The Kardashians on Hulu Season 2 – What to expect from Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie and Kendall!

Kardashians on Hulu Season 2

The Kardashians on Hulu is returning soon and we could not be more excited! The glam, the fights, the gigantic salads – Kardashian fans are in for whatever they’re willing to give us, but Season Two of this iteration is promising to deliver. What can we expect from the krew? Here’s what we know so far from the trailer below:

Kourtney (and Trav!)

Kourney Kardashian-Barker and her husband Travis are set to be a focal point again this season. The set up of their relationship was a theme of last season, ending with a rockstar engagement to remember.

Season Two will follow as the pair plans for and executes their THREE weddings. Between the impulsive Vegas nuptials (that may or may not have been binding), their retro Santa Barbara courthouse marriage certificate signing, and grand Portofino wedding, this duo are bound to be the PDA-fueled stars of the show.


Kim is a goddess so whatever she delivers will be gold, but what her storyline ends up being will all come down to post-production. Before their breakup, “Skete” (Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson) was slated to be a BIG tease of the show, with Kim herself vowing to show us more of their sexy partnership.

Now that the two are no longer together, it’s reasonable to assume that the infamous Kardashian editors were called to make it “less of a thing.” As seen in the trailer, the Hulu star talks about “being independent” and a lot of the new focus seems to be on Kim’s law career and thriving brand of Skims products.


Oh, Khloe. This season is going to be a rough one for our girl, and honestly, it might be a little hard to watch. Inevitably she’ll be discussing her break up with Tristan (again) and the drama surrounding her surrogacy for baby number 2.

Hopefully there will be lots of Good American promotion and episodes with scene-stealer True Thompson. We can only hope the best for Khloe but the fact that Tristan got another woman pregnant at the same time as Khloe’s surrogate conceived, there’s bound to be a few awkward moments.

Kendall and Kylie

Kendall and Kylie are the reluctant stars of Kardashians and sometimes spotting them in an episode is a bit of a Where’s Waldo? Season Two seems to feature the duo a lot more, together and apart, which makes us excited. Whether the sisters are fighting or working together (or both) we are here for it.

Clips from the trailer suggest that mental health is a big topic for both the Jenner girls this season. With Kendall becoming more and more transparent about her anxiety, to Kylie opening up about what could turn out to be post-partum depression. Leave it to Gen Z to educate us while entertaining!

The Kardashians premiers on Hulu September 22nd with a new episode being released every Thursday, keeping fans on their toes to see what happens next. Starcasm will be following the show and giving you the latest updates… bible!

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