Author: Asa Hawks

LOVE AFTER LOCKUP Angela says Tony took $4k and her car, is now in Idaho

The Grenada, Mississippi prostitution industry has just taken a major hit as Love After Lockup Lothario Tony has reportedly taken his wife Angela’s money and car and is now making it rain on the ladies of the night in Idaho! Keep reading to watch a video of Angela setting fire to Tony’s photo collection and get a full recap of what happened straight from Angela — including allegations of Tony stealing her car and $4,000 before running off to Idaho!


90 DAY FIANCE Nicole’s dad Tyler Nafziger sentenced, ex Robbalee confirms he’s homeless

The father of 90 Day Fiance star Nicole Nafziger has been sentenced for multiple felony convictions in Florida after being arrested nearly ten times over the past two years. Prior to his most recent arrest, police tracked down Nicole’s mother, Robbalee, and she confirmed that “she nor her children have been in contact with Tyler. Tyler’s phone is shut off and he is homeless.”

Love After Lockup Rachel shares tragic story of her 1st convict boyfriend Curtis Doepel

Love After Lockup star Rachel shares the tragic story of the first inmate she was in a serious relationship with. Curtis Doepel passed away from a drug overdose in December of 2014 at just 32 years of age. Rachel admits that Curtis’s death motivated her to try to help others with addiction issues and resulted in her returning to incarcerated men “looking to find something that I couldn’t get back.” Post includes Rachel’s recent podcast interview as well as our thoughts on how producers should have handled her story a little better.