What’s keeping Khloe and Tristan together?

Khloe and Tristan still together

Are Khloe and Tristan still together? And, more importantly, *why* are Khloe and Tristan still together? Gossip on the state of their relationship changes every week; this time, evidently the horror of living through the California wildfires is what’s keeping them together.

In case you’ve lost track, it was only a couple of weeks ago that Khloe was said to be “very much over Tristan,” and the two were supposedly finished as a couple. And it was only a couple of weeks before that that news of Khloe allegedly cheating on Tristan with her old flame French Montana — partly for revenge, and partly for a good time — broke.

In late summer, the prevailing gossip is that their wedding plans were still moving forward. Unless, of course, Tristan had secretly been cheating on Khloe again, with assorted NBA groupies. But now it seems the two are back on something fierce…thanks to the otherworldly wildfires currently terrorizing California?

It’s true, according to Hollywood Life. Their anonymous insider claims Khloe and Tristan “are realizing what they have with each other and how they are better as a unit than apart” after seeing “so many people…losing so much” in the fires.

Indeed, Miley Cyrus *has* lost her home, as have a host of other mansion-owners. And so it’s this “tragedy” that may go down in the couple’s history as “the main and most important reason they stay together.”

That story comes hot on the heels of another, this from the Kardashian-friendly pages of People, that uses only the glowing-est of terms to describe Khloe’s affection for Tristan, who she thinks of solely as the father of her child.

It’s actually a neat trick that People‘s article plays. The story uses what sounds like really heartfelt quotes to state what’s already obvious but make it sound new and touching. Recall, for instance, that Tristan *is* True’s dad. And while he’s done sh!tty things to Khloe herself, he hasn’t done anything publicly to damage his public standing as his daughter’s father.

For your consideration, here are all the anonymous insider quotes from thePeople article:

Dealing with Tristan’s cheating has been very difficult for Khloé. When they have had good moments, she forgets about how hurt she got, but then when she gets reminded, she still gets upset.

On the outside, she acts all tough, but it still gets to her. But what it comes down to is that Khloé wants True to grow up in a family with both parents. She wants True to spend as much time with her dad as possible. She believes that True needs a mom and dad in her life.

Khloé hates when people have opinions about her relationship with Tristan. She feels that she doesn’t need to explain to people why she makes certain decisions. It’s obvious there are issues, though. She doesn’t define her relationship with Tristan — she only talks about him as True’s dad.

If you’re feeling snarky, there’s plenty to latch on to — my favorite line, for obvious reasons, is “Khloe hates when people have opinions about her relationship with Tristan.” And if you look closer, you realize the insider isn’t saying much about Khloe and Tristan’s future. “Khloe wants True [to have] both parents” doesn’t mean those parents will be married, or even together romantically. Seeing both your parents “as much…as possible” works differently when those parents can both afford private jets.

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