Dr. Gregory Konrath claims detailed plan to kill his wife was just fantasy


Former surgeon Gregory Konrath is currently serving time for fleeing the house arrest he was serving for stalking charges. He was originally charged with plotting to kill his ex-wife, but those charges were dropped. The published fiction writer is now speaking out in an effort to explain away his detailed explanation of how he would kill her was just a fantasy.

He was cheating on his wife Ana Konrath, the mother of his three children, when he drunkenly talked at length about his plot to his new girlfriend, Joannah. He didn’t know, however, that Joannah was secretly recording their conversation.

“It was a fantasy that I had, and it was a detailed fantasy, yes…[but] a lot of it is BS, drunken BS,” he told 20/20. “We were right on the beach…it’s vacation, so I was drinking a fair amount. Then I just told [Joannah] about this kind of, I guess, dark fantasy that I had about killing Ana.”

“I have never seriously hurt anybody,” he continued. “And I don’t have any desire to kill somebody in real life. So if you talk to me about would I want to kill Ana when I am sober, I would say, ‘No, I don’t want to.’ And not only that, but I am not gonna take a chance on my life being wasted by an attempt.”

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