Mom accidentally lets baby drown while she’s distracted by Facebook

Excessive social media use can take its toll in myriad ways, but sometimes it can have devastating consequences. In the case of 21-year-old Cheyenne Summer Stuckey, too much Facebook led to the death of her 6-month-old Zayla Hernandez.

On June 13, Cheyenne made a bath for her baby girl. She says she left her daughter alone in the water for just a few minutes, but police invegistion into her Facebook Messenger app usage reveals she was messaging two people on the service for about 18 minutes.

According to Cheyenne, she got distracted by another one of her children then started messaging a neighbor who was accusing her of stealing. Police also found discussions about drug paraphernalia on Cheyenne’s Facebook account.

To amplify Cheyenne’s state of distraction while her daughter waited in the bath, there was also a loud TV blaring in the background. Once she realized she’d forgotten her baby it was too late for Zayla. She was pronounced dead at the hospital. The preliminary autopsy results are that she died from drowning.

Cheyenne’s three other children are currently in foster care while Cheyenne is charged with injury to a child and jailed on a $50,000 bond.

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