Author: Asa Hawks


TEEN MOM Is this Cheyenne Floyd’s shooting? Mom, dad, 2 children in a BMW shot at in LA in May

Teen Mom fans were shocked when it was revealed a couple weeks ago that Cheyenne Floyd, her fiance Zach Davis, and their two children were victims of a shooting while in their car. Cheyenne and Zach opened up about the incident on the Teen Mom: The Next Chapter premiere, but fans still had a lot of questions about exactly what happened. One redditor found a shooting in Cheyenne’s neighborhood from May of this year that matches up in a lot of ways, but there are some inconsistencies. Keep reading for everything we know from the multiple news reports about the incident, including a breakdown of the similarities and inconsistencies.


TEEN MOM Is Kiaya’s ex X’Zayveon selling guns on Instagram?

As we were the first to report, Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant mom Kiaya Elliott’s ex (and Amour’s dad) X’Zayveon was released from prison on May 9 after serving more than three years for multiple felony convictions, including firearm possession and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Judging from X’Zayveon’s social media, he had no problem getting back to what he was doing before prison — and not in a good way.


INMATE TO ROOMMATE Bill’s prison escape story is CRAZY! Caught at Sears with a crack pipe and stolen crowbar

Inmate To Roommate ex-con William “Bill” Hawley has A LOT of stories to tell, much to the chagrin of his new roommates, Seventh-day Adventist couple Mark and Sharna. In addition to being a car and jewel thief, Bill was also a prison escapee — for all of two weeks. His escape and capture story is one for the ages, but likely won’t be adapted into the next Shawshank Redemption.