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BELOW DECK MED Why Hannah and Conrad broke up over 50 euros

Hannah Ferrier and Conrad Empson’s boatmance on Season 3 of Below Deck Mediterranean got serious quickly and fizzled out over 50 euros. At one point Hannah was so lovesick over Conrad that she couldn’t get out of bed and missed a day’s work during a charter and Conrad found himself so distracted during work that Captain Sandy noticed. What happened with Hannah and Conrad and do they still talk?


Jill Duggar gets bold new hair ahead of testifying in her brother’s trial

At 30-years-old Jill Duggar has colored her hair for the first time in her life. This big change coincides with news that she will be a witness at her brother Josh Duggar’s trial, which began Wednesday (Dec. 1, 2021.) Josh is charged with two felony counts of of receiving and possessing child sexual abuse material. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

LOVE, HONOR, BETRAY How Deborah Jones helped convict her husband Gerard Pepin for sex crimes

In 2004 Deborah Jones was living in Skowhegan, Maine and working in the mental health field, which she really liked. She had been married and divorced before, but she was now single so she decided to try out online dating, which is how she connected with Gerard Pepin. They had a lot in common and he checked a lot of boxes for Deborah, so she was excited to talk to him and meet him. He worked with at-risk teens, which was close to Deborah’s profession. They soon got married, but she soon found out that her new husband was not who she thought he was.


Louise Turpin had a shopping and gambling addiction

What happened to the 13 Turpin children is unimaginable. The children grew up starving, were constantly in filth, were chained up for punishment, and were denied education. Even after they reached legal age, they were unable to leave the horrible captivity at the hands of their parents, Louise and David Turpin. Although their family was large, the father David was a computer engineer who always had a good job, but it wasn’t enough to sustain shopping and gambling addictions. Financial strain from poor personal decisions and compulsions is woven deep into the horrible Turpin family story.

RHOSLC What does Jen Shah’s assistant Stuart Smith do?

Jen Shah’s assistant Stuart Smith, who has worked with Jen for 12 years and can often be seen on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was arrested at his home in Lehi, Utah on the same day at Jen this March for their roles in an alleged telemarketing scam that targeted older, more vulnerable people. What did Stuart do for Jen?

WHEN PHILIP MET MISSY Philip Snider proposed marriage and confessed to murder to an undercover cop

73-year-old Philip Snider’s wife Roberta had been missing for several months when he met Missy at a Burger King in March 2018. Philip was part of a group of mostly men that would meet up at small-town Hartville, OH’s fast-food restaurants in the mornings to drink coffee and gossip. Missy, who was attractive and 20 years younger than Philip, raised eyebrows in the community when she set her sights on the retired carpenter.

TOO LARGE Corey Phelps before and after weight loss

Corey Phelps has endured a lot in his life. As a child, he had always been larger than his peers and endured bullying for it. His weight escalated in high school after he came out as gay and was rejected by his mom because of her religion. Eventually, Corey moved out of his mother’s house because of her lack of tolerance for his sexuality but became homeless because he had nowhere else to go. He achieved stability with the help of the Good Neighbor homeless shelter, where he found his best friend Renee and was able to find a job in tech support.