Sas DeLeon from LHHATL sought for questioning as an alleged murder witness

Sas DeLeon witness

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Sas DeLeon allegedly may have witnessed a shooting that resulted one homicide and another death.

According to Atlanta’s Fox 5, police believed Sas — real name Lyndon Akhil Smith — “may have information about a shooting” that took place on Monday, August 27th. Officers who responded to the initial call found one man dying from a gunshot wound to the head in a parking lot on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive; a second man, who officers believe had been shot in the same altercation, was later found dead behind the wheel of a wrecked car.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution named the two victims: Atlanta native Omar Salahuddin, 40, who died of the gunshot to the head; and Ryan Pittman, 26, of Mableton, who died in the car crash after fleeing the scene of the shooting.

Neither article mentioned what connection, if any, Sas may have had to the two dead men, or why he might have been a witness to Salahuddin’s murder. Given Sas’ history with gun violence — he suffered multiple gunshot wounds in a shooting at a Phoenix house party in 2016 — and the fact that no one seemed to be able to locate Sas, LHHATL fans were initially left to speculate about the nature of Sas’ involvement.

However, the AJC article was just updated to reflect the fact that Sas had been found and interrogated.

“Investigators have spoken with Mr. Smith,” said Atlanta police spokesman John Chafee. “At this time, there is nothing new to release.” So, while we still don’t know exactly what Sas knows or what he saw, it would appear that he is in the clear.

We should also point out that by the time of the shooting, Sas had spent weeks repping his involvement in a late-summer tour with E40 The Counselor, Sir Chang Chang, and Mobile street pastor OMB Peezy. He updated his Instagram page with the tour’s itinerary for the first time on July 21.

And just today Sas offered a further update, announcing he had missed the beginning of the tour “due to some bullsh!t,” but made it out west for the Chico CA show on September 5th:

Sas is believed to still be a member of the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast. Filming for the show’s eighth season is underway.

(Photo credit: Sas DeLeon witness via Instagram)

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