Josh’s attorney thought being legally married might further influence the judge. Both motions were denied.

Here is the preface to Courtney’s letter from Josh’s attorney (with their first names substituted):

Courtney is a United States Air Force veteran, having served her country for the last ten (10) years. She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and is committed to ensuring that Josh is successful upon his release from incarceration. Courtney owns her own home on two (2) acres and is gainfully employed with [redacted]. She also owns and operates her own small business. [Redacted] LLC, which is a power washing, gutter cleaning and lawn care business. In addition, Courtney is eleven (11) years sober and is committed to assisting Josh in remaining sober upon his release from incarceration – which includes a verifiable plan in which to facilitate Josh’s ongoing recovery. Courtney’s inspirational story is attached herewith.

Courtney was arrested and convicted after tampering with prison visitation records in an attempt to cover up her relationship with Josh. As revealed in the Love After Lockup season premiere episode, she was on probation from that conviction at the time of Josh’s release, which meant that it was very possible that he would not be allowed to live with her while he was on parole. This isn’t mentioned in the motion for Josh’s early release due to the fact that Courtney was sentenced in July of 2019, more than six months after the second early release motion was filed.

I haven’t been able to determine exactly when Courtney was caught tampering with records, or when she lost her job as a corrections officer because of it. I did want to point out that it doesn’t mention anywhere in the motion for Josh’s early release that he and his wife met while he was a prisoner and she was a corrections officer. It also doesn’t mention anywhere in the motion that Courtney plans to meet Josh wearing a pickle costume.

The end of this post will be Courtney’s letter in its entirety, with only a few names redacted. To follow her and Josh’s post-incarceration relationship journey, be sure to tune in to new episodes of Love After Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8 on WE tv! If you are a bit impatient, you can check out a MAJOR Courtney and Josh spoiler update here!


Josh is one of the most kind-hearted people I have ever met in my life. When Josh and I started talking, with him being in prison, I figured he would be a trouble maker and would glorify prison. Which thankfully, to my surprise, he is not a trouble maker and does not glorify prison.

We began talking because of a mutual friend and I went into it without any expectations other than passing time and seeing what other corny lines someone could say to me that I haven’t heard before. That has never been the case in my time with Josh. I was immediately taken aback with my initial conversations with Josh. He has such charisma and positivity despite having been in prison for several years and still having time in front of him.

In all honesty, I was expecting him to be vulgar, negative, and manipulative towards me. Not once in our time together has he ever been any of those things towards me. He genuinely wanted to get to know me for who I am.

I know this because I would intentionally not answer questions he would ask about me and I would try and divert the attention back to him. I have had past relationships where that was regularly the case. Guys would appear to be interested in me and I would divert the attention back to them and the rest of the time was spent talking about them. It’s been very different, in a positive way with Josh. He took the time and continues every day to take the time to get to know me and actually cares about how my day is. He cares if I had a rough day and he can to make me smile and make me have a better day, despite anything that may have gone on throughout his day. He takes the time to make sure I am taking care of myself appropriately. Never in my life would I have thought I would find such an amazing and loving man that was incarcerated.

Josh and I quickly found out that we have a great deal in common as well as a very similar up-bringing. He bounced around from foster home to foster home. He did not have a regularly stable home environment and he did not have a relationship with his birth parents. I was raised in an environment that I regularly called child services on my own mother because I felt like anything else had to be better than what she put me through.

Our similar upbringing is what really started a connection between Josh and I. I was in and out of the juvenile system and was sent away to a drug rehab program. On December 22, 2017 I celebrated my 11th year of sobriety. I have just finished up 10 years on the Air Force. I have obtained my Master’s degree in Counseling, Bachelors and Associates degrees in Criminal Justice, and an Associate’s degree in Information systems technology (IT). In order to leave for the military, I had to obtain my high school equivalency because I had dropped out of high school after the first week of my junior year.

I am currently working with [redacted] which is also welcoming of Josh applying for a job upon his release. I have also started a power washing, gutter cleaning, lawn care business called [redacted] which Josh will be working for as well. It will be nice to have another person to help me out, because I will not allow anyone to work with me because I want Josh to be the first person to work with me.

I share a bit about myself to you as proof that past life decisions do not define a person for a lifetime. I am living proof that no matter how bad someone has messed up, those actions and decisions do not define who you are unless you allow them to. More than anything, I believe my story and life lessons are what have impacted Josh so positively within our relationship. He has taken the time to get to know me, from my past, my present, and what I want for our future.

I have shared with him my struggles and how I have overcome them. I have an understanding what it is like to be away for a period of time and then being re-integrated into society. It is nerve wracking, stressful, exciting, and scary all at the same time. This is something Josh and I regularly talk about. I believe this is a part of re-integration many people overlook. Everyone has a different reaction, but the feelings arc universal.

I continue to go to meetings and counseling to help me stay on track. I speak with several different youth groups throughout the United States and share with them my story in hopes someone will take something from it and make positive changes. These are all things I look forward to sharing and enjoying with Josh.

