Naked man falls from above at Logan Airport, assaults pedestrian for good measure

Ein Logan


In one of the more bizarre incidents to take place at Boston’s Logan Intetnational Airport since the Great Pancake Swindle of ’76, a man was arrested Saturday for disrobing in a women’s bathroom and later for attacking a pedestrian.

Cameron Shenk, 26, first attracted attention when he walked into a ladies’ restroom in Terminal C, took off all of his clothing, and climbed into the drop ceiling. Possibly because he thought it was Platform 9 3/4.

He then attracted further attention when, a short while later, he fell through the notoriously thin ceiling–still naked, mind you–and cut himself pretty badly on the tiles.

Shenk ran from the bathroom bleeding and flapping in the breeze.

During his naked joy run, he ran into and then assaulted an unrelated 84-year-old man. Authorities remain unsure if the attack was due to some out-of-his-mind crazy motivation, or just ’cause.

The victim of the assault was taken to the hospital; his injuries are not serious.

Shenk, under police escort, was also taken to the hospital. When he’s received treatment (and, presumably, gotten a gown or two to cover himself), he’ll be booked into the airport police station on six increasingly cringe-inducing charges:


1. Malicious destruction to property worth over $250;
2. Assault and Battery on a person over 60 years of age;
3. Assault and Battery of a police officer;
4. Mayhem (!)
5. Lewd and Lascivious Acts;
6. Attempted Murder.


No word yet on when we can expect to get Shrenk’s mug shot, but it sounds like it’ll be a doozy.



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