Sue Bob and Virginia White from the Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia arrested



According to, two of the members of the outrageous White family, from the Johnny Knoxville-produced documentary The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia have been arrested.

Sue Bob and Virginia White stopped by the Martin County, KY Sheriff’s Office today to pay bond for their relative Eric White. When the sheriff informed them that they’d have to go to another location to pay bond, Sue Bob announced she was “famous.” Her declaration incited the sheriff to look up her name, and found that both she and Virginia had warrants out for their arrest. Sue Bob was wanted for shoplifting in Kentucky, and Virginia had a warrant out for failing to pay at a gas station.

The 2009 documentary in which they were featured followed the descendants of Donald Ray “D. Ray” White, who had been a famous mountain dancer. Many of the Whites engage in shameless drug addiction and violent activity. Before he died, D. Ray, their patriarch, found a way to get all of his children “crazy checks,” and his widow explains that he decided to “outsmart the system” because he had become bitter by his employers’ corruption.


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