Josh informed me early on in our relationship of his goal and desire to speak with the youth about his story in hopes that it will help even just one person. He shared this with me before he ever knew that I speak with the youth for the same reason. I look forward to the day that Josh and I get to do that together. It is because of Josh and his motivation and encouragement that I have been putting myself out there more, to share my story.

His Grandmother and Grandfather have been his single source of stability throughout his life. Unfortunately, his grandfather passed this past April. Thankfully, I had the joy and pleasure of meeting him before he passed. I visited him in the hospital, nursing home, and at their home before he passed. Every time I would visit, Josh would call and his grandpa’s face would completely light up. It was obvious the joy Josh brought to his grandpa’s life.

One day, I sat with Josh’s grandfather, Jerry, for several hours and took notes of everything he had to say. I told Jerry I wanted to be able to share with Josh and his kids about their grandpa, and he was so happy about it. Jerry would share so many stories about him and Josh and all the shenanigans they would get into.

I asked Jerry, “When Josh comes home, do you think he is going to do well and slay out of trouble?”

Jerry sat and really thought for a minute and said, “Do you want my honest answer?” He had a smirk on his face.

Jerry was very outspoken and knew how to make anyone blush. In my mind, I was preparing for something outlandish and I said, “I wouldn’t want anything but that!”

Jerry smiled and said, “Josh can do good and make it especially with a good woman like you by his side. I can trust you, which is why I’m telling you this. Just slap him around a bit if he starts getting off track. It’s good for him and I know you are a strong enough woman to handle him and help keep him on track.”

I laughed while I wrote down everything he said. Jerry also said, “Josh messed up a lot, but I know he’ll do good when he’s out. He needs you. and I know he’ll do good.”

By this time, I was crying and told Jerry, “I love Josh, I am that man.”

Jerry looked at me and said, “I know you do and I know you will. From prison yard to marriage!” Jerry had me laughing with that comment. I am forever thankful for the time I had with Jerry. Jerry stopped being able to talk just a couple hours after I sat with him and I wrote page after page of all the stories he could remember. Jerry passed the next day.

Most of the stories Josh would tell about his childhood involved his grandpa. At that time, all I could do was be there for Josh while he was working through this loss. I have been here for Josh as well as his grandma Rose, through this heartbreaking time. Rose and Jerry have been married for 53 years. I help Rose out in any way she will allow me. She and I are both very strong women and even when she needs help she won’t ask for it. I just do what I can do to be there for her and keep her company and get her laughing.

I look forward to Josh coming home and being able to spend time with and help his grandma. She is the last person in his life that has been there with him his entire life. It was heartbreaking with the passing of his grandpa and I pray that Josh will be able to have a few more years in person with his grandma. With her being 80, I hope Josh is able to spend the rest of her time with her. I know Rose will keep him busy doing all the “man chores” around the house that she won’t let me do.

Love After Lockup Josh's grandma Rose

Josh has a loving, stable home and amazing support system in place and the only thing missing is him being here. We own a home in the country with 2 acres. We have 3 reliable and insured vehicles. We have his cell phone and plan already set up. We have our finances in order as well as his fines paid off. Counseling and meetings will begin for Josh immediately upon his release. The only thing we can ask of, is the opportunity for Josh to come home and show the world how he has changed for the better.

I am excited for the world to be able to see the Josh that I have the privilege of seeing. I look forward to watching him grow into the man his grandfather will be proud of.

Starting a family is something I have held out on until I found the right man. No matter how unconventional it is to others, Josh is the man I am building a future with and the man I am going to have a family with. I dream every night of the day he comes home and we can finally put all of our plans into action.

Your Honor, I have nothing but respect for the position you hold and the difficult choices you are faced with on a daily basis. I imagine you hear many stories and many excuses regularly. I am not here to waste your time with excuses or false stories. I hope you can tell that I wrote to you from my heart. I cannot wait to show you down the road, how your choice of granting judicial release to this man will positively impact the lives of everyone he crosses.

I am living proof that anyone is capable of change. I am aware of Josh’s history with poor decision making. That is another area that him and I have in common. The only difference is that I was a juvenile when I went away and I joined the military as soon as I was able to.

I have learned that I must keep myself occupied with positive activities because my brain is always going a million miles an hour which in the past led to trouble. Since Josh and I have been together, he has seen how to use his intelligence in a positive way rather than a troublesome way. He now takes time to think about what he is doing rather than being impulsive. This is something that he and I will use to our advantage.

We are both very driven and we bath use that drive for positivity. Josh has taken the time to learn valuable trades and lessons that are going to help him with everyday life. I am going to be by his side through all of the ups and downs that come our way. He is coming home to love, stability, and support.

When I am not working I am with Rose or at home with the dogs. I do not associate with people or places that could jeopardize myself and my 11 years of sobriety. I am asking you, Your Honor, for this chance, to show you the amazing success story of Josh. I truly thank you for your time and consideration.

Respectfully, Courtney

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