SEEKING SISTER WIFE Garrick and Dannielle debut baby daughter Leia

Seeking Sister Wife Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield's daughter Leia

On Monday night’s episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Dannielle Merrifield and Garrick Merrifield FINALLY confirmed she was pregnant with the couple’s third child. The Merrifields took to Instagram earlier today to debut the newest addition to the family — and also confirm reports they welcomed a baby girl!

“Hi everyone!” Dannielle declares at the start of the video as she holds her daughter — who is very clearly no longer a newborn.

“So we decided to go live today because obviously last night the show showed that I was pregnant,” Dannielle continues. “And it’s been quite a while since that was filmed, obviously.”

Dannielle points towards her daughter. “This is our little one…This is Leia Lilly Melisa Merrifield.” (Leia is pronounced like Princess Leia.)

Dannielle reveals baby Leia is almost a year old already! She was born on May 17 of last year. She arrived at 1:20 PM after Dannielle was induced at a local hospital. The 36-year-old mother of three reveals that she wanted to have a home birth, but concerns about her age and the distance to the nearest hospital (40 minutes) weighed heavily in the couple’s decision to have a hospital birth.

“Pregnancy at 35 is a lot harder than pregnancy at 20, for sure,” Dannielle tells People. “I had some preterm contractions at about 19 weeks and was hospitalized to get things under control,” she adds. “It was super scary because I didn’t have any problems in my previous pregnancies with our boys.”

“But thankfully we were able to get the contractions to stop, and I was able to carry our beautiful baby princess to full term. I believe God was watching out for her and me.”

What were the reactions of Dannielle and Garrick’s sons, Solomon (14) and Jeremiah (15)? “They said they wanted a brother, but they’re very happy with a sister,” Dannielle reveals.

Was Dannielle Merrifield’s pregnancy planned? Do they want more kids?

During their Instagram live stream, Dannielle and Garrick confirm the pregnancy was a surprise and was completely unplanned.

“We thought we were done,” Garrick says. “We thought all future babies would be from sister wives.”

Do the Merrifields plan on having any more children via Dannielle? A commenter asks the couple during the stream if this is Dannielle’s last child. “I would hope so,” she replies. “I got my tubes tied, so…”

Garrick interrupts. “Unless God grows them back.”

Are the Merrifields still looking to add another sister wife, or even sister wives? “We’re always open to adding,” Dannielle says.

Dannielle and Garrick on selling their house

As Starcasm previously reported, the Merrifields listed their current home for sale in January of this year. Selling the large home they built for themselves seems like an odd move given that the couple has just added another member to their family, and also given that they are still open to adding more wives.

A viewer asks during the couple’s live stream if they are selling their home. “”We are trying to sell our house,” Dannielle confirms. She looks over at Garrick, almost as if to confirm what she is saying is OK.

“We have it listed on the market,” Dannielle continues. “We’re just kinda seeing what happens. We’re not sure where God wants us to be and what He has in store. So, we’ll see.”

Later in the stream, the topic of selling the house comes up when a viewer asks if the Merrifields have any specific plans if the house sells. “We don’t know where we’re moving yet,” Dannielle replies.

Perhaps things would be much easier for the Merrifields if they just moved to Brazil? 😉

To see how Dannielle’s pregnancy unfolds, and also whether or not Garrick and Nathalia go through with their wedding plans, be sure to tune in for new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife airing Monday nights at 9/8c on TLC!

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