TLC Unexpected Season 6 premieres June 3, 2024 VIDEO

TLC Unexpected Season 6 cast all the moms Kayleigh, Aniyah, Jenna, Lilly, and Emalee

It has been nearly two years since TLC’s popular teen pregnancy reality series Unexpected wrapped up it’s controversial fifth season. After more than a year of speculation and reported filming, the network has FINALLY announced a premiere date for Unexpected Season 6!

“TLC’s teen pregnancy series Unexpected returns on Monday, June 3 at 9PM ET/PT,” TLC announced in the headline of a press release issued earlier today. “This season features three new couples and two returning that each have unique experiences and obstacles as young, expecting parents.”

It was previously reported that there would be only two new couples joining the two returning couples, so I am assuming that producers were able to cast another couple at some point during the extended delay over the past year.

More from TLC:

This season, we meet an aspirational motocross rider who must give up his dream of becoming a professional rider now that his girlfriend’s expecting.

We are also introduced to a former cheerleading queen who dislikes the ‘long-distance’ relationship she has with her boyfriend from a neighboring town 30-minutes away because they both cannot drive and as a result, they barely see each other.

One returning teen mom from last season struggles to create a new life for herself while leaving her past behind, and another returning mom is determined to save up for the next step of her relationship with her fiancé.

All the couples grapple with difficult relationships between their families, all the while navigate their individual challenges that come with early parenthood.

The press release was accompanied by the first Unexpected Season 6 preview trailer with all five couples!

It was previously revealed that Jenna Ronan and Lilly Bennett would be returning. It was also reported that new couples Kayleigh and Graham as well as Emalee and Nate would be joining the cast. (Click the links for our profile articles on each of them!)

However, Aniyah and Dakwon are truly “unexpected” additions! Below we have included photos of all the couples as well as their official bios from TLC. We will start with Aniyah and Dakwon, then cover the other new additions before wrapping up with Jenna and Lilly.

Unexpected Season 6 cast

TLC Unexpected couple Aniyah and Dakwon
Aniyah (17) and Dakwon (17)

Aniyah is the overachieving teen diva dating Dakwon, the star athlete who is overwhelmed by the shocking turn their lives have taken. Aniyah goes through difficulties in her pregnancy while growing increasingly worried that Dakwon will leave after their baby is born.

TLC Unexpected couple Kayleigh and Graham
Kayleigh (15) and Graham (15)

Former cheer queen Kayleigh meets Graham, and as they become romantically involved, Kayleigh gets pregnant. The couple realizes long distance is hard to accomplish as neither can drive to see each other, adding another layer to what already seems like a complicated situation.

TLC Unexpected couple Nate and Emalee
Emalee (18) and Nate (16)

Emalee is the older “cougar” teen mom who dates Nate – the younger, shy boy who dreams of a career as a professional motocross rider. The couple not only navigates the challenges of teen pregnancy, but the expectations and pressures from both sides of their families.

TLC Unexpected couple Jenna Ronan and JJ Della
Jenna (19) and JJ (20)

Jenna is now a super mom to 3-year-old Luca and has finally recovered from her breakup with Luca’s father. She is now thriving since moving out on her own and has a new boyfriend named JJ. Along with her wild-card friend, Delanie, the three enjoy a life of independence until Jenna is hit with a devastating surprise from her past.

TLC Unexpected couple Lilly and Lawrence
Lilly (22) and Lawrence (21)

Lilly and Lawrence are in the throes of hard times for a young family. They have their hands full parenting 4-year-old Aliyah and 16-month-old LJ and at the same time, Lawrence and Lilly are trying to plan for a wedding they have neither the time nor the money to have.

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