RHOBH What is Erika Girardi’s clubhouse?

On Wednesday night’s new episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika Jayne Girardi said goodbye to her Clubhouse, a sacrifice to her divorce and financial and legal woes. What is Erika’s Clubhouse, and why does she have it?

Erika’s Pretty Mess Clubhouse was an apartment she was leasing as her office space for her “Erika Jayne” brand. It also had an impressive Glam Room and stored racks of clothing for her photoshoots and other projects. Erika would hold business meetings there, have photoshoots, and wrote her book there. Of course, The Clubhouse was also featured on RHOBH many times over the years.

“As much as I loved The Clubhouse, it’s an expense I do not need,” Erika explains in her confessional. “I was leasing but i found someone to take over. He needed the furniture, and I needed to leave, so it’s time to let go.”

Although the new lease holder is redecorating, for now he’s kept up the pink neon Pretty Mess sign. Her former glam room is now just a bedroom again. “Part of me is sad, and part of me is ‘ok’” she says as she surveys the empty room that once housed a giant mirror with blinding beauty lights that could erase any wrinkle or perceived imperfection.

Here’s a flashback of Kyle Richards getting blinded by the glamour lights. Sometimes beauty is pain on the retinas.

Erika made a point during this scene to say that she has not “received one dime from Tom Girardi” since she left him “despite what everyone seems to think.” She is definitely coming off as someone who has something to prove.

“I’m a budget,” she says about her current finances. “It can be challenging, yes, at times, horrible, but I can take care of myself. People forget that. People want to forget that.”

“We squeezed every drop of blood out of this place,” Erika says about her former Clubhouse. “Everything comes to an end.”

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