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Demi Lovato’s house was almost burglarized while she’s in rehab

While Demi Lovato is receiving intensive rehab treatment after an almost fatal opiate overdose last month, her $8.3 million Hollywood Hills home was almost burglarized. TMZ reports that the LAPD arrested some people on charges unrelated to Demi Lovato. During this arrest they found electronic evidence that these people were planning to break into the singer’s home while she was receiving treatment in a different state.

Taylor Swift reacts to Demi Lovato squad slam

The bad blood between Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato rages on as Swift reacts to Lovato's recent squad diss and Demi fires back at critics via Twitter with that whole, "sorry but not sorry, don't we have something better to talk about even though I'm talking about it, I'm gonna tweet about this but then say I've had it with social media" thing.

Demi Lovato explains shading Taylor Swift donation to Kesha amid Dr. Luke legal battle

Demi Lovato has backtracked from her criticism of Taylor Swift's financial donation to Kesha, who's in an embattled legal fight with Dr. Luke. Kesha has accused the famous producer of sexually assaulting her–claims that he vehemently denied via Twitter yesterday. Find out about the court ruling that motivated Swift to make the donation, and Lovato's initial problem with the news, and then get Demi's further explanation of her position.