Woman pulls gun at drive-thru over missing chicken nugget, is found hiding in her attic

Fast Food Chicken Nuggets

The employees at an unspecified fast food restaurant in Tacoma, Washington were given quite a scare this week when a 19-year-old woman pulled a gun on them for shorting her a chicken nugget.

The lady first shows signs of extreme agitation when she didn’t get her drink in a timely manner because the restaurant was so busy. When she finally got her drink, she complained that there was “something” it in, employees reported. Getting her food, however, appeared to be the last straw because she was missing one of her tasty nuggets.

She threw her drink at the drive-thru window, and then got out of her car and starting punching the shut window. When employees returned to the window, she they were looking down the barrel of a black handgun.

Once police arrived at the restaurant, the angry woman was long-gone, but they had enough information from her car to track her down at her house. No one answered the door for the deputies, so they opened the door themselves. A man inside had tried to bolt, but was tackled to the ground while the alleged chicken nugget vigilante was found hiding in her attic.

In recent dramatic “nudge” news, just two weeks ago a Houston, Texas resident called 911 because her nuggets were taking too long to cook.

“She was extremely belligerent,” Sgt. Patrick Swanton told Inside Edition. “The restaurant did a really nice job. They moved their employees away from her.”

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