LOVE DURING LOCKUP Ayonna jail records & arrest history

Love During Lockup Ayonna jail and previous arrest information

Love During Lockup’s Ayonna is dating incarcerated felon Jamahl on the show, but she revealed during the Premiere that she might be behind bars soon as well!

The reveal came as Ayonna was counting tips backstage with her fellow strippers. She received a phone call from her defense attorney, and he is the first to mentioning that Ayonna was recently arrested for DUI. And it wasn’t her first time.

“I got pulled over for speeding,” Ayonna admits to her lawyer. “I was on my way to work and they pulled me over. They said the car smelled like weed and they made me do a sobriety test and they gave me a DUI for being high driving on marijuana.”

Later, during a confessional, Ayonna reveals her concerns about what will happen as a result of her most recent run-in with the law. “I’ve been in and out of trouble through the years. It’s catching up with me. I’m so worried!”

In the second episode, Ayonna reveals that she was unable to avoid jail time. She has to go to court and turn herself in, and she says she could get a jail sentence of anywhere from two weeks to three months.

How long was Ayonna in jail?

According to VINE, Ayonna was booked into Chester County Prison on August 08, 2023. She was released August 23, 2023.

If you do the very simple math, it appears Ayonna spent 15 days in jail, which was near the two-week minimum that she mentioned on the show.

Court records indicate that Ayonna was sentenced to 15 days on August 7, the day before she was booked. She was placed on probation for just under 5 years. (The documents state that she was sentenced to four years, 350 days.) She received 100 hours of community service and fined $1,500.

Ayonna’s previous arrests

In addition to admitting during a confessional that she had been “in and out of trouble through the years,” Ayonna also referenced her past history of legal issues when speaking with an anger management counselor.

After Ayonna reveals that she is getting counseling due to a DUI arrest, her counselor asks if there are “any other past situations with arrests.”

“Assault charges for fighting and stuff like that,” Ayonna reveals.

Ayonna WAS NOT kidding!

According to Pennsylvania court records, Ayonna has dozens of court cases — most all of which involve DUI, fighting, or driving without a license.

It appears Ayonna’s first DUI arrest was in May of 2022, and her second DUI arrest was less than two months later in July on 2022. I’m sure that didn’t help with her sentence negotiations!

For her first DUI conviction, Ayonna received 6 months probation as well as:

10 days Averhealth/ 3 days House Arrest
Pay Court Ordered Costs and Fines
DUI Classes to be completed
Defendant to successfully complete Drug and Alcohol counseling that is ordered.

Does Ayonna have a warrant out for her arrest?

The docket for Ayonna’s first DUI case includes a “Probation/Parole Violation Hearing” on February 8 of this year. On that date there was an “Order Granting Motion for Bench Warrant” entered in the docket. That “Proc Status” of the case is listed as “Active Bench Warrant.”

OK, let’s get back to Ayonna’s previous charges!

I counted six different cases stemming from Ayonna driving with a suspended or revoked driver’s license dating back to at least 2018. I was unable to find out why her license was initially revoked or suspended since her first DUI looks to have been relatively recent.

It’s interesting to note that Ayonna was charged with driving on a suspended or revoked license in February of last year, which was after her second DUI arrest. Once again, that couldn’t have helped with sentence negotiations!

I found three separate charges of “Disorderly Conduct Engage In Fighting” for Ayonna. One of them was from 2017, and it is currently listed as “Inactive” and “Awaiting Plea.” (There is a local news article from December, 2016 that mentions Ayonna getting into a fight with another woman at a train station, but that doesn’t appear to be the same incident.)

The two other fighting charges look to be from incidents on back-to-back days in July of 2021.

According to the local news, 25-year-old Ayonna got into a “heated altercation” with a 36-year-old woman in public on July 16. That is the date of the first charge. It’s unclear if the July 17 incident involved the same woman.

Ayonna was found guilty on both counts.

In 2019, Ayonna was charged with assault and 2 counts of harassment. The assault charge was later dropped to a misdemeanor charge of harassment. Ayonna was found guilty of multiple misdemeanor counts of harassment and sentenced to 2 years of probation. The sentencing details in court documents states “DV Conditions apply.”

In between her first fighting charge and the assault charge, Ayonna was charged with forgery and theft by deception in August of 2016. Ayonna, who was just 20 years old at the time, was allowed to enter a 2-year Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program and was also given community service.

Love During Lockup Is Jamahl still in prison

Is Jamahl still in prison?

Starcasm has confirmed Ayonna did indeed spend some time behind bars. So what about Jamahl? Did he manage to ever get released from behind bars?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections website, Jamahl is still in custody at the state prison located in Coal Township, Pennsylvania. There is no projected release date listed.

To find out if Ayonna and Jamahl manage to remain together this season, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Love During Lockup airing Friday nights at 9/8c on WE tv!

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