PLATHVILLE Ethan and Olivia Plath divorce closed, couple has to re-file

Welcome To Plathville Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath's divorce closed

Starcasm was the first to report that Welcome To Plathville couple Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath officially filed for divorce in Minnesota on February 21. Unfortunately for the couple, they may have to start all over because their divorce was recently tossed by the court due to unaddressed deficiencies in the filing.

In our initial article about the divorce filing, we shared information about the deficiencies:

The day after the couple filed the divorce paperwork, a Deficiency Notice was filed by a court administrator. It appears the couple left the section about spousal maintenance blank, as well as the sections asking for information about bank accounts and assets or liabilities.

There are no additional docket entries in the case after the Deficiency Notice, indicating the couple never provided the required information. As a result, the divorce was “closed administratively” on April 26.

I spoke with a court clerk from the District Court where the divorce was filed and she confirmed that Ethan and Olivia cannot re-open the existing divorce and will need to file again.

It’s important to note that the couple may have filed for divorce elsewhere. I would assume the only other option would be California, where Olivia has been living for almost a year.

It’s a little more difficult for the public and/or media to obtain divorce court documents in California, so filing there would seem to make sense.

Ethan and Olivia shared some information about how much money they make from the show (and Ethan’s other job) in their Minnesota filing, but as the Deficiency Notice stated, they didn’t include information about spousal maintenance or details about their bank accounts, assets and liabilities.

Olivia Plath Teen Vogue Interview

Olivia Plath recently talked at length with Teen Vogue about “Christian fundamentalism, Welcome to Plathville, and Deconstructing” among other things. The article mentions that Olivia recently filed for divorce, referencing her February filing in Minnesota.

Here’s an excerpt from the article with Olivia reflecting on her life while filming for Welcome To Plathville:

‘I look back on the last four or five seasons of the show, which is four or five years of my life, and I’m like, ‘oh my God, who is that kid who cries in every single interview and is so emotional? What is her problem?’’ she says with a chuckle.

‘I was 20 and newly married to someone who wasn’t ready to leave fundamentalism behind at the same time as I was questioning fundamentalism. I had my whole life open for the public to criticize and critique, and I was a kid who grew up so sheltered from the world. To be thrown out in it and have everyone watch me as I’m deconstructing and trying to figure out what being married is all about and dealing with in-law conflict. I look back and I’m like, sheesh. It felt very overwhelming.’

Olivia has stated on social media that she is currently dating, which is iterated in the article. However, Olivia would neither confirm nor deny that she is dating a man featured in a series of photos posted on her Instagram earlier this year.

If there is a Welcome To Plathville Season 6, will Olivia participate?

Late last year, Olivia did an AMA with her Instagram followers and seemed to suggest there will be another season of Welcome To Plathville, and she will be on it.

“Will you still be on the show?” a follower asked Olivia. “I won’t watch if you aren’t.”

Olivia simply responded with “Yes” and an orange heart emoji.

Teen Vogue reached out to a Warner Bros. Discovery representative, who declined to comment on whether there will be a new season of Plathville.

Why would Olivia return to the show after such an unpleasant experience over the last five seasons? “You have to show what happens when someone walks away from it,” Olivia argued during an appearance on the “So Bad It’s Good with Ryan Bailey” podcast. “You have to show what happens when someone questions it. Otherwise it’s just, it’s not the full story.”

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