Love During Lockup Are Andrew and Candice together? Did they get married? SPOILER

Are Love During Lockup's Andrew and Candice still together? Did they get married?

Love During Lockup Season 4 couple Andrew and Candice are very reminiscent of Love After Lockup Season 6 couple Chazz and Branwin.

Candice is a female felon with an enticing prison pen-pal profile and Andrew is a hopeless romantic who has multiple failed marriages under his belt. Just like Chazz, Andrew has fallen hard for Candice. And just like Chazz, Andrew will have to travel across the country to be with his potential soulmate when she is released from prison.

Andrew actually takes his commitment one step further than Chazz in that he has dipped into his 401k and rented an apartment for Candice to use once she is released! Will Andrew find his happily ever after with Candice, or are they headed down the same dark road as Chazz and Branwin?

Did Andrew And Candice Get Married?

Starcasm can exclusively drop a rather huge Love During Lockup Season 4 spoiler by revealing Candice did get married after being released from prison in 2023. But…not to Andrew?!

According to Clark County marriage records, Candice filed for a marriage license in November of last year. The groom is not Andrew, but a man named Jose. There is a certificate number listed, so I assume the couple did officially get married.

Just like Branwin with her ex, Candice’s husband Jose looks to be a bit more of a “tough guy” than Andrew.

Jose has multiple felony convictions and was serving time in prison as recent as 2022. It appears that he is currently not on parole, but it would certainly seem that his past convictions might have caused some issues as far as Candice being able to live with him. Perhaps that is why they got married relatively quickly?

According to the Nevada Department of Corrections, Candice had a parole hearing in late June of last year. That was less than five months before she and Jose applied for a marriage license!

Love During Lockup Candice mug shot photos

Candice’s previous marriages

Candice was married twice before Jose. According to court records, Candice married a man named Josh in September of 2012. However, their social media accounts and the eventual divorce filing lists a marriage date of April, 2013.

Based on Facebook posts, Candice and Josh were dating on and off since at least February of 2011. Josh filed for divorce in October of 2015, but that case was later dismissed. Josh filed for divorce again in February of 2017 and it was finalized in June of the same year.

Candice married again, this time to a man named Joseph, in January of 2019. There were two separate divorce filings, one in April of 2021 and the other in December of 2022. The divorce was finalized in March of 2023.

Love During Lockup features a scene in which Andrew reads the first letter he received from Candice. That letter is dated October 5, 2022, which was a couple months before Candice filed for divorce in December of 2022. I wonder if she mentioned to Andrew that she was married when they first started talking? My “big secret” senses are tingling!

To find out the answer to that question, and also whether or not Candice’s relationship with future husband Jose will be featured on screen, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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