Did Khloe Kardashian cheat with French Montana to get back at Tristan Thompson?

Did Khloe cheat on Tristan 2

There’s been plenty of gossip about the numerous women with whom Tristan Thompson has allegedly run around on Khloe Kardashian. It was only a week ago that it looked like his reps were trying to get ahead of another cheating scandal by bragging about the women who throw themselves at the NBA forward. But did Khloe cheat on Tristan — and with her former flame French Montana?

According to a new report from In Touch, Khloe wanted to get back at her baby daddy, and acted out in a moment of either weakness or strength, depending on your perspective. “Plain and simple, it was payback time,” said their insider. “Khloe cheated on Tristan with her ex French Montana. They hooked up as early as several months ago.”

The anonymous source isn’t any more specific than that about the timeline of Khloe’s alleged cheating ways. But, based on another quote, it sounds like Khloe is supposed to have had a quick fling with French almost immediately after news of Tristan’s affair with Instagram model Lani Blair became public. Which means, of course, that Khloe supposedly jumped into bed with French straight after giving birth to her daughter this past spring.

It’s possible that Khloe “quickly forgave” Tristan, the publication writes, “because she was cheating herself.” Khloe was “hurting and lonely, so she turned to French for comfort,” their insider adds. And “of course” it made Khloe feel better “that she was also getting even with Tristan.”

Again, though, this timeline might not add up. Two weeks after the extent of Tristan’s affairs hit the tabloids, Khloe was reportedly ready to dump him. But by mid-May, only one month later, she had won their brief PR war and taken him back. And by late June, Khloe seemed to be hiding her hands while in public, sparking speculation that she and Tristan were engaged.

And, until very recently, all the gossip pointed toward Khloe and Tristan’s wedding happening sooner rather than later. But things appear to have shifted dramatically for the couple over the past few days: Khloe posted and deleted a string of cryptic, self-empowering mantras on Instagram, before a new round of stories appeared claiming the two “are not in the best place.”

Finally, Khloe also appears to have postponed her move back to Cleveland to be near Tristan during the NBA season.

As is pretty much always the case with Kardashian gossip, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s *really* going on behind the scenes. Did Khloe cheat on Tristan? Maybe. (But probably not within two weeks of giving birth.) Would anyone blame her if she did cheat? Also probably not. Public opinion in this particular struggle has been on Khloe’s side since April, so if she did feel the need to sleep with someone else — whether for comfort, revenge, or both — it’s hard to imagine millions of Kardashian fans turning on her.

If there’s one thing we do know, it’s that Khloe is said to be a firm believer in the Jack Woltz philosophy of public defense. Tristan made her look ridiculous, and a woman in her position can’t afford to be made to look ridiculous, especially since Lamar Odom already did. So this is likely not the end of the cheating gossip.

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