LIFE AFTER LOCKUP Kristianna and John Miller break up

Love After Lockup John and Kristianna split up

Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup couple John Miller and Kristianna Miller have reportedly split up again. In case you missed it, the self-described “Bonnie and Clyde” reportedly got back together after John’s over-the-top haircut ceremony featured on the Life After Lockup Season finale.

The most recent break up announcement came from Kristianna herself on Facebook. “All I have to say is I’m finally single now and got rid of some burdens and I’m starting to live my life finally,” she wrote earlier this week.

A few days after revealing that she was single, Kristianna posted a gallery of Marilyn Monroe collectibles she was selling. “I have some items for sale,” Kristianna wrote in the gallery caption. “I am in the middle of a crisis right now so I need some funds for these items. I’m looking for three $350-$400.”

John hasn’t posted publicly about the most recent split. He did share a selfie in front of a lighthouse on Monday. He followed that up on Wednesday with a promotional image from the Nightmare On Elm Street movies.

John’s Daughter Blasts Kristianna?

John may have been silent about the break up, but the same cannot be said for one of his daughters.
Sarah, who was featured prominently on Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup, shared a blistering post on January 2 addressing stepmoms — and one stepmom in particular. In her post, Sarah seems to suggest that Kristianna approached her about being a surrogate. There are other allegations as well. I will let you read for yourself.

Here is Sarah’s post in its entirety and unedited:

Let me just go on a little rant about step moms. Not all step moms are bad but then you got self centered selfish ones like mine.

Let me tell everyone what this step mom did. This step mom after knowing my husband and I have been trying for a kid asked me to hold a kid for her and my dad after she didn’t evern take care of the kids she had.

Then she finds out I’m pregnant and tells everyone like it’s her own baby I couldn’t even tell my own dad I was pregnant or my husband bc of her loud mouth.

And then for my wedding she wore white to my wedding after I already talked to them about it but the center always has to be on her.

She literally doesn’t get the hint that she is going into early menopause and can’t have no more children. Not like she could even take care of it she would get that one taken away too like the rest.

She is not fit to be no mom. She only tried doing mom things with my sister after my sister asked me to help her with things.

She literally threatened to slap me while I am pregnant that’s no mom. That’s a self centered c*nt and idc who knows.

I have met a lot of people in the world and was always grown to never hate anyone but her I hate. And I will not apologize for anything I said in this post period.

John And Kristianna Just Before The Break Up

Prior to their most recent break up, Kristianna and John shared other updates via Facebook. Here are some examples of their posts arranged in chronological order:

JOHN – December 31
A great man once said there’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Always in life you will have people that will try and bring you down or events that will try and tear you down. But the one thing you never wanna do is stop fighting. Once you stop fighting what else do you have? Everything that is worth having is worth fighting for and once you start giving up on yourself for those that you love then what’s the point? Sometimes when you feel like it’s too much and you need to stop fighting that’s the time you need to fight more.

Not everybody finds himself in that situation but once in a lifetime there is a desire and there’s a line that is so strong that all you wanna do is fight and if you’re lucky enough if you’re one of the lucky ones you’ll be a united front against whatever comes at you and then nothing can tear you down.

I don’t know who needs to hear this today but I needed to say it thanks to everyone for all your support and I guess I’ll see you on the flipside.

KRISTIANNA – January 4
I just love when people try to bring you down in life but all you can do is stay strong and stay strong with your shield. I know that I have to let part of my life go a big part of my life. I enjoy the life that I live every day with my husband and children and I just can’t wait for the day that I get to see my daughters again. I’m grateful to have a chance in life to change things around for the better and I really appreciate all my fans and friends and support out there.

KRISTIANNA – January 4
OK so a lot of people don’t know my history but I do have two dollars [daughters] I gave up for adoption because I was too far gone in my addiction so I gave them a better life. Now that my life has gotten better and I’ve become stronger with my mind I feel the one I need to know what they look like after giving up all my rights.

Some people might say this is selfish but some other people might think that this was the best choice that I made a decision at the time in my life. I feel blessed and honored to have the people I do have in my life today including my husband and his children and my son and hopefully I can reach out and reconnect with my daughters if these two are my daughters.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

KRISTIANNA – January 5
Having a great time with my husband. On my way to a job interview. Wish me luck. Oh the weather outside is frightful. Be safe everyone 😘

KRISTIANNA – January 6
I am so fed up with trying to get a job anywhere anymore with being a convicted felon is very hard and being a reality TV star up on top of it and being honest about who you are and what your position isn’t life get you nowhere but here I said and I still try and I try and everybody says everything will be OK don’t worry Christy it’ll be OK just so stressful right now.

JOHN – January 7
Just let everyone know my Facebook’s coming down today. It’s just too complicated. I just don’t know what to think anymore. Thanks for everyone’s support I appreciate it. Here’s to 2022. Everybody be safe out there hold onto the ones you love and never let them go and make sure they know every day how much you love them.

KRISTIANNA – January 7
This will be my last post for a very long time. I’ve decided to disconnect my social media for obvious purposes and reasons there’s just too much in the world that is toxic and in the way of my every day life challenges.

I don’t know how to express myself anymore. If I’m understood the way I want to be, I feel so troubled from my past. And due to the physical mental and sexual abuse that I’ve been through in my life, I don’t know how to recover from that damage and not want to feel extremely numb.

I guess I just want everybody to know that, no matter what, in life I am a soldier and I’ve tried my best to make it through the struggles that I deal with every day due to abuse from my mom, who I took in and my husband took care of as well. And I opened up my heart and my mind to trust that things will get better and they just got worse.

I’m not gonna ramble on and on and on and make a big life story out of this, just wanted to express my feelings in hopes that everybody understands my position in life right now.

I’m on the verge of a mental break down. DHS has been called on me. I’ve had a couple relapses almost sent back to prison. I’ve tried to find jobs in several areas and shut down because I’m a reality TV star and I’m honest about my position in life. I mean, what am I saying I’m a loose cannon waiting to explode.

But I’d like to utilize this time to let everybody know that I love and cherish everybody out there who has given me inspiration and hope and who are praying for me, even when I haven’t known how to pray for myself. Never let go, never give up, and never give up hope and faith. Keep striving, keep moving, and just know that you are a beautiful strong woman inside and out. You are a queen and God is your father lord and savior. But always keep in mind that you have to be your own guidance.

John 316 is my favorite verse for God so loved the world that he gave us only begotten son that who should ever believe it in him shall not Parrish but have everlasting life.

I am open to hear any advice or opinions on this post before I disregard of my account. I appreciate who has ever taken the time to read this and have an open heart and open mind because I am at my wits end and the last place I want to be is in a mental ward or incarcerated like I have been most of my life — tortured tampered with abused and left for dead.

Not no more. Today I am going to stand strong stand tall and know that I am worth the fight for this every day life. What a crazy roller coaster ride but here I come ready for the twists and turns the ups and downs and even the pain behind it dammit.

I can’t express enough how much I am grateful for my fans friends and loyal people out there that love me except [sic] me and you have change your life because of my story. OK I’m done for now hopefully not for long. I’m WORTH living.

Asa Hawks is a writer and editor for Starcasm. You can contact Asa via Twitter, Facebook, or email at starcasmtips(at)

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