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RHOBH Erika Jayne speculates that Tom’s alleged victims could be lying about not receiving money

Erika Jayne Girardi has had some time to steady herself after her life imploded with a lawsuit that alleged that Tom has embezzled millions meant to go to victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 plane crash. Since then, other potential victims have come forward saying that Tom owes them money. Now, Erika is saying that maybe some of the people who say that they are still owed money were already paid.

LOVE ON THE SPECTRUM Dani Bowman has a successful animation education company

Love on the Spectrum’s Dani Bowman (26) is highly ambitious and expects her ideal partner to be as well. Because she’s already accomplished so much at a young age, Dani is looking for someone who’s highly motivated and has great hygiene because she’s not a fan of bad breath.

Dani, who lives with her aunt and uncle in Los Angeles, started her own animation company at age 14. The company, Danimation, focuses on providing animation education for people on the autism spectrum.

DATELINE Did Leslie Neulander slip in the shower, or was she murdered?

Leslie Neulander was found unconscious by her husband Dr. Robert Neulander on the morning of September 17, 2012. He screamed and told his daughter Jenna Neulander (23) that he’d found Leslie in the shower.

Distraught, Jenna Neulander (23) called 911 for help. When paramedics arrived, however, they didn’t find Leslie in the shower. She was in the bedroom. Was this a slip and fall accident? What really happened with Leslie Neulander?

EVIL LIVES HERE My Twisted Sister – Louise Turpin’s sister Elizabeth Flores was trapped by her for a while

Louise Turpin and her husband David are currently in prison for felony child abuse, torture, and imprisonment for raising their 13 children in nightmarish conditions. Louise’s sister Elizabeth Flores opened up in 2019 for Season 6, Episode 8 of Evil Lives Here called “My Twisted Sister.”

SISTER WIVES What Kody Brown really does for a living

Kody Brown has been a reality star of the TLC show Sister Wives for 12 years now, but showcasing his life and relationship drama isn’t his only job. His wives Meri, Janelle, and his ex-wife Christine (and several of the adult children) also are involved in MLM businesses to make money on the side. Both Christine and Kody sell Cameo requests, but it’s been confirmed that Kody also sells something else. It’s unclear if Robyn has a job other than the show.

DATELINE ‘In the light of day’ Who killed Lee Radder?

Over a decade later there are still questions about the 2010 shooting death of Norman “Lee” Radder. Lee died from a gunshot wound to the eye from his step-father-in-law Robert Fischer’s gun after a night of drinking. Prosecutors argued that Robert killed Lee and then staged Lee’s death as a suicide and Robert Fischer was convicted of Lee’s death in 2013. That conviction, however, was overturned in November 2021 on the ground of “interest of justice.” What really happened to Lee Radder?