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The Kardashians are totally buying themselves an island for Christmas this year

We’re only a couple of weeks removed from Kim Kardashian’s tone-deaf 40th birthday party on a private island. But Khloe Kardashian just gave us every reason to believe the family is set to one-up themselves on the decadence scale. It seems we should expect Kardashian Christmas Island 2020 for the holidays this year — yes, that’s right, the family is going to treat itself to its very own deserted island COVID-free getaway.

We were only off on Kylie Jenner’s net worth by 100 million dollars

Last summer, we were one of the first sites to report on the astonishing likelihood that the youngest adult member of the Kardashian family would also be a billionaire before her 21st birthday. A year later, it turns out we were only about 90% correct: according to a new cover feature in Forbes, Kylie's net worth has ballooned to around $900 million.

Marty Lagina’s net worth may determine Curse of Oak Island Season 6

Of all the factors determining whether we get a new season of Curse of Oak Island, perhaps none is more important than Marty Lagina's net worth. The quieter of the two Lagina brothers also happens to be the money man funding the bulk of Rick's exploration -- and his willingness to continue doing so may play a bigger role in the project than even History's involvement.

Who does the voiceovers for SportsCenter? How much does he make?

Chris Kelley, the man who does the voiceovers for SportsCenter, is a 59-year-old Nutmegger with a recording studio in his basement and a penchant for weed. He’s been profiled a few times during his 19-year stint as the voice of ESPN’s flagship program, most notably in a 2012 Front Row podcast (which has since disappeared from the internet) and a recent Deadspin feature.